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Guava bean dishes are eaten with great affaction and passion in the indian subcontinent

Cow beans are used as dishes in the dish in various ways. In addition to cooking the guar bean with various spices, as well as part of the food, flavored dishes are prepared in combination with meat and other vegetables.

Warm and dry climate is essential for cultivating cows.

Experts say that guar plant is very hardy and can withstand severe heat and water shortages.

Cattle crop is generally grown in sandy and low rainfall areas.

According to agricultural experts, the use of guar as a green manure can help increase the fertility of the land.

Similarly, the specific amount of protein in guar has been attributed to the increase in animal meat. That is why it is also used as animal feed.

Experts say that cultivating and maintaining this crop is not a laborious task, and that is why it is widely cultivated in the subcontinent.

Guar seeds contain a type of glue (guar gum) that is used for specific purposes in various industries around the world.

When it comes to health and treatment, guar is known to be useful for diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

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