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WASHINGTON: A deadly cold snap in the United States has killed several people and disrupted electricity and water supplies.

Snow and storms continue, killing scores of people in Texas, Kentucky and Missouri.

Texas, the state most affected by the blizzard in the United States, was plunged into darkness due to the power crisis.

Cold storms, the deadliest cold, and the unavailability of heaters left many dead in their homes.

One-third of US oil production has been cut off due to the blizzard, while the corona vaccination process is also stalled in 20 states.

Extreme cold weather has paralyzed Texas administration. Electricity and water became rare for the people in record breaking cold. The roofs of thousands of houses are buried under snow.

Newly elected US President Joe Biden has declared the state of Texas a disaster in the wake of this record-breaking cold in the country.

The US president has vowed to provide additional emergency resources for those affected by the blizzard and has ordered the establishment of relief camps, while hospitals are under emergency and police patrols are urgent to protect homeless people from the cold. Arrangements have been made.


Moscow: Russia has brought good news to the world

coronavirus, virus, sanitizer
coronavirus, virus, sanitizer

According to details, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the media on Monday that up to 60% of the world’s population will gain immunity against the virus this summer.

He expressed confidence that the world would now gain immunity against the virus and the world would return to normal.

Peskov said the world’s population would now have to rely on the resistance against the Wood 19, which would be achieved by mid-summer this year.
It should be noted that it has been more than a year since the corona virus became a victim of the world and a vaccine has been developed for it.

According to international media reports, at least four new strains of the corona virus have puzzled scientists, one of them being the first to emerge in southeastern Britain and at least 50 countries I have arrived

This species seems to be more capable of spreading faster than the older species. Two species appeared in South Africa and Brazil that are less widespread outside of there, but the mutations in them have attracted the attention of scientists. Is.

Another new strain has been discovered in the US state of California, about which not much is known yet. So far, scientists believe that these new strains will not increase the severity of the disease while the effectiveness of the vaccine will not be affected. ۔


Moscow: Tensions between the United States and Russia have risen again.

According to the details, Russia and the United States have once again come face to face. The US warship USS Porter entered the Black Sea in support of NATO in connection with Ukraine.

International media say that another US warship has joined the other two US warships stationed in the region. On the other hand, the Russian air defense system stationed on the island of Crimea has become active under the pretext of military exercises.

The US Navy has increased its presence in the Black Sea. This is the biggest activity of the US Navy in the Black Sea since 2017. A few days ago, President Biden warned Moscow that if Russia invaded the region, it would oppose it. The United States will take strong action.

Russia and the new US government have reached an important agreement

It’s been a few days since US President Joe Biden took office, but tensions with Russia have risen and tensions with China have risen.

Last week, US President Joe Biden and Russian President Putin agreed to extend a major nuclear deal, the White House said, adding that it was the first time the two leaders had spoken on the phone since Joe Biden took office. The topic was the New Start Agreement between the two countries, a nuclear disarmament agreement that expires on February 5.

In a conversation with his Russian counterpart, Joe Biden spoke of Russian aggression in Ukraine, including the arrest and poisoning of a Russian opposition leader during a Russian cyberattack during the US election, and said the United States supports Ukraine against Russian aggression.
Joe Biden made it clear that Russia would defend itself fully if it sought to harm US interests.


New York: covid-19 million people have been attacked and this series is still going on.


The confirmed number of people infected with the corona virus, which surfaced a year ago in 2019, has exceeded 100 million globally. The virus is still spreading rapidly in many parts of the world.

According to Johns Hopkins University in the United States, which compiled the corona virus statistics, the number of people infected with the corona virus worldwide has risen to more than 100 million since the outbreak.
According to the report, Covid 19 has claimed the lives of more than 2,157,000 people worldwide.
The five most affected countries are the United States, India, Brazil, Russia and the United Kingdom.

It should be noted that in December last year, a new variant of the corona virus appeared in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

According to the researchers, this modified form has the potential to spread faster. Due to this fear, lockdowns have been tightened in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and security measures have been stepped up.


