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Do you have these qualities to be a good person?

If you look literate, you don’t expect that
What is the use of such education, you have drowned everything by reading and writing
It is said that if you load a hundred books on the head of a donkey, he will not become a human being. The same is true of human beings. People still take degrees but do not become good people. The result is in the form of the above sentences. Below we will talk about what a good person is like, what people and friends around you expect from you, and what qualities an educated person should have that would enable him to prove himself a good person.

  1. Good manners

The first and foremost thing is human morality, but it has been seen that if one is more educated, he will have the same pride and arrogance. This kind of bad behavior shows that this person may have read books to pass the exam and get a degree, but these books did not make any difference in his personality. In order to have good morals, it is necessary for a person to treat everyone equally, regardless of whether they are big or small. For example, if a person owns an organization and his employee is reluctant to talk to him because he He will be insulted or if a girl insults her mother-in-law because she is more educated then people with such morals cannot be called good.

  1. Playing your part in society

It is not necessary to do any great work to play our role in the society but we can play our role by doing good to someone wherever we are. If you are also arranging food and water for birds and animals in this regard, it is also a good aspect of your personality. Also, teaching a poor child to read or write is one of the things you can do to improve your surroundings.

  1. Habits that are seemingly trivial but not common

For women, opening the door on their own, walking without a voice, not littering, not talking loudly and many other habits that seem small but are not noticed by everyone. So make sure you have some good habits to make you happy.

  1. The idea of eating etiquette

The dining table can destroy the personality of the good because people do not consider the etiquette of eating. Some people have a habit of eating with their mouths open, some drink tea loudly and some start playing regular music with a spoon and fork, which can make the people sitting next to them feel bad. At the same time, flirting, belching and talking constantly at the dinner table is considered rude.

5: Communicate with people according to them

One of the virtues of good people is that they can talk to people about their age and preferences. As children talk to them about their school and hobbies and young people talk about their problems and sports, one of the great things about them is that they Avoid topics for which the person in front has a different opinion and do not impose their opinion on people.

  1. The idea of cleanliness

Of course, no matter how highly educated you are, if your nails are long and dirty, or your clothes and socks stink, or your teeth are not clean, then remember that these are the things that people have done so far. Even close friends and family can be hostile to you, so cleanliness should be your number one priority.

  1. Demonstration of tolerance

Anger, tolerance of negative things against oneself and patience are also attributes of good people because in their place if someone is discriminated against they will fight, make noise or abuse and this will not be a strange thing for ordinary people because they Expect patience and endurance only from good people.


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