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Is video games good or bad for children’s mental development? New research surprised

Barcelona: A study conducted at a university in Spain found that video games are useful for children’s mental development, it improves memory.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, a study conducted at the Spanish Open University of Catalonia claims that the habit of playing video games will help improve children’s memory in the years to come.

According to the research, even after quitting playing video games, it results in various changes in the brain for years, the research was published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neurosciences.

The study involved 27 people between the ages of 18 and 40, some of whom were playing video games while others stayed away, all of whom were tested for mental abilities.

Researchers say that people who were fond of video games before childhood, even if they play for a very short time, perform better in working memory tests, compared to those who stayed away from games. His working memory was poorly recorded.

People who stay away from games have less ability to concentrate on information, in fact they were a bit slower than those who played games, while those who were interested in playing games as children in the study also processed 3D objects. Proved to be much better.

It should be noted that the brains of the people involved in this study were continuously examined for a month after which the results were drawn. Their mental abilities including working memory were assessed through 3 points.


Google has introduced a major overhaul of the system

New York: Google has changed its drive and introduced a system to automatically delete files in Trash after 30 days.

According to the technology website, the leading search engine Google has introduced a major change in its system, under which the files in the trash drive will be automatically deleted after one month. The new change will be available to all users from October 13. Google has given users 25 days to restore any important files in their Google Drive trash. Because after October 13, all files will be deleted.
This change is for G Suite products and services policies such as Gmail. Administrators can restore an active user’s deleted items from a user’s trash folder for up to 25 days. Administrator’s default retention policies in Google Vault will not be affected by this change.
Until they become obsolete because they are now useless. These changes affect items that are trashed from any device and from any platform. The files deleted by the drive file stream will be cleared from the system trash after 30 days. This has no effect on backup and sync behavior. Files in the Trash of Shared Drives are automatically deleted after 30 days.
Note that previously users had to delete the files in the Google Drive trash.


Facebook restricts message forwarding to five people at a time

Popular social networking site Facebook has restricted message forwarding, saying it would slow down the flow of harmful content.
According to the details, the social networking site Facebook has restricted messenger to forwarding messages to up to 5 people at a time. Facebook said in an official blog post that the ban was aimed at spreading viral misinformation and harmful content. It will slow down the pace that has the potential to harm the world. Facebook added that by limiting message forwarding, we will thwart the efforts of those who spread chaos. This decision is due to the corona virus and the coming Americans. , New Zealand and other countries in view of the election.
Commenting on the election, Facebook said that it would not allow any new political advertisements due to the upcoming elections in the United States. Stopped for fear of corona virus.


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has become the first foreign country to join Chaina satellite navigation system

globe, map, nautical
globe, map, nautical

According to details, cooperation between China and Pakistan in aerospace and aviation is moving forward with full vigor. RN Chenky pointed out that Pakistan is a key partner in the satellite navigation program.

The spokesman said Pakistan was the first country to use China’s Global Positioning System (GPS) developed by Baidu Satellite System (BDS).

It should be noted that BDS facilities are used for transportation, disaster relief and reduction in agricultural disasters. China wants to expand the scope of BDS services to BRI partner countries.

It should be noted that Pakistan is the first country in the world to have formal cooperation agreement on BDS.


ISLAMABAD: The solar eclipse in pakistan has come to an end the eclipse has been seen at its peak since 11 am

solar eclipse, sun, moon
solar eclipse, sun, moon

According to the details, the solar eclipse in the country started at 9:26 am according to Pakistani time while the eclipse reached its climax after 10:59 am which ended at 12:46 am. The duration of the eclipse was 3 hours 17. Minutes left Which was seen in many countries including Pakistan.

The eclipse was observed in most parts of Asia, including Pakistan. The eclipse was observed in other parts of the world, including Australia, Africa, Europe and South America.

A ring of fire was seen in Sukkur and Gwadar.

Performing eclipse prayers

Eclipse prayers were offered on the occasion of eclipse in different cities of the country. Eclipse prayers have been specially arranged in different mosques. Eclipse prayers were offered by the people of the area in the Royal Jama Masjid Old Sukkur.

Similarly, eclipse prayers were offered in different cities of the country including Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Islamabad and people asked Allah for special prayers and forgiveness for their sins.

