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Pakistan Day 23 March 1940.

Pakistan Day

Pakistan day 23 March is a very important day in the history of Pakistan. On this day, March 23, 1940, the Pakistan Resolution was introduced. On the basis of this, the Pakistan Resolution was launched by the Muslim League. Was later able to get her demand approved.

Pakistan Airforce

This was the demand that emerged on the world map in the name of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Every year on March 23 there is a general stalemate in the whole of Pakistan. In the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, the three Armed Forces of the country parade on this day. The culture of the four provinces is presented. The falcons of the Pakistan Air Force salute in the airspace and perform excellent feats of their high performance.

Pakistan culture float

Pakistan day has a special significance in the history of Pakistan. On this day, the only representative party of the Muslims of the subcontinent (Muslim League) under the enthusiastic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah called for the establishment of an independent and sovereign state at its 27th annual meeting in Lahore to protect the rights of Muslims.

This historic gathering began on March 22, 1940, and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in his two-and-a-half hour speech that day, said that Muslims are a nation by any definition. Muslims and Hindus belong to two different religious philosophies and social customs. Who can marry each other and not eat together.

It clarified that Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations who can no longer live together, their religions, beliefs and customs are different and they want a separate homeland.

The Pakistan Resolution was in fact the demand that emerged on the world map in the name of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and this day of March 23 reminds the people every year of the same spirit that led to the establishment of Pakistan.
March 23, 1940 is a golden day in the history of Muslims in Pakistan and the subcontinent
March 23 is not only a day to set speeches and events but also a day to renew one’s commitment to work for the strength and stability of the beloved homeland.

Current 23rd March 2021 What we gained and lost after gaining Pakistan
A few groups have been active in secularizing Pakistan from the beginning and still are, but the Pakistani majority, which has a special attachment to religion, is still based on slogans and is not concerned with practical struggle. Modern educational institutions in religious madrassas It is necessary that the race of the country should not be in the hands of looters but in the hands of patriots.

Our generations are still far from the true identity of the two-nation ideology and they are being further alienated. Our educational institutions are producing lifeless useless people in the name of curriculum. There are few groups and institutions that are still moving in the right direction. Praise be to Allaah. Our forces have been endowed with many abilities by Allaah, while the media is careless before it can play its positive role.


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Corona test came back positive.

According to details, Special Assistant Dr Faisal Sultan has confirmed on Twitter that Prime Minister Imran Khan has tested positive for Corona, after which Imran Khan has quarantined himself at home.

The Prime Minister felt some symptoms, on which he underwent a corona test, but Imran Khan gave up all political activities and moved from the Prime Minister’s House to Bani Gala.

In this regard, Federal Minister Asad Omar said that the Prime Minister is in good health. Praise be to God, he had contracted the infection before he was vaccinated. He will remain in quarantine for about 10 days.

Special Assistant Dr Shahbaz Gul also confirmed that PM Imran Khan’s corona test was positive and said that Imran Khan is in quarantine at his residence. Thank God the PM’s corona symptoms are not severe. He has very mild cough and mild fever.

PM Imran Khan has tested positive for COVID-19. He is in quarantine at his residence. Thank God their symptoms are not severe, they have a very mild cough and a mild fever. May God heal them soon. Amen. Inshallah you will keep up to date with their health

It may be recalled that two days ago, Prime Minister Imran Khan had vaccinated against corona and appealed for full implementation of SOPs in view of the third wave of corona.

It is believed that corona is growing rapidly in the country and the corona positive rate has come down to 9.46%. In 24 hours, three thousand eight hundred and sixty six cases were reported and forty two deaths were reported.


Quaid-e-Azam’s journey by train.

Quaid-i-Azam used to reserve two berths for himself during the train journey
Once when someone asked him the reason, in reply he narrated this incident. I used to reserve one berth first. I have mentioned once that I was going from Lucknow to Bombay when a train stopped at a small station and an Anglo-Indian girl She came in the box and sat on the second berth as I had reserved only one berth so she remained silent.
the train picked up speed, the girl suddenly said, Give me what you have immediately, otherwise I will pull the chain and tell people that this person wants to force me. I didn’t raise my head from the papers. He repeated his words again. He remained silent. Finally he got annoyed and shook me. I raised my head and said with a gesture that I am deaf. I can’t hear anything to say.
He wrote his case on a piece of paper and handed it over to me. I immediately pulled the chain and handed it over to the railway authorities in writing. From that day onwards, I have always reserved two berths.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was addressing school and college students
A Hindu boy stood up and asked you why you want to divide India and divide us. What is the difference between you and us?
When you remained silent for a while, the students started shouting at you. Some said that you did not have the answer.
And then there were the hustle and bustle of Hindu boys from all sides
The Quaid-e-Azam asked for a glass of water. He drank some water and then put it on the table. them called a Hindu boy and asked him to drink the remaining water. The Hindu boy refused to drink that water.

