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Famous Urdu novelist Saadat Hassan Manto’s death anniversary.

Saadat Hassan Manto has been one of the most famous and talented contemporary writers and poets of Manto.

Manto’s fictional essays, his sketches are not only read, but his subjects are still discussed today. Presented every aspect of society to the readers

Manto was born on May 11, 1912 in Ludhiana district. He started his career and writing career by associating with Lahore magazines. Then All India Radio became affiliated with Delhi where he wrote plays and features which were successful. He later moved to Bombay where he edited several film magazines and at the same time started writing film stories and dialogues.

After the formation of Pakistan, he came to Lahore where he died on January 18, 1955 due to a liver disease.

There is great diversity in Minto’s themes. He is best known for incorporating sexism and the Partition riots into his fiction, and where his stories were popular, he was accused of pornography, but Manto’s realism also set an example for bold and outspoken writers. ۔

In addition to fiction and short stories, Manto’s sketches and essays on various topics are also the capital of Urdu literature.
Singh Chaghad Ganja Angels Open the cold meat, smell it is a new law.


The real battle between Pakistan and Israel after Arab-Israeli relations

The real competition between Pakistan and Israel has now begun
For the first time, you are requested to share so that it reaches every Pakistani
Now that diplomatic relations have been established between the UAE and Israel, thousands of Israeli Jews are flocking to Dubai every day. According to the Washington Post, 50,000 Jews traveled to the UAE in two weeks. Despite Corona, Jewish groups are returning to the UAE in defiance of travel restrictions.

officials israeli expect 70,000 Jews to visit the UAE during the Jewish religious holiday of Eid al-Adha. Large numbers of Jews roaming Dubai’s bazaars do not go unnoticed by Islamists. This is also being expressed openly on social media. Do you think that all of them are tourists and are enjoying tourism at risk despite the danger of Corona? No, not at all. It is a delusion to think so.

Hundreds of Jews have been detained at Dubai airport in recent days on suspicion of being Mossad operatives. However, he was released on high-level official contact.

Now Israel’s first plan is to play against Pakistan with Dubai as its center. It is as if Dubai has now become the center of the Cold War between Mossad and ISI. Mossad has been using raw-minded people since the beginning. His first attempt will be to use the emotional Pakistani youth who hate Israel as his weapon. Mossad specializes in this art anyway.
Such young men will be used in attacks on Israelis in Dubai. Providing them with weapons is not a difficult task for Mossad. It is the left hand game of the Mossad operatives to brainwash Muslims and even ulema in the form of relations with them. After setting foot in Dubai, the Israeli Mossad will first play its nefarious game against Pakistanis living in Arabia, then Mossad will start pushing the development, peace, prosperity and light of a model country like Dubai into darkness.

The history of the Jews bears witness to the fact that not only did they acquire Islamic knowledge for their nefarious purposes, but Musa ibn Ma’mun also memorized the Qur’an along with Islamic knowledge and for a long time led Taraweeh and general prayers. He also became a physician.
Mossad will still have many Musa bin Maimun who can do this.

If, God willing, they succeed in this plan and an emotional Pakistani attacks the Jews in the UAE with the intention of jihad, what will be the result? Will sit Therefore, Pakistanis living in the Gulf countries, especially in the UAE and Bahrain, must be extremely vigilant so that they do not become a toy of the enemy out of emotion and cause their country serious problems.
The Israeli conspiracy against Pakistan has never succeeded and will never succeed


Arabic proverbs

The Arab sages are very wise. Their proverbs and examples are full of wisdom. Below are some Arabic proverbs that are very interesting and instructive.

The Arabs say to drink water from where the horse drinks because the breed horse does not face unclean water.

If you want to sleep peacefully, make the bed where the cat sleeps because the cat always chooses a comfortable place.

Eat the fruit that the worm has touched without eating because the worm only seeks the ripe fruit. With warm in winter and cool in summer.

Dig for water where the birds take refuge to escape the heat because where the birds take refuge there is plenty of water.

