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Gulkand Gul Khand is delicious, fragrant and healthy to eat.

Sugar Flowers

In the subcontinent, there is a sweet made from rose petals. According to Greek mythology, the throat is warm in the first degree and wet in the second degree.

Gulkand production in the subcontinent
(Especially Pakistan and India) Temperature Tapani and Ingredients Ingredients Rose petals and sugar

According to Greek medicine, the throat strengthens the brain and stomach. Moisture dries the West and removes vapors from the brain.
Fresh gums are useful in tuberculosis. The syrup which is made by boiling the gums, it relieves all kinds of pains, improves digestion and strengthens the intestines. It is useful in mucus and salivary infections. And eliminates intestinal contamination.

Sugar Flower

Gulakand, you must have eaten it with betel at some point or another. It is a very sweet and fragrant food, but do you know how beneficial this gulaqand is for your health?
Although it is used in Ayurvedic medicine.

Sugar Flower

The flowering season of roses is in winter and especially in February and March, but the delicate leaves of this flower can be used all year round. And how it maintains your body and mental health. According to Greek medicine, rose petals strengthen the sore mind and stomach.

Fatigue and stress

Eating Gulakand eliminates the complaint of insomnia. Brings a restful sleep. Rose flower contains antioxidants as well as ingredients that increase the hormones of happiness, therefore it is helpful in relieving stress. If you use gulchund every day with milk, you will not be overwhelmed by physical fatigue.

Benefits of throat in Corona

Covidovirus is a completely contagious disease caused by the corona virus. It usually infects a person very quickly who has a weakened immune system. It will help. A limited amount of honey or sugar mixed in the throat will not reduce the glucose in the body and you will feel energized.

Importance of Glucose in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, Gulkand is given the name of medicine. Many medicines or certain diseases are known to increase the effect of throat food. In Ayurveda, flower juice and its different properties are used to cure many complex diseases.
The main reason for eating turmeric in winter is that fresh roses are produced in this season and a large quantity of fresh turmeric is also available for consumption.

In relieving chronic constipation

If someone has a problem with constipation, use one to two teaspoons of gulchund after meals to improve your digestion and eliminate constipation. You can also take one to two tablespoons of gulakand for immediate relief. This will help you get better soon, but remember that there is no cure for chronic throat disease, so if there is no benefit, consult a doctor immediately.

The beauty of the scan

Just as burning roses enhances the beauty of our skin, eating gums also brightens the complexion of our body. The gums with their magical properties repair the inside of our skin cells which enhances the beauty.

How to make a throat

Fresh rose petals are made by mixing petals with sugar and you can also mix it with honey.
When the rose petals are mixed with sugar and kept in the sun for 2 or 3 days, the sugar and the natural water of the rose petals combine to make a delicious paste food. And this is called throat.

Another way to make a garland is to take rose petals and put them in a pot by hand and mix them with two parts white sugar or Egyptian. After keeping the pot in the sun for 40 days, you can make fresh garland.

This article is for general information only. It is by no means a substitute for medical opinion. Always a specialist or your doctor for more information.

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