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China announces 1,000 beds to be hospitalized in six days to cope with coronavirus

Coronavirus death toll rises to 26 in China
According to details, China has taken the initiative to fight the Corona virus. In this regard, it has been announced by the Chinese authorities that 1 thousand beds hospital will be set up in 6 days. The possible cure for coronavirus. The hospital will be built by February 3. The deadly transmitted virus from humans to humans has taken the lives of dozens of people. Authorities lock down 2 cities Wuhan and Huang Gang to stop the disease. Both cities have public transport, train and boat service suspended while flights are closed, but authorities have banned residents from departing the city.
In addition, those China new lunar years were canceled almost immediately. The World Health Organization has organized an emergency meeting to prevent the Corona virus. It was decided at the meeting that the current emergency will not be implemented due to this virus.
Remember that the deadly Corona virus transmitted from Wuhan, China, is transmitted by direct contact with anyone affected. The outbreak began when millions of people from all over China traveled home and abroad to celebrate the New Year’s holiday with their friends and family.
The deadly outbreak has spread from Wuhan to several provinces in China, including Thailand, the United States and South Korea. The first case reported in the US state of Washington is the Corona virus, in which a 30-year-old man is placed in the health care ward. According to the Chinese Department of Health, every possible steps are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

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