If you want success, follow the bird’s routine in sleeping and waking up, because it is the birds that choose the best time to find sustenance, which is the most effective way to succeed.
Keep the balance of religion and the world. While living in the world, follow the principles of religion. Rights of worshipers. Don’t make fun of anyone. Don’t be discouraged. Be like travelers in the world. Take care of your neighbors. Take care of everyone around you. Help the needy and the needy with silence.


The 145th birth anniversary of the Founder of Pakistan is being celebrated with enthusiasm today

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, about whom the British said that if we had known that Quaid-e-Azam was ill, we would have slowed down the process of independence and put an end to the plan of partition of India after the death of Quaid-e-Azam.
The Quaid-e-Azam visited the entire country in spite of great hardships after independence and instilled the spirit of patriotism in the people.
At the same time, he also founded various institutions. In his professional career, the Quaid-e-Azam, who was charged an hourly fee of Rs.

In the life of Quaid-e-Azam, many people hated him. In order to keep Quaid-e-Azam separate from the affairs of the country, the then Karta Dharta had shifted him to Ziarat, a deserted area of ​​Balochistan, in the name of air-eating. In a way, it was in the life of the Quaid that he was walled off by vested interests.
Once when some people came to visit the founder of Pakistan, they said that they did not come to see me but to see when I was dying.
After that, when the founder of Pakistan was brought back to Karachi for treatment, an ambulance was sent to the airport which kept deteriorating on the way and even ran out of petrol in the car.
The Quaid-e-Azam died after suffering such a severe illness. The Quaid-e-Azam passed away, but he paid his last meal to the government of Pakistan, the receipts of which are still with the signature of the founder of Pakistan.

After the death of Quaid-e-Azam, people here started misusing the name of Quaid-e-Azam to achieve their goals.

A few months ago, on the occasion of a meeting of the Pakistan Democratic Movement in Karachi, Maryam Nawaz along with some party leaders visited the shrine. During this visit, many principles imposed on the shrine were violated in the name of honoring the vote. First of all, inside the net at the Quaid’s mausoleum, only the Dua Khawan takes him to the place of prayer. Besides, all the people live outside the net.
To date, no President or Prime Minister has gone inside the net for Fateha, but this time Maryam Nawaz, her husbands Captain Safdar and Nihal Hashmi crossed the border and entered the net. And not as soon as the victory ended.
Captain Safdar started chanting slogans of respect the vote and long live Fatima Jinnah. According to the Mazar-e-Quaid Ordinance 1971, chanting of any kind up to ten feet inside and outside Mazar-e-Quaid is prohibited. If this work was done by a worker or an ordinary citizen, people would think that they are probably emotional and they do not know, but this move of the senior leadership has certainly hurt the people. Islam forbids loud drinking in cemeteries anyway.
The problem is not why Safdar chanted slogans here but the problem is that Captain Safdar’s party has not apologized for this mistake till date ie according to him what he did exactly destroyed the country of Sindh and the province of Sindh. The devastating host Sindh government is also not ashamed of the desecration of Mazar-e-Quaid. Those who tried to wall off the founder of Pakistan. Everyone saw their end. The vote should be respected in this country, but first it is necessary to honor the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.


How things got mixed up and how artificial things got started

The people of the subcontinent were unfamiliar with the concept of mixing. In their homes, desi ghee, ghar, sugar, lassi, milk, butter, desi, chickens, desi, eggs, goats, dumba, etc., were used. It used to happen and this was the medicine of the subcontinent.
This was the real face of the subcontinent, this was the standard here and this was the tradition and society.

Mixed Milk

Then the hungry, naked, greedy thieves jumped into the British arena and then the tradition of products began. What were the products? Selling Artificial Items The purpose of human creation was simply to make money.

