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ECC meeting, banning Chinese export

Islamabad: The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) has banned the export of sugar.
A meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee chaired by Advisor Finance Abdul Hafeez Shaikh has also been issued. According to which, there are 17.1 million tonnes of sugar reserves, the Ministry of Industry and Production will monitor the price and availability of sugar. Provincial governments should be contacted to control sugar prices, ECC has banned export of sugar, the ban has been decided in the context of rising sugar prices, for import of sugar if needed. Can be re-summarized.
Officials also said that stringent measures should be taken against the stockists, and prices would be encouraged to increase prices through a diminishing economic downturn.
In the ECC meeting, a supplementary grant of Rs 3 billion 30 crore was approved for the Prime Minister’s skillful program while the Ministry of Law has also approved $ 1 million in expenditure on the Rakodak case.

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