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do you know about pakistan

muhammad mohsin

Did you know that Pakistan is the only country in the world that has the largest active war border which is 3600 km and unfortunately Pakistan is the only country in the world which is under the threat of three terrifying war doctors. Few people know that let’s talk about it today.

First up is Cold Start Doctrine, an Indian war strategy for which six out of the total 7 Indian Army Commands have been deployed on the Pakistani border. Construction of road bridges and railway lines for military transport and large arms depots are being made very fast under this doctorate. In Sindh province, where India has geographical depth, it is rapidly entering Sindh cutting from Pakistan to Balochistan. Will head towards Gwadar and will eventually land in Jassim and Balochistan in Sindh The main and greatest threat to Pakistan will be the help of the BLA.

You may have heard about the Pakistan Army’s nine major exercises that have been underway for the past few years, the response from India’s cold-start physician is being prepared, under which the Pak Army is preparing aggressive defenses as the force in this case. The balance is badly against us. We have only two to three million troops available against India’s at least one million troops.

American F-Pack Doctrine, Barack Obama Administration’s War Strategy Against Pakistan Under which the Afghan war is to be swiftly taken inside Pakistan and a guerrilla war against the Pak Army is launched in Pakistan. At least two million troops are in a state of war and so far we have lost 20,000 of our soldiers, which is higher than the number of people killed in all three wars in Pakistan’s war with India. I am an operational alliance and have technical support from Israel for this, Kurram and Hung I will do Shia Sunni riots, and in the Swat Valley, a group called Nifaz Shariat was imposed on those who committed atrocities and committed mischief for which the compulsory Pak army had to enter Swat Valley against them. In practice, they were pushed back, but theoretically, they still have the support of many constituencies, which has led to Aawum not standing with his army as it was before, by which the US and its allies are attacking the Pak army.

The Fourth Generation War is a very dangerous war strategy in which distances are created in the country and in various ways in the country. Central governments are undermined. Provinces are exposed. Linguistic and professional riots are staged in different ways. Frustration is spreading frustration, the country’s media is consumed and anarchy is spread through the United States through Forbes Generation. Have even achieved success –

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