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Global competition for the best design of the Housing Society on Mars

Texas: Mars Relief Group ‘Mars Society’ is holding an international competition that invites people from all over the world to design the best of the City of Mars.
According to the technology website, the winner of the best-designed winner for building the State Housing Society of Mars will be awarded $ 10,000 million. It will be a city in which one million inhabitants can live and formerly Mars City. The state is named “”.
 The society faced a similar contest last year, in which participants were asked to design a Mars colony for only 1,000 people. An MIT team won with its “Star City” design, which initially divided landowners into five villages in the colony. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted earlier this year. It was reported that 1000 large starship rockets were sent.
The Mars Society has the guidelines to ensure that the design is as realistic as possible. Most importantly, the city should be self-sufficient to the extent possible without having to rely too heavily on imports from the land, meaning there is a minimum need to buy goods from the land.
According to a statement, a city with a population of one million will need to produce all the goods – food, clothing, housing, electricity, general consumer products, vehicles and machines. From Earth to Mars will be allowed to “import” things that cannot be manufactured there, especially modern electronics and similar equipment. The Society asks participating teams to keep up-to-date with technologies such as advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing so that they make the best use of the resources already available on the red planet. June 2020 is set.

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