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ISLAMABAD.93% of Pakistanis have once again expressed confidence in Imran Khan as the Prime Minister.

According to the report, Khaleej Magazine conducted a survey on trust and popularity of the Prime Minister in which more than 16,000 people took part.

According to the report of the magazine, the decisions of the Prime Minister have increased in spite of challenges such as difficult decisions and inflation. 93.2% of the respondents expressed satisfaction and confidence in the performance of the Prime Minister.

Survey participants rated Imran as a better prime minister than all previous prime ministers.

It may be recalled that the results of the survey have come at a time when the opposition parties have formed an alliance against the government and the Prime Minister which will hold rallies across the country from next month.

At a time like this, the public’s confidence in Prime Minister Imran Khan and his confidence in his performance suggests that the decision not to issue NROs to corrupt figures is a good move.


Look at the brutality of the West.

George Stiny is the youngest child to be sentenced to death in the United States. He was just 14 years old when he was tied to an electric chair and electrocuted. George was accused of killing two white farm girls, one of whom was named Betty. The other girl was named Mary, who was 7 years old.
George was charged with murder because the bodies of the girls were found near his home.
During the interrogation of the case, the boy brought the Bible in his hand and placed his hand on it, swearing that he was innocent and that he had not committed the murder. At that time, all the lawyers in the court were white. He did not take the case because it was a black form. Similarly, the judge of the court also had a white form and according to him there was no room for mercy on a black form.
The trial lasted only two hours, and George was sentenced to death just ten minutes later.
The child’s parents were threatened and intimidated. They had brought gifts for their child and they were also prevented from meeting the child and giving him gifts.
George’s parents were deported after the case was decided.
Before his death, George was locked in a cell for 81 hours. He was held in a prison 80 kilometers from his home where the most heinous criminals were held.
George was struck in the head by 5380 volts, from which he died in a few moments.
George’s parents and George’s other siblings shed many tears over his innocent death, but they fought a legal battle.
Seventy years later, George was acquitted in a South Carolina court.
The iron rod with which the girls were killed weighed more than 19 kilograms. It was impossible for George alone to lift such a heavy iron and kill the girls with such force that they would die.
Someone accused him just because he was black.
The incident impressed Stephen King so much that he plotted his famous book, The Green Mile, based on it, and made several plays in American theaters based on the events set out in the book in 1999.


Malik Meraj Khalid, a promising figure in history

His village was 13 km away from the city. Being poor, it was difficult for him to continue his education, but he did not give up in the face of difficult circumstances but decided to face them.
He decided that he would take milk from the village and sell it in the city and continue his education. So he would get up in the morning before the call to prayer. He would collect milk from different houses, load the drums on a cart and reach the city. He used to sell milk to the mansion and some shopkeepers and go to the mosque to change his clothes and go to school. He used to sell milk in the same way till the time of college and continued his education.
As a child, he did not have school shoes. Boots were very important for school. For example, he collected some money and bought shoes for himself. Now the problem was that if he wore shoes in the village, they would break in quickly. So he would come from the village wearing his father’s indigenous shoes and in the city where he had a milk jug he would wrap his boots in a cloth and go to school wearing his school shoes.
The father walked all day and the son walked barefoot all night. In 1935 he got a prominent position in matriculation and then enrolled in Islamia College Railway Road Lahore. Would do
In this job, he never felt ashamed. In the first year, he did not have a coat and he had to wear a coat in class, so he would be expelled from class.
When the teachers came to know about this, they helped this talented student. The young man was very fond of reading. In 1939, he did his BA honors. He was the only graduate in his area. Even the work cannot be done easily. Tireless work and perseverance is an essential element for success and better success.
Under economic pressure, after BA, he got a job as a clerk in Batapur Company as his aim and goal was to study law. So, after some time, he quit his job as a clerk and started studying law. Passed LB exam.
He started regular practice in 1950. He had the ghost of serving the people and moving forward. He established many educational institutions in his area with the help of the people. In this spirit, he contested the West Pakistan Assembly elections in 1965 and won the PPP. Inspired by the slogan of bread, cloth and house, he joined it. In 1970, he was elected MNA on a PPP ticket and defeated Nawab Muzaffar Qazlbash’s brother, who used to sell milk at his house.
In 1971, he became the Minister of Food and Backward Areas in the first cabinet of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. In 1972, he became the Chief Minister of Punjab, the largest province of Pakistan, during his tenure as Chief Minister. He set an example by resigning. In 1973, he led a Pakistani delegation to the United Nations. In 1973, he was appointed Minister of Law and Parliamentary Affairs.
In 1976, he was appointed Federal Minister for Local Government and Rural Affairs. He twice became the Speaker of the National Assembly and was the Rector of the International Islamic University for four years. He started and eventually became the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was the only Prime Minister of Pakistan who lived all his life in a rented house in Lakshmi Mansion in Lahore with no doorkeeper at the door. His wife, Meraj Khalid, who used to drive rickshaws and wagons during his tenure as Prime Minister, was a promising figure in history. He passed away on June 23, 2003.


