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Charter of corruption

Muhammad mohsin,

Irrelevant Parliament The irrelevant government is not irrelevant except Imran Khan and some of his ministers. There is no head-to-head with the opposition. Opposition is sitting on the sidelines of the occasion to prevent the government from being held accountable in crisis and chaos. The judiciary should be rescued from the NAB. If it is implemented by Imran Khan minus one formula then all is well, but nothing like this will happen in the coming days.

There will be accountability and strong accountability. Government opposition lawyers will be held accountable by all judges, including all the bureaucratic media, who have looted corruption and plundered the institutions of the country. All of these will have unmatched accountability.

The army is the largest organized force, where three officers were sentenced to death and one to fourteen years imprisonment for corruption and treason to their generals and sent a strong message to all institutions that we have corruption and treason. There are executions. What are your convictions here?

As the Eid passed, the audience noticed that the former President Zardari’s sister Faryal Talpur was arrested by the NAB in a fake case account. Hamza Shahbaz was also arrested by the NAB on bail. Gilali Ismail was also arrested for making anti-state speeches, and now the biggest national culprit, Ishaq Dar, has been arrested and a deal has been reached to bring him to Pakistan.
This is a tremendous step for all the domestic institutions including the Pak army government. State and state institutions have now returned to their highest positions.
They are the crocodiles who not only looted this country but also hollowed out the country and destroyed its institutions and removed the funeral of the economy and pushed the country and the people into the darkness.
And under Operation Ragged Cheese, more and more crocodile arrests are expected and confrontation is expected.
Another reference is being made against Maryam Nawaz. After the arrests, the next step now is to quickly recover the stolen money from the thieves’ moneylenders who have carried out the country 200 billion. And the money returned is recovering. Some individuals are willing to pay $ 50-70 billion.

The movement of opposition parties against the government is the agenda of justifying inflation and spreading chaos in the country and freeing its leaders from imprisonment, and bullying can no longer succeed in their unclean ambitions.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the formation of an inquiry commission to find out the reasons for the increase in domestic debt from 2008 to 2018. This is a tremendous step for the state to play in making this commission.
How the country’s creditors have increased by Rs 24,000 billion in ten years during the last tenure of the PPP and PML-N government
How the country’s foreign debt increased from 39 billion to 41 billion during Musharraf’s tenure and how to increase Hossein Asghar’s supervision from $ 41 billion to 97 billion
The commission will include the Federal Investigation Agency (FIAFBR) and the SECP and intelligence agencies ISI and IB.
The arrest of former President Asif Ali Zardari, ‘If this is not the change and what is Zardari who said that what NAB officials would arrest me that no one could imagine that the big towers will be overthrown in crocodile prisons? Their pride will be found in the dust.
He did the Charter of Democracy in 2008, not the Charter of Democracy
‘It put its NAB head back in 2008 under the Charter of Corruption. They both decided that five years was your five years. From six thousand billion to 30,000 billion rupees, it was the charter of corruption in Pakistan in the last ten years.
For Maryam Nawaz Bibi, who has hit the media and social media.
Suppose, Bibi, you should return the wealth you lost as much as you try to become benign. But now you have no future in politics. This country is not your real estate.
The people are now awake
24000 thousand billion will have to be accounted for by this nation.

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