Then you called a Muslim boy. your gave the same leftover water to this Muslim boy. He immediately drank a handful of Quaid-e-Azam’s water. He then addressed all the students and said, This is the difference between you and us.
The Senate was everywhere because the difference was obvious to everyone.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah never insulted anyone and never did you commit immorality. You used to present your point with such solid arguments that you would put your fingers in your big mouth and become irresistible in front of you.
This was the world of people’s love for Quaid-e-Azam
If anyone asks you
If I shook hands with him, he would not be happy and would tell people all day that today I have shook hands with Quaid-e-Azam.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah did not go to jail even for a day despite such opposition
And to this day I have not uttered such words after which I have to say that I take back my words.


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has mobilized for the success of candidates in the 2021 Senate elections.

According to details, manipulations and contacts for the Senate elections have reached a climax. Prime Minister Imran Khan reached his chambers in the Parliament House and started meetings with the members of the Assembly in which he listened to the grievances of the members.

Special Assistant Political Affairs and Chief Whip Amir Dogar Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar called on the Prime Minister while women MPA Jadoon Shandana Gulzar Nafisa Khattak called on him.

Imran Khan also met the former FATA MNAs in which the MNAs discussed the issue of Senate elections with the Prime Minister and all the former FATA MNAs assured full support to the government candidate.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar and Independent MNA Nawab Aslam Bhutani also called on Prime Minister Imran Khan and discussed Senate elections.

Talking to PM after meeting him, Aslam Bhootani said, I have been sitting on the government bench for two and a half years now. I will vote for the government morally. I will put the issues related to Gwadar and Lasbela before the PM. Hopefully the government candidates will be successful.

It is to be noted that a tough contest is expected between Yousuf Raza Gilani and Hafeez Sheikh for the Senate elections and contacts are being maintained with the members from both the sides.


The great story of an anonymous Pakistan Air Force legend pilot.

NAK pilot

This is the story of a legendary Pakistani bomber pilot who became a hero but to this day no one knows his name and this hero is buried in obscurity in history.
Pakistan india war broke out, Pakistani B-57 bombers attacked Indian airports in the dark of night.
Bombers are usually very heavy and they do not show much agility to avoid enemy artillery and planes so their attacks would be in the dark of night and these planes would fly off the radar near the ground. Reach your goal.
Upon reaching the target, the pilot immediately pulls the plane up, dives into the target and drops all his bombs in a single attack.
Go out of range of the enemy’s cannons before they become alert.

Pakistani B-57s carried eight 500-pound bombs and followed the same pattern, dropping eight bombs in a single attack, but in such an attack it was not necessary for all the bombs to fall on the target. If only two bombs had hit the same target.

But the Indians were not surprised when on the first night of the war, a lone B-57 aircraft attacked Adampur Air Base, but the plane and its pilot were no ordinary pilots. The plane first plunged and dropped only one bomb. The first reaction of the Indians was that the rest of the bombs did not fall due to any defect but they were shocked when the bomber turned around again. He dived again and aimed another bomb at another target. The bomber struck shortly after noon in the air, but the bomber’s pilot was in no hurry to risk his life. The main target was destroyed so its accuracy was 100%. The bomber was shot dead by Indians at 8 p.m.
8 pass Charlie).

Throughout the war, Charlie Attack kept attacking different bases. He always came alone and with the first bomb he openly challenged the Indians that I have seven more rounds to do. The pilot’s skill was so strong that no anti-aircraft gun could ever touch him.
At Pass Charlie used to do a strange thing to deceive the enemy.
plane was not visible in the dark night, the enemy artillery would hear the sound of the plane and guess from which direction the plane was coming to disturb the artillery. While diving for, Charlie would turn off the engine of his plane, although this would make it very difficult to handle, but the Indian artillery would know the plane when it dropped the bomb and then turn on the engine. In the blink of an eye, they would go out of range. These are the words of an Indian pilot Earl Paddy’s eight-pass Charlie. I have the utmost respect for this Pakistani bomber pilot who ruined the peace of our lives. Loved to do
Eight Pass Charlie was a legendary pilot, but he had a bad habit of reaching his destination exactly 30 minutes after the moon rose just as we were finishing our first jam. He was a highly professional pilot.
To hide the direction of his attack, he would shut down the engine before diving, and by the time the artillery opened fire, it would have come down from the canopy of exploding shells, and after dropping the bomb, it would have turned the engine to full power and fired a range of bullets. He would have gone out, but the pilot, nicknamed “Eight Pass Charlie” by his enemies, never appeared.
The veteran was Najib A. Khan, Squadron Leader of The Bandits Squadron No. 7 of the Pakistan Air Force.