Significance of month Safar-ul-Muzaffar

The month of Safar-ul-Muzaffar is the second month of the Islamic calendar. Didn’t start.
When the bright moon of Islam shone in the dark deserts of Arabia, the barren desert was also irrigated by the rain of blessings. However, the false ideas among the people were passed down from generation to generation due to misunderstanding and lack of knowledge. Some people are reluctant to hold a celebration in the month of Safar.

What does the Qur’an guide?

Allah, the Blessed and Exalted, states in His last message to mankind in Surah At-Tawbah of the Qur’an that the number of months in the sight of Allah is 12 and this is from the time when the heavens and the earth were created.

In the same way, in the last word of Allah, the coming of day and night in different places and the change of months into years is called the rotation of the sun and the moon, regardless of whether it is better or worse.
Per night ualnهar created heavens and the earth uaktlaf layat laval alأlbab those who yzكrun O God created heavens and the earth formation uqauda ualى jnubهm uytfكrun per .I ma creation هza false fire subhaanaka innee fqna Penalty

(Al-Imran, 3: 190, 191)

Surely in the creation of the heavens and the earth and in the rotation of night and day there are signs for a people of sound mind (of Allah’s power). I remember Allah in my heart, and I ponder over the creation of the heavens and the earth, (then I call upon Him, knowing that He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise.) They get up: “Our Lord! Thou hast not made it (all) foolish and careless, so pure is (from all shortcomings and compulsions), save us from the torment of Hell. ”

Similarly, in Surah Ar-Rahman and Surah Ya-seen, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, after the verses of the moon and the sun moving and moving in their respective orbits, invited the human race to worship one God, which is a sign that Allah created the year under a special system in which there is not even a trace of misfortune.

What do the hadiths of the month of Safar teach us?

The government of the two worlds, in very clear and unequivocal terms, refuted and denied the superstitions and false ideas of this month and beyond, and said: (By the command of Allah Almighty) Without (the belief of) the illness of one person to another (automatically), the belief in the month of Safar (the belief in being unlucky) and the omen (belief) of a particular bird are all nonsense.

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: On the authority of Abu Hurairah, may Allaah be pleased with him, he said: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “There is no enmity, no zero, no hammam.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Kitab al-Tib, Bab al-Hama, Hadith No. 5770, Salafi Library)

The above hadith proves that there is no room for such erroneous and false ideas in Islam. Such ideas and beliefs have been trampled underfoot by the rulers of the world.

What was the method of Safar Sahaba and Ahlul Bayt?

The result of these clear injunctions of the Qur’an and Hadith was that the Companions and the Ahl al-Bayt, rejecting the false ideas of the time of Jahiliyyah, held a celebration in the month of Safar and did not consider this month to be less than any other Islamic month. The golden example of the liver of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) The marriage of Fatima took place in the same month with Hazrat Ali under the supervision of the Holy Prophet
If the month of Safar was a month of misfortune, then the last Prophet would never perform the marriage of his daughter in this month and now it has become a model for Muslims all over the world.
Allama Liaquat Ali Azhari said that there is no evil time in Islam and the Prophet himself has said that there is no evil in zero. These are the traditions and false ideas of superstitious people which were destroyed by Islam. The religion of peace, security, mercy, blessing and forgiveness came into the world to end misfortune.
However, Allama Sahib made the Muslim believe that in Islam, one day precedes another day or one month precedes another month, as Jumu’ah al-Mubarak is the leader of all days, while the month of Ramadan is the best of all months and Shab-e-Qadr is the best of all nights. It is the best night and this superiority and virtue is the reason for worship in these days due to which Allah’s mercy is especially attracted, so Muslims should arrange special worships on these occasions.


