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Follow the special instructions to avoid corona virus.


Muhammad mohsin

A small germ virus has shook the whole world with terror and terror throughout the United States, Russia will continue to be Israel’s major new nuclear weapon. Their funerals have gone out, and people from all over the world have been imprisoned in homes by coronavirus for thousands of deaths, and the victims are living in self-isolation. Experts have issued specific instructions for the individuals we can follow to get positive results.


1) Disconnect people affected

Corona-affected people disconnect all who live in self-isolation even if they are your closest relatives and do not move out of the home unnecessarily. Take special care when leaving your home when needed.Stay in the fresh air
2 Stay in air-conditioned windows in the house in a clear, transparent climate. Open the windows and doors of your homes during the day so that freshness and sunshine enter your homes with all kinds of natural sunshine and fresh air. The virus eliminates germs.Natural sunshine fresh air has a positive impact on our environment and our health.



3 Be careful when delivering any food and drink items
Whenever any item, including food from outside, is ordered, place it on the ground for a while, rather than taking it directly to the delivery man and when he is gone, carefully lift it and eat it thoroughly.


Keep your homes and washrooms clean


Do not let any pile of rubbish in and out of your home at all, just clean the dirt and waste immediately, as well as keep your washrooms especially clean as often as you use the washroom. Do the same cleaning.Keep the body clean
Along with this, take special care of cleaning yourself and your clothing.


When coughing and sneezing


When coughing and sneezing, keep hands on the nose and carry handkerchiefs or tissues in the hand. And everything you touch repeatedly like mobile phones is more connected to computers and laptops devices. Clean them again and again, especially mobile phones that are in our hands all the time. Keep it clean.


5 Do not keep pets

There have also been reports in recent times that it has been revealed that deadly viruses are believed to have caused the animals, so people living with corona-infected self-isolation should not have domesticated animals in their homes. Keep them neat and away from them.
The deadly virus can be avoided by following the instructions above.Fear not at all, fear and panic are weaknesses of faith. Almighty Allah has created the solution to every calamity and the cure of every disease.

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