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Green Tea Health is also a beauty and also a cause for enhancement in life

Muahmmad mohsin

Consuming green tea (Green Tea) in daily life enhances life and minimizes the risk of heart attack.
People who drink green tea at least four times daily or weekly
They do not have the effects of cancers and do not have a heart attack or a stroke. People who consume green tea at least four times a day or weekly. Their lives increase.

Because green tea contains antioxidant ingredients that are very useful for human health and especially for heart health.
In addition, regular use of green tea keeps the blood clean. Increased weight is lower Blood pressure Sugar level cholesterol level remains normal. Green tea can enhance the appearance and beauty of color by preventing it from treating other diseases.
Drinking a green tea once in twenty-four hours will make you feel fit and active. People who suffer from severe obesity should use green tea regularly two to three times a day, which will reduce their weight significantly. And you won’t even need to diet.

However, people with weak skinny hindus should use green tea once a day and two or three times a week. Do not use empty tea green tea, as drinking empty stomach green tea can make you tired. ۔ Green tea has many benefits and there are no disadvantages.

Some insects are beneficial to humans and some insects are causing harm

Insects refer to bees, mosquitoes, ants, moths, insects with insects, spiders and many other legs.

These insects are a very large group of animals, and humans are unfamiliar with their many species. According to experts, a large number of insects are harmless and effective for humans and useful to other animals.

There are some insects without which different types of plants cannot grow. Many trees do not bear fruit and some do not grow.
On the other hand, there is a group of insects that harm humans and animals by biting their small mouths, expelling toxic material from the tongue and stinging. In the same way, they can destroy crops.

The same group of insects that transmit the disease to humans also causes death. Experts say that these different types of insects were the major cause of the spread of diseases and deaths from the seventeenth to the twentieth century.

This is a complex problem, especially in developing countries. Two of these types of insects cause the disease to spread and spread.
One is to sit on their dirt and germs and then come into our homes and pollute the various items while the other is the presence of viruses, bacteria, and dangerous germs in the body of these insects, in the event of stinging or erosion. Diseases are transmitted to humans.

Various diseases are spreading by the increasing number of mosquitoes and flies worldwide
There is a great cause of death. Usually mosquitoes cause mosquito-borne diseases and flies from mosquitoes to humans, which can lead to life-threatening diseases against which doctors use vaccines with common vaccines and various medications. ۔

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