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Famous Urdu novelist Saadat Hassan Manto’s death anniversary.

Saadat Hassan Manto has been one of the most famous and talented contemporary writers and poets of Manto.

Manto’s fictional essays, his sketches are not only read, but his subjects are still discussed today. Presented every aspect of society to the readers

Manto was born on May 11, 1912 in Ludhiana district. He started his career and writing career by associating with Lahore magazines. Then All India Radio became affiliated with Delhi where he wrote plays and features which were successful. He later moved to Bombay where he edited several film magazines and at the same time started writing film stories and dialogues.

After the formation of Pakistan, he came to Lahore where he died on January 18, 1955 due to a liver disease.

There is great diversity in Minto’s themes. He is best known for incorporating sexism and the Partition riots into his fiction, and where his stories were popular, he was accused of pornography, but Manto’s realism also set an example for bold and outspoken writers. ۔

In addition to fiction and short stories, Manto’s sketches and essays on various topics are also the capital of Urdu literature.
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