The story of a poor barber

In one village there was a poor barber who used to put a chair under a tree and shave people
She was having a hard time. He had no home to live in, no wife, no children. He owned only a sheet and a pillow. When it was night, he would spread a sheet outside a closed school, put on a pillow, and sleep.
One morning the village was flooded.
When he opened his eyes, there was noise everywhere.
He got up and climbed on the bunny tank with the school. He laid the sheet on the wall and lay down to watch the people. The people were running away with their valuables. Some are running away with cash, some with jewelery, some with goats and some with some valuables.
Meanwhile, a man was running away with gold jewelery, money and clothes. When the man passed by the barber and saw him lying down, he spoke angrily
Hey, everything is gone.
Our souls are here and we are drinking peacefully here
He said to listen
Lala, today I am suffering from poverty
I laughed when I heard this story but then an idea came up that maybe the scene of the Day of Judgment will be something like this.
When all human beings will be held accountable.
On the one hand, the poor will be accounted for.
The bread and cloth of two times is the rights of Allah and the rights of worshipers
On the one hand, the rich will be accounted for
Plazas Shops Factories Cars Bungalows Gold & Jewelery Employees Money Halal Haram Luxury Zakat Haqooq Allah Haqooq Al-Ibad
Giving an account of so many things, they will be drenched in sweat and trembling with fear.
Then maybe the poor will be looking at these rich people like this barber.
A strange calm on the face and maybe a heart
They will be saying in their heart
Today is the day of poverty
May Allah Almighty help us to be thankful for every blessing and to use and distribute according to the pleasure of Allah. Amen.


Har Mujahid Captain Erbelo Faqir Ghazi

When Har Mujahid came for volunteer recruitment in the September 1965 war, the Commandant refused to recruit and said that
This boy is young and thin, so it will be difficult to handle a rifle. Erbelo Faqir was the son of a chief of his community.
Commander Sahib, idols do not fight, honor fights. You will get the news of the actions I will take on Indian Radio. The commander forcibly selected him and then what Ghazi had told the commander happened.
News began to be broadcast on Indian Radio Akashwani that the soldiers of Pakistani civil community Har Mujahideen have captured 2200 square miles of India. The entire battalion of Indian Army is under their control.

The number of Hur Mujahideen was very small but the courage of Pir Sahib Pagara due to his experience of guerrilla operations against the British and his knowledge of the area proved to be heavy on the Indian Army.
Erbelo Faqir said in a broadcast interview that
The Indian Army would have felt that we were outnumbered if we had been attacking five Mujahideen groups.
When asked:
How did you get food and weapons? Erbelo Faqir said
Food was not a concern and the weapons continued to be used by some of them and the rest of the Indian Army.
At the end of the war, at the ceremony, the world saw three figures sitting back in their seats with their medals, but the hall resounded with applause.
Medium Noor Jahan, MM Alam and Arbelo Faqir Ghazi
History shows that at that time only two conquerors were awarded the Star of Courage
MM Alam who could not buy a house for himself all his life.
And Erbelo Faqir Ghazi, who was never mentioned in the media as a national asset.
These were our anonymous heroes Ghazi and Shaheed
The winds of the homeland greet these conquerors and martyrs.


The story of a kiln owner

A kiln owner used to drive a cart. Every day a child used to come to him who used to take a kiln from him. Uncle used to give him a kiln. One day a long car came to the kiln owner and ordered him 20 kilns. Given.
The owner of the kiln was very happy and made good kilns. The next day the same car came again and then he ordered 20 kilns. The owner of that car started taking 20 kilns for his children and family every day. The business of the kiln owner is also good. Began to happen.

One day the owner of the kiln was very busy. The same child who used to come every day to make kilns for the owner of the same long car came and said, “Uncle, give me a kiln.” The owner of the kiln said, “Get out of here. . They come again and again to ask for kilns.

The child is gone. The owner of the kiln has been waiting for the kiln. The long car did not come that day. The owner of the kiln did not take notice of the incident of nature. The next day he kept waiting. The long car did not come again. Even though the car did not come, such a week has passed. So far, the owner of the kiln has not understood that it is a matter of nature.
Give the uncle a kiln. The owner of the kiln looked at the child and still did not understand what the matter of nature was. However, he was given a kiln. Here he gave the kiln. After two hours, the long car came. Brother, give me 20 kilns. He quickly built the kiln and the car.
He handed it over to the owner and asked the owner of the car, “Government, where have you been for a week?” The owner said, “This is the way home from my office. There is a petrol pump on the way. From this pump, I refuel the car once.” Garbage got in his petrol so I changed my route from there. Now I go the other way.
And I refuel from another pump but the owner of this pump contacted me and said it is the fault of my employees it will not happen next time. So I forgave him – and took this path back to him. The kiln man went home and kept thinking at night. Then he realized that when he stopped giving the kiln to the child, Allah also threw garbage in the petrol of this long car. And when he began to burn the child
So Allah made the owner of this car apologize to the owner of this pump as if it was his own provision
It was attached to the womb of a child who was neither an employee nor a child nor a knower but a servant of Allah. Then he realized that Allah provides for someone to provide for someone and when we They
If we do not provide sustenance, then Allah withholds our sustenance and we will never know who that servant is.