The global counterfeiters who teach the whole world about ethics today introduced the provincial concept.
Just like today every second number and inferior product is called China, ghee was mixed with artificial fragrance and then the gifts of cholesterol, blood pressure and heart attack started with the kindness of these British.
Compared to local soft drinks, milky milk, etc., synthetic chemical drinks, Coca-Cola seam-up, etc. are the gift of the British who do not mix.

The people were made accustomed to it by making sugar from the mixture of harmful chemicals in sugarcane juice as compared to gur sugar. Then the whole nation became diabetic. The milk was pure and all the products made from milk were pure. The company introduced fake milk and today, thank God, the credit for selling chemical milk to the whole world goes to the company that does not mix.
The fact is that most of the products that are called milk do not contain anything called milk.

Therapeutic physicians used to cure human beings, then the same global counterfeiters introduced English chemical medicines, which made human beings suffer from new diseases on a daily basis. Ever since the era of English medicine began, perhaps till today. The only purpose for a human being to survive on earth is to make money.
Today it is a sign of diseases that thousands of medicines are going in every house and still no one is getting healthy but it has to be admitted that English does not mix
All mixed items belong to Muslims.

Take a look at what this self-made Englishman is making and selling from harmful health chemicals.
Milk Butter Ghee Ice Cream Dry Milk Ketchup Chinese Colorful Food Items Beverages Canned Juices Cosmetics Medicine There are long lists of colorful chemicals and flavors to make fruits and foods delicious and delicious that are beyond the scope of this book. No one raises a finger and no one thinks about it. And no one cares to talk.

The real thieves are the ones who are using harmful health chemicals in everything from shampoos, soaps and creams to everyday use under the guise of capital. This tradition of counterfeiting was established by the British in the subcontinent and today Muslims are increasingly following this tradition. A Muslim is making a good profit by selling two mixed items at high prices to his other Muslim brother. He is selling a hundred rupees for two hundred rupees and a thousand things for two thousand rupees.

Please get out of mental slavery and correct yourself by recognizing yourself. The British tradition is not based on civilization. Instead of following our Islamic social culture and tradition, things like lies and deception are not our tradition. Is engaged in selling unhealthy chemicals in the name of color products.


Forty-nine years have passed since the fall of Dhaka and six years have passed since the tragedy of Peshawar APS. Both these tragedies fell on the Pakistani nation like a mountain.

Forty-nine years ago today, cowardly India hatched a nefarious conspiracy and with the help of Mukti Bahini signed Pakistan in 1971.

The neighboring country had started hatching conspiracies against Pakistan only after its formation. India had found a traitor in East Pakistan in the guise of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman.

India provided military, financial and diplomatic support to Pakistan’s enemies, with the help of which the terrorist organization Mukti Bahini massacred millions of Muslims.

At the same time, India imposed war on East and West Pakistan which divided Pakistan into two parts only 24 years after its formation.

It may be recalled that the Indian role in the fall of Dhaka was also acknowledged by the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

APS tragedy

Six years have passed since the attack on Peshawar APS. The wounds of the entire nation are still fresh on the tragedy of APS.
The same day laid the groundwork for a decisive action against terrorism in Pakistan.

The Pakistani nation has paid a heavy price in the war on terror. Thousands of civilians and security forces have sacrificed for the sake of this country. These sacrifices should not be in vain.

On December 16, 2014, brutal terrorists entered the school at 11 am and started firing indiscriminately on innocent children, killing them selectively.

The terrorists continued to play bloody Holi till the security forces reached the school and in a short time these tyrants martyred 141 people including 132 innocent lives. The whole world, including Pakistan, was weeping tears of blood at the barbarity of this tragedy.


The same intention, the same blessing

A vegetable seller who bought eggplant from a vegetable market at Rs 50 per kg and sold it at Rs 120 per kg was saying that sugar is on fire
Then I heard a butcher selling big meat at Rs 350 per kg saying that everything has become expensive. Mix 20 kg of water and powder in 40 kg of pure milk
The seller was also complaining that it was not enough

The rickshaw driver who stays up all day waiting for his turn and makes noises is the one who blackmails late at night and takes money at his behest.