Worship and Precautions during Eclipse

The annual solar eclipse was previously 80% observed in December last year. The total eclipse occurred earlier in August 1999 while citizens were instructed not to watch the eclipse directly. Use special safety goggles to view the eclipse. Use specially designed filters.

Technology Fawad Chaudhry has said that the eclipse should not be viewed directly. The rays emitted during the eclipse can affect the eyesight. It is very important to take precautions during the eclipse.

When man’s knowledge was very limited, superstition was also on the rise. Everything he liked was associated with good fortune and what he feared was associated with torment. Eclipse was the same process. Now science has opened the fortress of eclipse. Given this, the stories of superstition connected with it are also taking their last breaths

There will be 6 eclipses this year, 4 lunar eclipses and 2 solar eclipses. The second eclipse of this year will be on December 14.

The Minister said that the eclipse on December 14 will not be seen in Pakistan. Today, the total solar eclipse is in Sukkur and its environs. The rest of the areas are partial eclipses.

Professor Muhammad Javed, Director, Institute of Space and Planetary Astrophysics (SPA), also said that eclipses should not be viewed directly. Special glasses are used to observe eclipses. The eclipse is observed.

On the other hand, Chief Mate Sardar Sarfraz said that the color of fire will be seen only in Sukkur city. The eclipse should not be seen through ordinary sunglasses. The color of fire will be seen in Sukkur and Gwadar.

Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman advised the citizens to take precautionary measures while observing solar and lunar eclipses. If there is a barrier between the solar and lunar eclipses, it is called solar eclipse. The sayings about the eclipse are not true.


New Useful Feature of WhatsApp

whatsapp, communication, smartphone
whatsapp, communication, smartphone

WhatsApp is a very popular instant messaging platform worldwide with over 2 billion people using it. It has some very useful and effective features including group call delete for all, last scene and many more features. Included.

However, there is a feature that has not yet come to WhatsApp. This is a feature. There has been no report of scheduling messages yet. The company is working on this feature and it will be launched soon. However, there are a few ways. You can schedule WhatsApp messages by following the instructions. These methods are for both Android and iOS users.

How to schedule a message on Android

Note: To try this method on Android, you need to download a third party app that will ask for access to your WhatsApp account, even if you are concerned about your privacy and do not want access to any third party app. So you have to wait until WhatsApp launches this feature automatically, the procedure for the rest is as follows.

Download the SKEDit app from the Google Play Store then open it and create your account.
After signing in, select WhatsApp from the list and click on WhatsApp again. Now you have to allow it to access your phone service.
Then go back to the app and type the name of the person you want to send the message to, then write your message and finally enter the scheduled date and time.
The last toggle you will see is ask me before you send it, you can turn it on, this app will notify you when you send a message on time, or you can turn it off and your message will be on time. Will go
How to schedule messages on iOS

Note: You don’t need a third party app to schedule WhatsApp messages on iOS, you just need to use Siri shortcuts. The procedure is as follows

Download the app from the Apple App Store. Select the Automation option at the bottom of the app.
To add Personal Automation, press the + sign at the top right and select the Personal Automation option.
Now select the time and date for the scheduled message and then press Next, then select Add Action and then also select the Text option.
Now type your message and then press the + sign below.
Select WhatsApp and from the Actions list, select the option to send a message through WhatsApp.
Enter the number of the person to whom the message is to be sent and press Next. Now look at all the details and select done.ěž


ISLAMABAD: It will be Possible to Make Smart Phones Available in Pakistan at low Prices

mobile phone, smartphone, keyboard
mobile phone, smartphone, keyboard

Consultant according to details
A meeting of the Cabinet Economic Co-ordination Committee chaired by the Finance Minister was convened on Wednesday. The Economic Co-ordination Committee will consider a six-point agenda.

Sources said that the meeting is likely to approve the mobile device manufacturing policy and approve the supply of wheat from Pasco to Azad Kashmir, while the Prime Minister will consider the financial package due to Corona.

According to sources, the policy guidelines for the sale of RLNG will be reviewed and a decision on the determination of petroleum levy on LPG is also expected, while the technical supplementary grant of the Ministry of Defense is also likely to be approved.