Pakistan Defense Day is being celebrated all over the country today with enthusiasm and with love and devotion to the martyrs of the homeland.

According to details, Defense Day is being celebrated with enthusiasm across the country today. On Defense Day, the day will start with a salute of 31 cannons in the federal capital Islamabad and 21 cannons in the provincial capitals.

After the Fajr prayers, special prayers were offered for the security and prosperity of the country and the nation and Fateha was offered for the martyrs.

In connection with Pakistan Defense Day, prestigious events will be organized in different cities along with all the cantonments.

In addition to laying flowers on the monuments of the martyrs of the September 6, 1965 war and receiving the Haider insignia, military and civil officers will recite the Qur’an and recite the Fatiha, while also meeting the families of the martyrs.

Dignified ceremonies will be held at the shrines of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, and Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the thinker of Pakistan.

Fifty years ago, on September 6, 1965, in response to the enemy’s aggression, the entire nation became a plywood wall. Bad naval airspace and where the Muslim soldiers were instrumental in defending the homeland, the minority living in Pakistan was also in the forefront in gnashing the teeth of the enemy.
On September 6, the lion-hearted soldiers, who chewed the enemy to pieces, defended their homeland beyond religion and sect. Air Marshal Eric Gordon Hall preferred the post-independence Pakistan Air Force to the Indian Air Force. They could have started a war, but they realized that the Pakistan Air Force had a shortage of bombers.

He modified the C-31 transport aircraft and made it bombable. With the help of these aircraft, he smashed the bricks of India’s heavy artillery in Attari sector of Lahore.

Similarly, Lt. McPiston G. Spariwala, a member of the Parsi community, had crushed the Indian warriors under the leadership of the Baloch Regiment. Numerous minority communities, including Christie’s, have been scrambling to stop India’s unholy footsteps on the Holy Land.
When India, Pakistan’s eternal enemy, attacked Lahore from three sides in the dark of night, this insidious attitude of India was strongly condemned at the international level. China, a lifelong friend of Pakistan, had deployed a large part of its forces along the Indian border, and observers say that cowardly enemy forces were forced into a ceasefire because of this fear.


Respect the teacher-student

The teacher-student relationship of respect and compassion has now become history
In ancient times, Alexander the Great, the conqueror of the world, was passing through a dense forest with his teacher Aristotle when a large rain gutter appeared on the way which was flooded due to fresh torrential rains.
Here a dispute started between the teacher and the student as to who would cross the canal first.
Alexander was adamant that he would go to the other side of the canal first. Eventually Aristotle gave up and Alexander was the first to cross the canal. When the scholar and the student crossed the canal, Aristotle addressed Alexander in a slightly harsh tone and asked:
Did you not insult me ​​by crossing the road before me?
Alexander replied with a slight bend in the face of extreme literature. By no means. The teacher was in fact in a daze, and I wanted to make sure that you were not harmed, because if Aristotle remained, thousands of Alexander the Great would come into being. Not a single Aristotle can be created.


Oppressed Turkish Prime Minister Adnan Menderes

Adnan Menderes was the oppressed Prime Minister of Turkey who was hanged on this very day in 1961. Adnan’s first offense was that he resorted to legal means to repeal a law in the Assembly banning the call to prayer in Arabic in Turkey, and the decision resulted in a June 17, 1950, 18-year extension of Turkey Adhan was given in Arabic.
His second crime was to build a mosque in front of the shrine of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the father of secularism in the Muslim world, for which he paid one lakh lira (Turkish currency) out of his own pocket.
Adnan Menderes’ third crime was to lift the ban on the Hajj Baitullah during the Atatرکrk era, and in a quarter of a century, 25 years later, in 1950 alone, 423 Turks performed the Hajj.
Adnan Menderes handcuffed them to a large extent
The cuts that were made at the feet of Islam during the establishment of democracy in Turkey.
In May 1960, the Turkish military overthrew the government, prosecuted Adnan and some members of his cabinet in court, and sentenced some people, including Adnan, to death for baseless violations of the constitution.
The military’s obsession with defending secularism was so strong that it ignored the demands of many world leaders, including US President John F. Kennedy and Queen Elizabeth II.
He was hanged in 1961. The other two politicians hanged included Fatan Rashto Zorlo, the foreign minister in Adnan’s cabinet.

But Adnan’s blood did not go in vain. Islamic-minded politicians continued to dominate Turkish politics until Najmuddin Erbakan’s Rafah party came to power in 1995 and was ousted within a few years. The Justice and Development Party came to power and has won three consecutive elections under Erdogan’s leadership and is still in parliament with a simple majority. Movable