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New York: NASA has released a video of the Preservation Rover landing on the surface of Mars.

According to the details, NASA’s Mars mission reached another milestone. It also released a video of the Preservative rover landing on the surface of Mars. Mars can be seen descending in the dark clouds.

Three different cameras have captured the whole process. The six-wheeled robot will now drill into the rocks for two years to gather evidence of life in the past. Rock samples from Mars will be brought to Earth from 2030.


Dubai: The UAE’s Mars mission “Hope” has entered the orbit of the Red Planet.

According to the details, the UAE’s “Hope” Mars mission entered the orbit of the red planet. The mission also released the first image of Mars. This image was taken by Hope EXI instrument at an altitude of 24,700 km above the patient’s surface. ۔ This image shows the largest volcano in the solar system in the early morning.

Although the image is similar to the previously released images, the UAE is the first Arab country to send a mission to Mars with this mission. The purpose of this mission is to gather information about the weather and ecosystem of Mars.


San Francisco: WhatsApp has decided to introduce another unique feature for users.

whatsApp has started working on providing a new feature to its users, according to a report by WA Beta Info, an organization that monitors WhatsApp.

Mobile a whatsapp owned by Facebook, has started working on a sign-out feature that will allow users to log out of the account wherever they want.

logging out after it will lose access to mobile or computer and then it will be able to log in again like ID.

Has begun whatsapp testing the feature, which will be successfully rolled out to users around the world using iOS and Android operating systems.

At the moment, the WhatsApp user has to install or delete the application from his mobile to close the account. After the sign out feature comes, the user will use only one button for a break.

According to a report by Web Beta Info, after the introduction of this feature, the user will be able to easily use an account on 4 different devices for which he just needs internet.


ISLAMABAD: Mobile phones are starting to be made in Pakistan and FiveG will be launched by December 22, 2022.


According to details, the signing ceremony of the agreement on Chitral Upper and Lower Dir Broadband Internet was held at which the USF and the Ministry of IT signed the agreement.

Addressing the function, Special Assistant Zulfi Bukhari said, “I am thankful to UNICEF and the Ministry of IT. A five star hotel is going to be built in Chitral. The expansion of internet will also boost tourism.”

Zulfi Bukhari said that the situation will improve in Chitral Lower and Upper Dir as well. The tourism office is also trying to build the office in an open environment. It was desired to open 26 sites and provide tourist activities.

On the occasion, Federal Minister for Information Technology Aminul Haq said that the vision of the Prime Minister is Digital Pakistan and he is moving ahead with the project of 1.3 billion broadband internet in Lower and Upper Dir.

Amin-ul-Haq said that work on internet issues is also going on in North Balochistan. It is the policy of the ministry that where there is tourism, internet will be available.

The Federal Minister said that the technology zone is ready in Islamabad. Next week, the Prime Minister will do ground breaking.

He said that mobile phones are starting to be made in Pakistan and our vision is to have cheap mobile phones in the hands of every citizen.


Five G will be available in Pakistan in the year 23-2022, PTA

ISLAMABAD: Important news has come out for internet users in Pakistan, PTA has said in its annual report that Pakistan will get the latest Five G internet service by the financial year 23-2022.

According to the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority’s (PTA) annual report for 2020, Pakistan is preparing a comprehensive roadmap for Five G technology and the spectrum for Five G services will be auctioned in 2023. The epidemic has been a blessing in disguise that has led to the rapid growth of the digital economy in Pakistan. Stake holders and regulators have agreed to improve digital infrastructure.

The GSM Association estimates that with the introduction of Five G technology, the share of the mobile industry in the Pakistani economy will reach ارب 24 billion. 98% of households in Pakistan have a mobile phone.

It should be noted that the download speed of 5G internet will be ten times higher than the current speed of 3G, 4G internet. This technology will significantly improve economic activities in the country.


Pakistan’s successful Shaheen 3 experience ISPR.

