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Golden decisions

muhammad mohsin

Constantinople is the capital of the Muslim empire where the court is located Qazi Shamsuddin Mohammed Hamza is sitting on the chair of the court. The case came up. The judge, who was standing in the saddle, raised his head and said: The testimony of the ruler is rejected because the witness is not credible. The unacceptable people will be shocked at the court’s ruling. The Sultan went ahead and told the judge. I can ask why my testimony was unacceptable.
The Qazi replied that the witness does not attend the congregation prayer, so his testimony is unacceptable. The ruler heard the decision and bowed his neck and confessed his weakness and announced the construction of a beautiful mosque in front of the palace and promised to pray the congregation in the future. What, and thus, the judge proved that the big and small are not distinguished in court, the golden verdict, that was our golden past when our rulers were like that, then our government was all over the world and today we are facing austerity all over the world. It’s just that we stopped doing justice, the killer in our society today roams freely. A daughter was waiting for justice for sexual abuse with.
Today, in this society, Veteran landlords and investors have made the law their homestead that today, their descendants can kill anyone whenever they want. We made ourselves slaves as if Marwadia ended justice and justice in this society. Today we stopped practicing Islamic principles on Islamic teachings. Today is Islam too. Today, there are no golden decisions in this society

False decisions are made,
What good did Habib Jalob say?
This is the country of the blind
O moon, do not get out of here,

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