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Lahore: Singer Shaukat Ali, who ruled over hearts, met his real creator.

Shaukat Ali Died

Confirming the death of Shaukat Ali, the family said that former folk singer Shaukat Ali, who was suffering from liver disease, had entered CMH Lahore for treatment. Today, he met Khaliq Haqiqi.

According to the doctors Shaukat Ali’s liver had stopped working. Son Imran Shaukat had said that his father’s liver was not working and the doctors had almost responded.

Get has been awarded the Pride of Performance by the government. The made a name for himself in mysticism and Punjabi songs. His national anthem sung in the 1965 war has awakened. ۔

He had given live performances at the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi and his song Kadi De Has Bolway was used in the 2009 Indian film Lo Aaj Kal.

Shafaat Ali famous folk singer Shaukat Ali was suffering from liver disease.

Following the news, folk singer Shaukat Ali was admitted to Gambit Institute of Medical Sciences, Khairpur for liver treatment, where he was treated for a liver infection on the instructions of Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah.

Later, on the special instructions of Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa, he was admitted to CMH Lahore.


Leading Pakistani playwright Hasina Moin Harkat has died of a heart attack.

Late Hasina Moin

Hasina Moin was an excellent playwright who was known for empowering female characters in her plays.

she has died of a heart attack at the age of 79.

Hasina Moin has awarded the Pakistani drama industry with the best and most popular dramas.

Hasina Moin Sahiba
Fiction writing became drama writing
Be it novel writing or dialogue writing
An invaluable jewel in every aspect of Urdu literature, enlightenment of consciousness in the society through Urdu literature.
Queen of the world of literature
Ms. Hasina Moin, the owner of a universal personality, passed away from this mortal world
As long as Urdu literature is alive, Hasina Moin will always be alive in the hearts of Urdu literature lovers with her writings, invaluable dramas and other masterpieces.


Karachi: Leading actress of showbiz industry Sahai Ali Abro has tied the knot with Shehzar Mohammad.

Sahai Ali Abro

Shehazar Mohammad, the husband of legendary cricketer Hanif Mohammad, is married to Sahai Ali Abro, a well-known actress of Pakistani drama industry.

The actress wore a golden wedding dress at the wedding in which she is looking beautiful while her husband Shehzar is wearing the same color sherwani.

Fans are congratulating Sahai Ali Abro on his marriage and wishing him a happy new life.

The wedding photos of the actress are going viral on social media but Sahai Ali Abro has not shared the wedding photos on social networking sites.

It should be noted that Sahai Ali Abro showed the essence of acting in several Pakistani dramas and films. He got his fame from the popular digital drama serial Piare Afzal.


KARACHI: Leading actress of showbiz industry Zara Noor Abbas met 16-year-old beauty blogger Zahra Naqvi suffering from Down Syndrome.

Video is going viral on social networking site Instagram in which actress Zara Noor Abbas is meeting young beauty blogger Zahra Naqvi, who is suffering from Down Syndrome.

can be seen in the video that Zahra Naqvi is also very happy to meet Zara Noor Abbas and is talking to her.

The During meeting with Zahra Naqvi, Zara asked her about lipstick and also praised her beauty.

blogger Zahra was very happy to meet actress Zara Noor Abbas and hugged her.

users social media are appreciating Zara Noor’s pleasant meeting with Zahra Naqvi and also expressing their appreciation for Zara’s positive action.

Should be noted that Zahra Naqvi is the first YouTuber in Pakistan to suffer from Down Syndrome who has proved that no disease can hinder anyone’s dreams.


Interesting story of the actresses who arrived late in the shooting.

Punctuality is very important for any task whether it is going to the office, going to school, going to the shop or going to an event.

Taking care of punctuality is not a natural process for everyone. Obedient people have a special place in the society and people appreciate their practice behind their backs.

Leading Pakistani TV and film actors shared their experiences and events with viewers on a private channel show about the importance of punctuality in their work.

Actor Nishu

Actress Nishu, who has shown the essence of her talents in past films, said that when we used to go to the set, we were very careful about time. The work was so much that we could not find time to sleep.

He told me that after shooting a film, I had to get home at 2.30 pm and then two hours later I had to go to another shooting from 5 to 7 pm which I did honestly.

Actress Nishu said that once she arrived 15 minutes late, the late actor Muhammad Ali was walking in the studio. As soon as he saw me, he said that if you want to continue your success, you must be punctual.