Washington: US President Joe Biden has issued a warning to White House staffers.

According to US media reports, after Biden was sworn in as US President, travel bans on Muslims signed 15 presidential decrees on medical issues and climate change.

Joe Biden later held a virtual meeting with White House staff and instructed them to respect everyone.

Joe Biden warned employees that if they did not show respect and ridicule, they would be fired on the spot.

He instructed all the employees to speak politely so that this should be strictly followed and no one should speak to anyone in a harsh tone or in a loud voice.
Biden also announced the appointment of more than 1,000 political aides to the White House.

If you always want to work with me, it’s very easy. You have to treat your colleagues with respect and talk to them in a gentle tone if someone speaks loudly or rudely. he said. If so. I will fire you on the spot.

Joe Biden instructed employees to play their part in the country’s peace and development and build a relationship of trust with each other.
He also said that during the tenure of the former president, there have been disputes among the employees due to which the atmosphere in the White House has deteriorated and he does not want to see such an environment in his government.

I hope you work honestly and treat everyone with good manners, that’s your responsibility. Biden said.


Washington: Newly elected US President Joe Biden addressed his nation for the first time since taking oath.

In his inaugural address, Biden said, Today is the day for the United States and democracy. We face many challenges that we must face together. Key points of the speech The Capitol Hill attack shook the foundations of democracy Democracy rose to victory I believe in the power of the US Constitution Together we must … Read more

TOKYO: The Japanese government plans to suspend the entry of all foreigners into the country in the wake of the continuing spread of the corona virus around the world.

Japan last month blocked all new arrivals after confirmation of a new strain of the deadly corona virus in the UK and other countries, but retained entry to businesses from ten Asian countries and Taiwan.

As a first step in tightening entry restrictions following the declaration of a state of emergency, the Japanese government intends to suspend the entry of all travelers regardless of whether their countries have confirmed the corona virus. ۔

According to sources, no foreigners will be allowed to enter Japan except for those whose relatives have special rites or for special reasons such as the birth of a child.

Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide said in a statement last week that he intended to ban travel to or from those countries or territories.
While a new strain of the corona virus has been confirmed, his party and other leaders said the government’s move would be ambiguous.


Kampala: The African country of Uganda has banned other social media sites, including Facebook and messaging apps.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the Ugandan government has ordered the relevant department to immediately block social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter and others.

The Ugandan government’s move comes in the wake of the country’s two-day presidential election so that social media cannot be used for any kind of campaign.

According to the news social media platforms were being used for election campaign before the presidential election. Yesterday, users complained that they were unable to access Facebook and WhatsApp.

According to a foreign news agency, Uganda’s Ministry of Communications Regulatory Authority in a letter to Internet service providers ordered them to block all social media platforms and messaging apps until further notice.

According to foreign media, more than 23.6 million people in Uganda have mobile phones, of which 17 million use the Internet.


Washington: After Twitter, Facebook and Instagram also blocked the account of US President Donald Trump.

Foreign news agency
According to the social media websites Facebook and Instagram, US President Trump’s account was blocked and deleted posts related to the violent demonstrations shared by him.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the US president’s Facebook account had been closed indefinitely.

Mark Zuckerberg says Trump will not be able to use Facebook for the next two weeks, deleting President Trump’s messages about Capitol Hill.

The Facebook administration says President Trump’s messages could have escalated the violence.
Our platform was used to revolt against the democratically elected government.

Zuckerberg said President Trump’s Facebook Instagram account would remain closed until a peaceful transfer of power.

It should be noted that after the violent protests and demonstrations on the previous day, US President Donald Trump had appealed to the supporters to stop the protests. In his video message released on the social networking website Twitter, Trump said that he was sorry for the protesters. There is a feeling.

President Trump reiterated his claim that he knows the presidential election has been stolen from us. This is a very difficult time, but we do not want anyone to be harmed. This is a rigged election and we must not play into their hands. Go back home for peace and don’t take the law into your own hands.