According to the Pakistan Army Public Relations Department (ISPR), Pakistan has successfully tested the Shaheen 3 ballistic missile, which hits the ground. The ballistic missile has a range of 2,750 km. A successful test was conducted in the Arabian Sea, in which the Shaheen 3 ballistic missile successfully hit the target. The ISPR spokesperson further … Read more

Pakistan: WhatsApp should have taken user feedback before formulating new policy.

According to details, Federal Minister for Information Technology Amin-ul-Haq in his statement regarding WhatsApp update policy said that he is aware of the concerns of Pakistani users on WhatsApp update policy. Setting up

The Federal Minister said that the preparation of the Personal Data Protection Bill has accelerated the work on chatting application for government employees and liaison with social media companies. Granted, no company can impose its will on it, which can adversely affect consumer rights.

Amin-ul-Haq said that WhatsApp should have taken the opinion of the user first and the new policy should have been the same for the world, but the new policies will not be applicable in Europe, Brazil and the United States. There are rules.

He said that we have doubled the pace of our work on the Personal Data Protection Bill and in a few days the bill will be sent to the concerned department and presented in the Parliament for legislation.

Amin-ul-Haq further said that the federal cabinet has given the task to the Ministry of IT to create a WhatsApp-style application for government officials and employees which would not only store all the data but also the conversations on it.

The Federal Minister hoped that by June 2021, we will be able to launch an application called Smart Office. This will be on a trial basis. The second application will also be launched for ordinary Pakistani users.


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has announced the good news of e-sports youth game.

According to details, an agreement was reached between Pakistan Science Foundation and Pakistan Sports Board. Fawad Chaudhry, Fehmida Mirza and others attended the ceremony.

Fawad Chaudhry said that the sports sector is a کی 200 billion industry and the number of youth between the ages of 13 and 17 is in the millions.

The Federal Minister said that like PSL, six regions will be created for e-sports. Numerous sports are played in Pakistan. Many of our children have made a name for themselves in these sports. E-sports will give a new opportunity to the youth to make money.

Fawad Chaudhry said that two big canola factories will be set up in the country by April. We are also focusing on video gaming in Lahore and Karachi. Now science and technology are being mentioned everywhere in the country.

On the other hand, Federal Minister Fehmida Mirza said that the e-sports industry in Corona has been booming and Pakistani children have won top prizes in e-sports.

Fehmida Mirza said that we will try to bring every sport in e-sports. We will form teams of different games in all the provinces. Our children should get opportunities in sports in Pakistan.


BEIJING: Popular social networking app TickTalk has introduced a new policy for users under the age of 18.

The policy, released by TickTalk, states that significant changes have been made to the policy for users 18 years of age or younger.

Under the new changes, accounts for children 18 and under will now be made private instead of public, while video downloads for children under 15 will be eliminated.

According to TuckTalk, children 15 years of age and younger will no longer be able to use the Do It feature, while children between the ages of 16 and 18 will be able to use the feature.
The company said that in order to use this feature, they have to go to their menus and settings and make changes.

The company has stated that the age will be determined on the date of birth entered at the time of account creation. The banned accounts will be notified by notification.

TuckTuck explained that it has made changes to the policy as a precautionary measure so that children can stay securely attached to the platform and parents’ concerns can be allayed.


Rawalpindi: Pakistan successfully tests multi-guided launch rocket system Fateh One.

According to details, Maj. Gen. Babar Iftikhar, Director General, Public Relations (ISPR), Pakistan Army, said in his Twitter message that Pakistan has successfully tested the multi-guided launch rocket system Fateh One. Capable of carrying conventional weapons up to a meter and hitting enemy targets from a distance.
The DG ISPR said that President Arif Ali, Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa congratulated the scientists and soldiers on the successful experiment.

It may be recalled that in February 2020, Pakistan had successfully tested the Raad-2 air-to-air cruise missile. Raad-2 can also hit targets on land and at sea.