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Go out of the house in Corona and take Special Precaution to stay safe from Corona

corona, virus, pandemic

A research report by a foreign institute on epidemiological diseases says that by taking care of 12 things outside the home, one can be protected from the corona virus.

The report says that the most important point is social distance
The following things should be taken care of when going out of the house.


Experts say that while the mask prevents germs from reaching the mouth and nose, its use reminds people that they also need to be protected from infectious diseases, so the mask must be used to differentiate oneself at all times. Avoid issues.

Door handles

Take special care when using door handles in various places outside the house, especially toilet door handles as the virus stays on steel items for 3 days, so when opening the door, try to use elbows or hands. I have gloves.

Shaking hands

Some experts say that the trend of shaking hands after the coronavirus has disappeared because the coronavirus epidemic is rapidly transmitted from hand to hand.

Shopping trolleys

The handles of trolleys used for shopping in supermarkets can be a breeding ground for germs.

Take special care to clean the handle of the trolley thoroughly with disinfectant solution whenever it is used.
Wash hands thoroughly with soap or use a sanitizer as soon as possible after purchase.

Elevator button

Germs also accumulate on elevator buttons, so try to press the button with your palm or something instead of your fingers.

Pan for attendance register
Offices usually have a pen with an attendance register that everyone uses, so try to use your pen for attendance.


Currency transactions can spread the Corona virus rapidly, so every effort should be made to pay by card. If this is not possible, the currency should be sanitized.

Public sanitizer

Care should also be taken to avoid the place where everyone touches the sanitizer installed in public places.


The corona virus must be present on the bank’s ATM buttons, so try to use the ATM wearing gloves or pressing the buttons with the back of your fingers.

Packets of groceries
There is no need to pick up every packet or box when buying groceries from the market. After thinking carefully, just choose the item to buy and pick it up.

Stairs are common stairs
Germs can also be present on the handles of electric or public stairs in markets or public places, so avoid touching them.

Restaurant menu card

Avoid touching food menus in restaurants as they are rarely treated with disinfectants. If you touch menus, do not touch your mouth or nose before washing your hands.

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