It may be recalled that on the direction of Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunications Syed Aminul Haq, a summary on smartphone manufacturing was sent to the Economic Co-ordination Committee. Amin-ul-Haq says the availability of low-cost smartphones in the country is a priority of the Ministry of IT.

The move will help boost foreign exchange and jobs through mobile exports.

It may be recalled that in February this year, the Engineering Development Board (EDB) had approved a mobile device manufacturing policy to encourage local investors.

Keep in mind that Pakistan is the third largest market for mobile phones in the world where 34 million mobile phones are sold annually.

Local mobile manufacturing will create about 200,000 jobs in the country and the country will be able to become part of the global supply chain.


Google Lens can copy and paste handwritten text to a computer

touch screen, mobile phone, ipad
touch screen, mobile phone, ipad

Web Desk: Google has introduced a very useful feature in which you can now copy and paste handwritten notes to a computer with the help of Google Lens.
According to the technology website, Google has added a very useful feature to its recognizable tool, Google Lens. You can now copy and paste your handwritten note from your phone to your computer with the lens, although it only works when your writing is clear.

Handwritten text can be copied and pasted on a computer via a mobile phone lens, but you must have a newer version of Google Chrome on your computer to use this feature. Similarly, Android mobile phones should have Google Lens app. You will also need to be logged in to the same Google Account to use the new feature.

This feature is very easy to use, view the text written on a page with the eye of a mobile camera and when the option comes up highlight the relevant line and copy it then go to the computer’s document folder and select the edit option. Paste there.
Google is also adding a feature that allows users to hear the spelling of difficult words in their text. There is also the option to search for well-known idioms while writing. The use of Google Lens is a great addition to Google’s products. By the way, it is important for all users, but students and researchers can benefit the most from this feature.


Microsoft introduces new laptop and tablet

laptop, workstation, browsing
laptop, workstation, browsing

Microsoft has introduced its new laptops Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2 tablets.
According to the technology website, the world’s largest tech company Microsoft has introduced new laptops and tabs along with Surface Airbuds, Surface Headphones 2, Surface Dock 2 and USBBC Travel Hub. The company says the new devices are intended to help you do whatever you want.
Surface Go2

This is the company’s new two-in-one tablet which is much cheaper than other tablets of the company and it has a 10.5 inch Pixel Sons display. The company says that its battery life has been improved and Intel 8 Generation Core M processor is present. In addition, the Studio Mike dual microphone solution is provided for better voice. The tablet has a 5-megapixel camera on the front, along with a new camera app that can scan documents and whiteboards, while the device also has Surface Pan support. It is priced at 9 399 (over 63,000 Pakistani rupees) and will be available in the US from May 12.
 Surface Book 3:

The SurfaceBook 3 is the company’s most powerful laptop with better battery life and can last up to 17 and a half hours on a single charge. The laptop comes in 2 versions with 13 and 15 inch displays. It will be available in 10 generation Intel Core processor, G Force GTX or RTX GPU while the more powerful version will have 32 GB RAM. It will be available in the US from May 21. Priced at 15 1,599 (over PKR 255,000), the Surface Headphones will be available for 2 2,249, the Surface Airbuds for 199 199, the Surface Dock for 26 2,260 and the Travel Hub for 100 100.


WASHINTON apple Releases A Little Low Price iphone

iphone, smartphone, apps
iphone, smartphone, apps

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the iPhone releasing company has released a new iPhone iPhone SE, which is priced significantly lower than other iPhones.

The company’s low-cost model could attract more consumers to Apple Services, less than the 2.8 percent drop from the Apple Index, while the S&P 500’s share fell 1.1 percent.

The SE has a 4.7-inch display and a single processor chip, but doesn’t have the 5G capability and Apple’s face recognition system to unlock the device, relying on fingerprint sensors like the older model.

It should be noted that the announcement came from the company at a time when the US and the whole world was infected with the Krona virus, while US political leaders talked about eliminating stay-at-home orders and restarting the economy. Has started

The iPhone SE was unveiled in front of the audience, but major events are banned from Apple’s home base in Santa Claus County, California, where government officials have already locked in the United States.

This cheap phone call from Apple reflects the economic outbreak of the virus and the loss of jobs and is priced at $ 399 (66 thousand 533 Pakistani rupees).