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Corona Relief Package Welcomes by IMF

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Islamabad: The World Monetary Fund (IMF) has welcomed Pakistan’s anti-Corona relief package.

The IMF’s Managing Director said that Pakistan has requested an emergency loan from the International Monetary Fund to help fight the Corona virus under the Fund’s Rapid Financing Investment Program, under this program, Pakistan will be able to borrow its entire quota – about $ 2.76 billion, in two years, or $ 1.43 billion over a year.

Officials also said that Pakistan already has a $ 6 billion extension fund loan, Pakistan is committed to economic reforms, current conditions are challenging for the Pakistani economy, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s counter-Corona relief package is welcome, with this relief package. Affected families will be able to help.

The IMF also said that Pakistan has demanded immediate funds and Pakistan wants to use the fund for anti-Corona and relief activities. Hopefully, the IMF board will approve it soon. Cooperation will continue, hopefully Pakistan will achieve economic stability through reforms.

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