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Dr Sania Nishtar answered the questions regarding the Ehasaas Cash Program

According to details, on the social networking site Twitter, Dr Sania Nishtar shared information related to the problems related to the Evangelism program and also shared useful information on their solutions.

The Prime Minister’s Assistant Special said that if you know of any needy who needs cash, then send the identification card number on this 8171 SMS deadline till 12 pm on 19th April.

Sania Nishtar
In reviewing your questions on social media accounts, we have compiled some information for your convenience. If you need a sense emergency cash aid or know someone in need, send an identification card number to 8171. The last date for sending SMS is 19th April to 12pm
He said that if you need sensation cache or you know someone who is eligible, send an identification card number to 8171 and if you receive an SMS telling you about eligibility and data check. Wait for the MS which you will receive within 8 days from 8171.

Sania Nishtar
If you have received an Emergency Cash SMS that you will be notified of after qualifying data check, then we expect another SMS from us within the next ten days from 8171. Receive 2/8

According to Dr. Sanya Nishtar, if you received a message from your parent or spouse eligibility message from the Cache Cash Program and they have died, contact them on 080026477.

The main reason for the message issued by the late nominee is that his legacy did not register the death in the NADRA record.
He said the reason for the release of the deceased’s name was because of his legacy not to register death at NADRA.

The Prime Minister’s Assistant Special Officer said that if you do not have biometric certification at the time of payment, you will have to get certified by the nearest NADRA office for this. He said if anyone has an overdue ID card, he can get the old ID card.

If you do not have biometric verification of fingerprints at the time of payment, you will need to confirm with the nearest NADRA office. NADRA offices will be opened for your convenience

Individuals whose ID cards have become overdue after September 1, 2019, can receive money on the basis of their old ID cards.

He made it clear that designated retailers of Habib Bank can be obtained from Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan, while designated retailers from Bank Alfalah in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir can be obtained.
Remember that in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan you can get money from Habib Bank designated retailers while in Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir you can get money from designated retailers of Bank Al-Falah.

Dr. Sanya Nishtar said that persons whose address on the ID card is different from their current residence address, then they can receive the payment after biometric verification by sending SMS to the designated banks for payment.

If you are located in a district or province that is different from the address on your ID card, you will receive information on receiving payment by biometric verification by showing the payment SMS in any other district or province from the banks designated for payment. 7/8


For example, the message sent by the Prime Minister’s Special Assistant stated that for example, your ID card address is in KP and you can find information about withdrawing money at any of the Bank Alfalah Branch in Karachi. Are.

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8 months ago

G mera maa kai card expired ho Chuka hai aur 12000hazar ropi mere ma kai card kai namber pai ayi hai ab mai kai karo

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