Different teas and their many invaluable benefits

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A few years ago, when someone was ill, he was treated with tea. Gradually, the practice of drinking tea has grown to such an extent that everyone is eager to drink tea and some people are used to it.What is Tea Coffee?Milk tea leaves and sugar mixtures were found in tea leaves. These denatured tannic acid chlorophyll albumen are found in ethyl oil epithelium wax and many sweetener substances. Adds 10% to tea. Sleeplessness is a frequent cause of dryness. Strengthens mental strength. Corrects the functioning of the heart Provides psychologically calm Some people have anemia after drinking tea and they work their hardest and diligently. But the tea we drink nowadays. They are not tea because the water is first cooked. After some boiling, sugar and milk are added to it, which increases the amount of caffeine in the tea.According to nutritionists, this tea combines six harmful health substances to add color to the tea leaf, and white sugar is white poison. Our parents and rulers suggest that we should make more use of vomit than tea. Because in earlier timesThere are numerous utilities of the nawahs often suggested by the ruling elite.The following custom flavors are used in combination with customized sugar and honey.

Coffee: Cloves, cinnamon

Anti-sputic acid, relieves cholera, phlegm, gives heat in the cold, promotes liver strength and appetite.
Ginger’s coffee
Increases appetite. Riyadh excludes stones that captures visually impaired facial complexion and eliminates fat.
Faster cough
Kasar Riyah relieves severe stomach headache.
Desi Ajune’s cue
Very useful in fever Protects against summer weather disorders.
Flower Mouth
Cough relieves colds, opens the airways, relieves throat sores, clears throat.
Gorkha Pan’s cough
Controls blood pressure and normalizes cleansing the bloodstream and reduces cholesterol
Ginger honey
Honey is a cure for every disease. Protects against the seasonal effects of cold. Nasal cold is very useful in coughs and blocked nose.

Anjbar Cahoh

Diarrhea closes the blood in the intestines, releasing pain in the legs and relieving pain.
The old man’s beard
Paralysis is one of the most useful potent supplements in female reproductive ailments.

Flower red coffee

Thickened mucus relieves constipation during the winter and softens it
Black leaf mushroom
Eliminates bloating, sweats up blood circulation, and protects against colds in cold weather.
Lemon Grass Proverbs
Mucus can be very useful in colds and colds, diarrhea diarrhea is very useful in low blood pressure.
Under white cardamom nail
Eliminates gastrointestinal irritation Eliminates hemorrhoids Digests food and produces righteous hunger
Sophie’s cough.
Dry cough is very useful in gastrointestinal disorders and irritation. Boosts digestion Increases appetite by relieving appetite.
Badihan’s Cinnamon Cinnamon Cardamom Coffee
Boosts digestion Boosts appetite Drinking tea is just a habit, It eliminates
Mouthful of violet milieu
Coughing colds relieves irritation and constipation of the mucus chest irritation

Cauliflower Mouth

Throat Diseases Colds Heartache Kidney pain relieves urine irritation and constipation.
Steamed wheat mushrooms
The nasal passages eliminate nasal mucus. Eliminates irritation in the urine.
Violet nose
Whole cure for chronic fiber nasal cough has many other benefits and is very useful in every season.

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