A doctor working in a government hospital only calls the patient to his private clinic to make money and
The school teacher gives low marks to the child only because he does not take private tuition from him
The laborer washes his clothes half an hour before 4 pm. The mechanic pays Rs.

A merchant who mixes pebbles in lentils and rice
Only those who earn 8,000 haraam by saying that the compressor of the fridge is bad when the fuse is bad
Humiliate the pilgrims of Umrah and Hajj on visas and tickets, even to those who collect money when they complain that the blessings are not the same as before.
Merchant surviving in 1500 hundred clothes 2000 thousand
A trader who makes illicit profits on every commodity instead of the official rate
Even an employee who receives a salary of one lakh should say that inflation is no longer met in the budget.
So for a moment, my heart wants me to openly explain all these deeds over a loudspeaker and say that this is the reason why there is a saying in the world that whatever intention you give, you will receive.


Karachi: The 49th martyrdom anniversary of Muhammad Hussain Shaheed, the hero of the 1971 war, is being celebrated today. He is the first soldier to receive the Nishan Haider award.

Sawar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed was born on June 18, 1949 in Dhok Pir Bakhsh near Gujjar Khan in Punjab. At the age of 17, he joined the Pakistan Army as a driver and despite being a driver, took an active part in the 1971 practical war. Taken

In the 1971 war, despite five days of continuous enemy shelling on the battlefields of Zafarwal and Shakargarh in Sialkot, the Pakistan Army destroyed 16 tanks of the Indian Army.

On December 10, at 4 pm, bullets fired from the enemy’s machine gun went into the chest of Sawar Hussain, which also joined the caravan of martyrs. At the time of martyrdom, Sawar Muhammad Hussain was only 22 years and 6 months old.

In recognition of his bravery, the Pakistan Army awarded him the highest military award, Nishan Haider. Sawar Mohammad Hussain was the first soldier to receive the award.


The first Governor of Pakistan and President of Pakistan Sikandar Mirza

Skand was the great grandson of Mirza Mir Jafar. His great-grandfather Mir Jafar had betrayed Nawab Siraj-ud-Daulah and paved the way for the victory of the British.
He was educated at Finston College, Bombay.
He entered the Royal Military College Sandhurst during his college life.
Successfully returned to India in 1919.
In 1921 he joined the 2nd Scottish Rifle Regiment at Kohat and fought in Khudadad Khel.
Participated in the battle of Waziristan in 1924.
From 1922 to 1924 he was in the Poona Horse Regiment with Jhansi as its headquarters.
Elected to the Indian Political Service in 1926 and served as Assistant Commissioner in Abbottabad, Bannu, Nowshera and Tank.
From 1931 to 1936 he was Deputy Commissioner in Hazara and Mardan.
In 1938, political agents were appointed in Khyber. Due to his administrative ability and experience in tribal affairs, he was appointed Deputy Commissioner of Peshawar in 1940.
Stayed here until 1945.
Then they were transferred to Orissa.
In 1942, he was appointed Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Defense, Government of India.
After the formation of Pakistan, Sikandar Mirza became the first Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of the Government of Pakistan
In May 1954, he was made the Governor of East Pakistan.
Then he became the Home Minister.
State and tribal departments were also handed over to him.
Malik Ghulam Mohammad’s health deteriorated
He became the acting governor on August 6, 1955.
On March 5, 1956, he was elected the first President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
On March 23, 1956, he assumed the office of President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Due to the political crisis, on October 7, 1958, the first nationwide martial law was enacted.
Twenty days later, on October 27, 1958, Chief Martial Law Administrator Field Marshal Ayub Khan dismissed him and deported him, after which Sikandar Mirza spent the rest of his life in London.
After the overthrow of Ayub Khan, Sikandar Mirza tried to return home but he was not allowed to do so.
He died in London on November 13, 1969, his 17th birthday.
On November 15, 1969, he was buried in Tehran with full state honors.