Javed Sheikh

On this occasion, actor Javed Sheikh said that I have never been lazy in my work but I reach the set on time. He said that I often tell my juniors to be punctual in every work. Must take care of

TV actor Osama said that girls take more time to reach the set as they also have to do make-up but on the contrary boys do not stay more than ten to 15 minutes late.


Shahid Afridi’s daughter will be engaged to which famous cricketer?

Khyber: Well known cricketer Shaheen Shah Afridi’s father has expressed his desire and asked Shahid Afridi for his daughter’s relationship.

According to details, Ayaz Khan’s father Shaheen Shah Afridi has said that he has asked for the relationship of Shahid Afridi’s daughter for the famous cricketer Shaheen Shah Afridi.

Ayaz Khan says that a formal engagement ceremony with Shahid Afridi’s second daughter will be arranged soon.

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LAHORE: Leading actress and model of Pakistan drama industry Rehmat Ajmal is about to start her married life.

In the photos shared on Instagram, Rehmat Ajmal can be seen wearing a yellow mother’s dress with a smile on her face. The actress chose a new make-up look for her mothers in a yellow and burgundy gown, while the actress can be seen in all the pictures enjoying the mother’s ceremony with a cheerful mood.

It may be recalled that actress Rehmat Ajmal had quietly got engaged last year. Rehmat Ajmal, who gained popularity from a private channel drama, had got engaged to Tayyab Saleem in a simple ceremony in Lahore.


If the drama is not hopeless, PEMRA connotes, the actress will explode.

According to the details, Yamna said in an interview last week that “the points raised by the directors in this drama were very important but I don’t know why PEMRA gave notice which I was very disappointed about.”

PEMRA on Tuesday issued a notice to the makers of the drama ‘Dil Namaed To Nahi’, stating that the content shown in the drama was “inappropriate” while the drama production was required to review the content and comply with the authority’s code of conduct It was given five days to amend.

“If we don’t talk about what is happening in government schools, on our streets and in our villages, we will only hear about child abuse,” she said. The second, third and fourth episodes of Omid To Nahin are full of objectionable scenes, abusive gossip and vulgar gestures. As a result, several complaints have been received.

Actor Umair Rana also expressed concern over PEMRA’s notice and said that it was an attempt to make people aware of human trafficking.

Remember that Wahaj Ali, Yasira Rizvi, Nadia Afghan and Samia Mumtaz are playing the lead roles in this play. It deals with social issues such as human trafficking and child abuse, while the play is written by Amna Mufti.


Mahira Khan explained the meaning of the slogan My body is my will.

According to details, superstar actress Mahira Khan is also known for speaking openly on social issues and raising her voice for women’s rights. In a recent interview, 36-year-old Mahira Khan also explained the reason for participating in the ‘Women’s March’. My Sethi asked her why she goes to the ‘Women’s March’ and what difference does it make if she leaves? On which the expert openly expressed his views.

She thinks that the people who love her and her followers will support her in the ‘Women’s March’ by seeing her in the ‘Women’s March’, because her fans will think that when they can specialize, why not? Talking about the slogans of ‘Women’s March’, he clarified that their meaning is misunderstood and these slogans are misused on social media.

Mahira Khan said that a lot of misinformation is spread about the ‘Women’s March’ and out-of-context voices are given more importance. People think that the ‘Women’s March’ may mean that women will tear their clothes and sit down. Mahra Khan said that this does not mean that women will tear their clothes but it is an expression that a woman is also a perfect human being and she has the right to stop anyone who sees her body. That he should not look at their bodies.

Actress Mahira Khan, while explaining the meaning of the viral slogan ‘My body, my will’ on social media, said that if someone wants to touch a woman and the woman feels bad, he should also report against her. She can, but it doesn’t matter if the woman doesn’t feel bad.

Mahira Khan, a permanent woman, is in favor of participating in the march and believes in women raising their voices for their issues. She wants all women to take part in the fight for their rights.


ISTANBUL: Famous actress and model of popular drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi got married to Borjo Kiratley.

Famous actress and model Burju Kiratley, who played the role of Roshni Khatun in the popular drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi, has tied the knot. “Mr. and Mrs. Axel.”

The photos show Turkish actress Borjo Caratley wearing a traditional white gown, while singer Sanan Axel is wearing a black suit.

On social media, the actress is being congratulated on her marriage and at the same time, good wishes are being expressed for her future life.