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Causes of interruptions in marriage

Muhammad mohsin

In this era of chaos nowadays, the lives of young boys and girls are becoming very impoverished. This era of technology has changed everyone’s thinking. That is, in our society today, the rise of not getting married or getting older is increasing day by day.
The main reason for this is the shift away from the beliefs of the religion of Islam to the change in our attitudes. Today, the modern-day modern 21st century has introduced us to Western civilization, removing our original beliefs from our civilization.

About fifty or sixty years ago, the simple life would not be about a loving environment and desires and demands. Just love was human importance. Respect the literature of the elders of every household. Where a girl was fifteen, she was immediately married to a boy of sixteen seventeen. Neither girl saw the lyrics of the boy’s wealth status. And the boy did not see the beauty of the girl and the dowry. Just where both adults were married.
Whereas today the opposite is the case. Today, this period of development has adversely affected our daily lives. Our desires are becoming restless. In our society today, countless boys and girls are exceeding the age of marriage.

Education is obtained for awareness. But today parents are educating their children with the intention that our quality status is better. If the son is an engineer then the daughter-in-law should be a doctor and if the daughter is more qualified then the son-in-law should be a doctor.

On the other hand, countless girls are still virgin because of their lack of dowry. In today’s society, people prefer the beauty of dowry to rich American status. And no one sees the character of the character. These boys are demented. Now girls have the same dement, whether the guy is beautiful or not, just because the guy is a job or a good business and if he is a business man who owns beautiful and high status.

Girl is pretty smart read. The boy may be fat, but every mother should have a bride like the fourteenth moon. And mothers do not know how many girls are defective for their sons. Forgetting your own daughters. Then when someone refuses to see their own daughter as inferior, they feel sad for their daughters. These mothers leave no stone unturned in making hundreds of errors in the sister daughters of others.

Due to these problems, hundreds of girls in our society today have reached the threshold of old age in their homes. Those whose faces have died instead of shabbiness, whose gurgles are now heard instead of whispering. Instead of laughter on the faces, there are piles of sadness that keep their eyes on the frame of the house to say nothing in the hope of knowing it. When will the prince of our dreams tell us? Even though they know that there is no coming of age, they still have hope and hope keeps them alive. Breath is easy, otherwise there is nothing.

We are all guilty of this. Because in this period of chaos our thoughts are negatively hi-fi. Rich poverty and high education status are also significant barriers to marriage. If the boy is very beautiful, he also owns good character. He is a good man But she is a poor, rich girl, and even the poorer girl will not marry her, because her poorness is the worst thing for a boy.
And if this guy’s wealth is rich Kabir. And there are a thousand evils in it. Alcoholism is bad The girl and her parents will be ready and ready for a quick marriage in a bad society. Because the rich and the high-status curtains on the boy’s thousand defects.

Due to not getting married, many boys and girls are now on the wrong path. Hundreds of boys and girls have become emotionally irritable and vulnerable to these conditions. In this case, people criticize rather than realize compulsion.
Things are falling apart, especially considering that Fulani’s daughter Nasreen will be forty years old yet still unmarried.
When Nasrin criticizes other women on their own, what is left in their hearts? Allah instructs such women to be the makers of this thing. Those who forget their daughters often criticize the daughters of others.

Today caste rich poverty and education status etc. have made marriage so difficult, then the young generation will automatically go the wrong way. When the path of marriage is difficult Then the path of sin will be paved. When a man or a woman wants to marry each other, the obstacles are unmatched by both families. Then the two lovers will be forced to take the wrong step. Parents should not make the affluent caste environment much less a matter of education and status. Appreciate your children’s happiness and children should also obey and respect their parents’ orders. Because parents never think bad of their children. Just the present has reversed our thinking. Today, we are far from the facts and have become embroiled in the illusion of the present. Remember that our religion Islam allows marriages of choice. So follow the Islamic principles. Prioritize moral character and humanity. Give importance to relationships. Whether yours or not.

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