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Cop Maqbool Hussain
True heroes of Pakistan

On September 17, 2005, via the Wagah border, Indian authorities handed over a group of prisoners to Pakistani authorities – a group of different types of prisoners – carrying in their hands some items in the form of bundles, which may have been their clothes.
But the group also included a 65-year-old Pakistani man
I didn’t have a bale.
There was no name for the flesh on the body except the bones and the skin clinging to those bones – and the body was twisted like a kite’s upper ear.
Vinegar random hairs like car bushes that looked like they hadn’t looked oily or combed for a long time.
And sadly, the tongue of this prisoner who entered Pakistan was also cut out, but in spite of all these sufferings, one thing was very different in this prisoner and that was his eyes which had a strange gleam in them.
After an initial operation by the Pakistani authorities, all the prisoners were released – all the prisoners went to their homes – but instead of going home, the old prisoner went out in search of a strange destination with trembling and weak hands. He kept asking for the address of his destination by writing broken words and everyone kept guiding him considering him a poor beggar.
And so in 2005 this old man reached the Azad Kashmir Regiment of the Pakistan Army and when he reached there he made a strange claim. In view of this claim he presented this man before the regiment commander. Where did the old weak man get so much power that he saluted the commander like a young soldier and wrote in broken words on a piece of paper
Cop Maqbool Hussain No. 335139 has come on duty and is awaiting the order of his commander. The commander was baffled by the claim of this emaciated and weak man.
The commander would sometimes look at the writing and sometimes the old man who had just saluted like a young soldier – with the help of the prisoner’s name and number written on the commander’s orders when the old files of military records A heart-wrenching story unfolded as the dust cleared and the man’s relatives were found. And after knowing this story, now they were saluting this emaciated man with floral lace and stars.
This person’s name was Cop Maqbool Hussain. In the war of 1965, Cop Maqbool Hussain was returning after destroying an arms depot in the enemy’s area under the leadership of Captain Sher. Soldier Maqbool Hussain who was on his back clashed with the enemy. Carrying a wireless set and carrying messages for his officers, he was also fighting the enemy with a gun in his hand. He was injured in the encounter.
Hussein denied the allegations and said that instead of being injured, I would provide a safe passage for you while fighting the enemy in Bannu. Seeing the insistence of his comrades, Maqbool Hussain made a move and threw himself into a small ditch and hid from the sight of his comrades. When the friends returned after searching, he once again took the enemy soldiers by surprise. During the attack, Maqbool Hussain was severely wounded by an enemy shell. He fell unconscious and was captured by the enemy.
In the sixth cloud of war, when the lists of prisoners were exchanged between the two countries, India did not mention soldier Maqbool Hussain anywhere – that is why our army also considered soldier Maqbool Hussain a martyr.
His name was also engraved on a monument erected by the brave martyrs. Meanwhile, the Indian army began to break down mountains of cruelty on Maqbool Hussain, a soldier with a beautiful and emaciated body. Gone – where he could not sit or lie down – the enemy could not do anything despite the inhuman atrocities of the soldier Maqbool Hussain’s bravery and steadfastness drove the Indian military officers mad when they saw that Maqbool Hussain was a secret If he did not tell, he would torture Maqbool Hussain for his consolation and say “Say Pakistan is dead” and soldier Maqbool Hussain would gather all his energy and chant “Long live Pakistan” which would annoy the Indian troops.
He would start running and start calling soldier Maqbool crazy and saying that this Pakistani soldier is the enemy of his life and soldier Maqbool Hussain says yes I am crazy yes I am crazy.

Yes, I am crazy for every single particle of my country. Yes, I am crazy for the defense of every corner of my country. Yes, I am crazy for the honor and dignity of my country. Looks like-
Eventually he decided to take revenge on this language. He cut the tongue of soldier Maqbool Hussain and then locked him in a 4×4 dark room. Soldier Maqbool Hussain spent this best forty years of his life from 1965 to 2005 in this room. I passed. Now he could not utter the slogan of Pakistan Zindaabad with his cut tongue, but with the help of rags worn in the name of clothes on his body, he would clean a part of the wall of the 4×4 feet room and pass through his body. With the help of blood, Pakistan would write long live there.
This is how soldier Maqbool Hussain spent the best day of his life in the madness of love for his homeland. Let us salute all such brave soldiers together today. These are the true heroes of Pakistan. The sacrificial men are mujahids.

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