Does eating sweets really make the mood pleasant?

Most people think that some sweet food makes the mood pleasant while its distance causes irritability but is it really true?
So the answer has been given by science and there is no connection between the desire for sweets or the effects of sugar rush and mood.

The study, from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, collected data from 31 previous medical research reports on nearly 1,300 adults.
The researchers said that the idea that sugar has a pleasant effect on mood has become very popular around the world and that is why people use sweet drinks to be more mentally alert or to fight fatigue. ۔

During the study, researchers looked at the various effects of sugar on mood, such as anger, alertness, depression and fatigue. They also looked at how the amount and type of sugar affects mood while helping with mental and physical activity.

They also discovered that in fact the addiction has negative rather than positive effects because it makes people more tired and less mentally alert.

The findings were published in the medical journal Neurosciences and Biobiology.


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