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Coronation proceedings around the world, casualties exceeded 64,000.

Paris: Coronavirus worldwide has killed more than 64,000 people, while the number of people infected with the deadly virus has exceeded 12 million.
The outbreak of the Corona virus continues to rise worldwide, with more than 200 countries in the world infected with the Corona virus, and the number of deaths from the deadly virus has exceeded 64,000. The number of affected people in different countries of the world has also not decreased. The total number of coronary virus patients worldwide has reached 12 million.

The death toll in the US has exceeded that of China, the deadly virus swallowed 1048 lives in one day, and the total number of deaths from the virus rose to 8452. Corona-infected patients exceed 3 million President Trump calls for help from US military

Europe has been the worst affected by the virus, killing 681 more people in Italy, after which the total death toll rose to 15,362. In Spain, more than 749 people died from Corona. In total, the death toll in Spain increased to more than 11,000. In France, 1053 people were killed in 24 hours. Germany lost 169, the Netherlands 164, and 140 people lost their lives in Belgium. In Iran, 158 people lost their lives. In Saudi Arabia, the number of people affected by coronas has increased by 21 hundred.

 In the UK, more than 708 civilians have been killed by the Corona virus. More than 435 people died in the UK. The number of patients exceeded 41,000. In India, 100 people are killed by the virus while the number of infected has exceeded 3,000.

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