The strong are not always strong

  1. Fight for society
  2. If you can’t fight, write
  3. If you can’t write, say so
  4. If you can’t speak, join
    You can’t even support them. If they are writing and fighting, then help them
    Even if you can’t help it, don’t let their spirits drop because they are fighting for your part.
    Long live the Pakistan Air Force.
    Long live the Pak Army!

On February 27, the Shaheens of the Pakistan Air Force set a high example of professionalism by taking immediate action.

Today, on the occasion of the completion of 2 years of Operation Soft Retart of Pakistan Air Force Shaheens of the Armed Forces, the nation is proudly remembering Pakistan’s retaliatory response to India. On February 26, 2019, Damage to trees The attacks violated the UN Charter and international law.

Shaheens of Pakistan Air Force set a high example of professionalism by taking immediate action against Indian cowardly attack. Pakistan Air Force shot down two Indian planes, arrested one pilot and killed another pilot. Then the whole world saw Pakistan. Once again, he fully protected his territorial integrity.
Demonstrating full enthusiasm and responsibility by Pakistan, the arrested Indian Pilot Wing Commander Abhi Nandan was sent back in a spirit of goodwill and hospitality. The government of Pakistan, the forces and the people are always ready against any kind of adventure. Pakistan knows very well how to work with iron will for its territorial integrity and sovereignty.


US invasion of Iraq

It was the morning of 1991, when thousands of Iraqi army tanks and civilian vehicles were retreating to flee Iraq.
It was the culmination of a 90-hour golf course where the Iraqi army had been badly defeated in battles with the armies of 36 of the world’s most powerful nations.
Had surrendered to the US military, but here, US President George W. Bush, in a show of extreme brutality, ordered the US Air Force to militarize the convoy.
The U.S. Air Force first stopped the convoy in front of the convoy, then launched a merciless bombardment.
Most of the soldiers and civilians in the convoy were killed, and about two and a half thousand vehicles and tanks were destroyed.
The bodies of about 10,000 soldiers and civilians were scattered over a range of several hundred meters, which were collected by international volunteers for several days. This highway is now called the killer highway.
The Iraqi people were incited against Gaddafi by calling him a dictator and the Iraqi army a usurper, but history has shown that the US military proved to be the worst for the Iraqi people.
Read carefully what happened to the people in Iraq and tell your children what the consequences of going against your army are.
The United States invaded Afghanistan after Iraq. Meanwhile, a comment was going on all over the world that now it is the turn of Afghanistan and Iran and after Iran it is the turn of Pakistan but after Afghanistan the United States destroyed Libya at that time.
President General Pervez Musharraf had said that now it will not be anyone’s turn. After that, the war between Hezbollah and Israel started and the United States laid its hands on the Middle East. After the war in Afghanistan, at the behest of the enemy forces, bloody terrorism started in Pakistan in which the soldiers and the people of our security forces sacrificed their lives forever and thwarted the intentions of the enemies.


Do you have these qualities to be a good person?

If you look literate, you don’t expect that
What is the use of such education, you have drowned everything by reading and writing
It is said that if you load a hundred books on the head of a donkey, he will not become a human being. The same is true of human beings. People still take degrees but do not become good people. The result is in the form of the above sentences. Below we will talk about what a good person is like, what people and friends around you expect from you, and what qualities an educated person should have that would enable him to prove himself a good person.

  1. Good manners

The first and foremost thing is human morality, but it has been seen that if one is more educated, he will have the same pride and arrogance. This kind of bad behavior shows that this person may have read books to pass the exam and get a degree, but these books did not make any difference in his personality. In order to have good morals, it is necessary for a person to treat everyone equally, regardless of whether they are big or small. For example, if a person owns an organization and his employee is reluctant to talk to him because he He will be insulted or if a girl insults her mother-in-law because she is more educated then people with such morals cannot be called good.

  1. Playing your part in society

It is not necessary to do any great work to play our role in the society but we can play our role by doing good to someone wherever we are. If you are also arranging food and water for birds and animals in this regard, it is also a good aspect of your personality. Also, teaching a poor child to read or write is one of the things you can do to improve your surroundings.

