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First case of Corona virus in Balochistan

QUETTA: Corona virus was first reported in Balochistan. Corona virus has been confirmed in an 8-year-old child.
According to spokesperson MS Fatima Jinnah General Hospital, an 8-year-old child of Corona virus has been shifted to Fatima Jinnah General Hospital in Balochistan.

MS Fatima Jinnah General Hospital Dr Noorullah Musa Khel said that the child who entered Balochistan from Iran was kept at Quarantina Center for eight days while blood samples of the loved ones at Quarantina Center will be taken and The affected child’s loved ones will be kept separate from other visitors until the test report arrives.
The spokeswoman added that the 12-year-old belonged to Dadu area of ​​Sindh and the child’s parents did not confirm the corona virus.

The deadly corona virus originating from China has made its mark worldwide. According to Sindh Health Department, two new Corona virus patients have been exposed in Sindh. The number of deadly virus patients has increased to 15 in Sindh while the number of patients has increased to 19 across Pakistan.

It should be noted that the number of people infected with the virus in China has reached 80 thousand 735. Most of the deaths in China occurred in the Chinese province of Hubei, where the virus originated. According to the World Health Organization, the virus has spread in 109 countries and more than 3800 deaths have been reported in the world.


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