  1. Habits that are seemingly trivial but not common

For women, opening the door on their own, walking without a voice, not littering, not talking loudly and many other habits that seem small but are not noticed by everyone. So make sure you have some good habits to make you happy.

  1. The idea of eating etiquette

The dining table can destroy the personality of the good because people do not consider the etiquette of eating. Some people have a habit of eating with their mouths open, some drink tea loudly and some start playing regular music with a spoon and fork, which can make the people sitting next to them feel bad. At the same time, flirting, belching and talking constantly at the dinner table is considered rude.

5: Communicate with people according to them

One of the virtues of good people is that they can talk to people about their age and preferences. As children talk to them about their school and hobbies and young people talk about their problems and sports, one of the great things about them is that they Avoid topics for which the person in front has a different opinion and do not impose their opinion on people.

  1. The idea of cleanliness

Of course, no matter how highly educated you are, if your nails are long and dirty, or your clothes and socks stink, or your teeth are not clean, then remember that these are the things that people have done so far. Even close friends and family can be hostile to you, so cleanliness should be your number one priority.

  1. Demonstration of tolerance

Anger, tolerance of negative things against oneself and patience are also attributes of good people because in their place if someone is discriminated against they will fight, make noise or abuse and this will not be a strange thing for ordinary people because they Expect patience and endurance only from good people.


These lamps are lit, there will be light.

Proud Youth

The girl seen in the first picture is Pakistani student Zara Naeem Dar who set an excellent record in the world by getting the highest marks in the ACCA exam. The rest broke all previous records. I became the Google Prize winner by getting the highest number.

The second picture is of Dr. Zubeida Sarang from Chitral. Zubeida is an ophthalmologist who specializes in eye diseases, eye problems and their treatment. She also has written a book on the subject called
(Optics Made Easy)
This book at the moment
Best Ophthalmology books of All the time
Declared that it has become the best book in the world about the eyes.
And it is the most widely read.
The third picture is of Khalid, a resident of Layyah, who has created a stir by building a small electric tractor that has a power of 240 horsepower and is capable of operating like a large tractor in the fields. It is also cheaper and will reduce environmental pollution. These are the talented youngsters of our country who are seeing the essence of their high potential. This country is rich in such talented youngsters and such rare talented youngsters are an important asset of their country.
When the eagle spirit awakens in the young
He sees his destination in the heavens
Despair is the decline of knowledge and mysticism
The hope of the man of faith is in the secret of God
No, your abode is on the dome of the Sultan’s palace
Kings are roosting in the rocks of the mountains.


Pakistan’s most ruthless peak K2 or Cho Gori is a challenge for the whole world.

There are many very high mountain peaks in the northern part of Pakistan. Apart from K2, Nanga Parbat, Navigation Broom and Broad Peak are prominent among them. These are a challenge for climbers.

K2: The second highest peak

The northern mountainous region of Pakistan is also the meeting point of three mountain ranges, the Himalayas, the Karakoram and the Hindu Kush. Three of the world’s highest peaks are located in this area. K2 is one of them, with an elevation of 8611 meters (28251 feet).

Cruel Mountain Peak: K2

The full name of K2 is Mount Godwin Austin. In Urdu it is called Chho Ghori (Chho Ghori). Balti-speaking locals call K2 by the same name. So far, more than 75 climbers have died trying to reach the summit. According to tradition, every four years, one of the climbers dies.

K2 tragedy

Eleven climbers on a K2 expedition were killed in a blizzard in 2008. Among them was a Pakistani Fazal Karim. The dead climbers were from Nepal, South Korea, Ireland, France and Serbia. Among those killed was the famous French mountaineer Hugues D’Aubarede.

K2 route expert: Jahan Beg

Jahan Beg, a resident of Shamshal Dara in the Hunza Valley, was famous for his two heads. He is also said to have managed to hit three K-heads like Fazal Ali but confirmation has not been possible. Jahan Baig was the second Pakistani climber to be killed during the 2008 K2 campaign. In the picture, his wife Gul Dana is holding a picture of her husband.

The first Pakistani team to head K2

For the first time since the initial identification of the K2 peak, on July 26, 2014, a team of six Pakistani climbers managed to reach the summit with three Italian climbers. The campaign was launched 60 years after the launch of K2. The peak was also measured during the climb. It also included a Pakistani climber, Rehmatullah Baig. In the photo, he is showing pictures of his European and Pakistani colleagues.

K2’s Neighboring Peak Broad Pack

Broad Peak is also one of the 8,000 high peaks located in the northern part of Pakistan. In Balti language it is called Falchen Congri. This is the highest peak of Karakoram. Iranian mountaineer Ramin Shojaee, who heads it, with his national flag.