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ISLAMABAD: Scholars have paid homage to the Prime Minister for taking a stern stance on protection of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) at the United Nations and Islamophobia in the West.

According to details, a delegation of Ulemas and Mashaikhs called on Prime Minister Imran Khan. Minister for Religious Affairs Pir Noorul Haq Qadri and others were also present in the meeting.

On the occasion, the Prime Minister said that unity and solidarity in the Muslim Ummah of Pakistan is an important need of the hour. Pakistan raised its voice the most regarding Islamophobia.

Praising the ulema for their key role in tackling extremism and other issues, Imran Khan said that the cooperation of the ulema was needed to counter the conspiracies of division in the Muslim Ummah. ۔

He said that the series of meetings with the Ulema would continue so that the Ulema would continue to consult and guide in solving the problems facing the country.

The scholars paid homage to the Prime Minister for taking a strong stand on protection of the Holy Prophet in the UN and Islamophobia in the West, saying that the Prime Minister truly expressed the sentiments of the entire Muslim Ummah, including the people of the country.

The ulema praised the Prime Minister of Pakistan for taking an unequivocal stand on Israel, saying that the issue of Islamophobia was raised by Imran Khan as no one had ever raised it before.


Karachi: Foreign funding case will become important to Panama Two.

According to details, Home Minister Sheikh Rashid visited NADRA Mega Center Korangi. The Home Minister reviewed the work in NADRA Mega Center. Director General NADRA briefed Sheikh Rashid regarding NADRA records. On this occasion, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that he came to Karachi today and had breakfast at Rangers headquarters. Rangers are working hard … Read more

Waziristan: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s best move for the tribal areas to spend all resources on the tribal areas.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing in Maula Khan Sarai area of ​​South Waziristan today, said that the people of tribal districts should not call themselves apolitical. It is part of the system.

He said that the tribal areas and Balochistan have lagged behind the rest of Pakistan. We are bringing the country on the right track. Now our focus is on the lagging areas. We will spend all available resources on these areas.

The Prime Minister said, I will always tell the truth to my people. If someone tells you that I will solve all the problems, then it will not be true. I will not make any promise to you that I cannot fulfill.

He said, Be satisfied. We will take the country out of problems. No country develops without the rule of law. People understand. We are going through a difficult phase. People ask, Where is the new Pakistan?
Where is the state of Madinah?
It was not built in a day. We are trying our best to make the country a welfare state. We are bringing reforms in every institution.
Praising the Mehsud tribes, the Prime Minister said that the Mehsud tribes had taken full part in the war against the British and the people of the tribal area had also fought for Kashmir.
He said that all the thieves have come together and talk new things every day. If such thieves come together then it should be understood that revolution has started in the society. A gang of thieves comes out on the streets every day. Revolution has started in Pakistan. Because of the thieves, Bangladesh overtook us. No one could have imagined that Bangladesh would overtake Pakistan. Pervez Musharraf also knelt before these dacoits.


Karachi: Burns Road Food Street got new life.

Deputy Commissioner and Administrator DMSC (South) Irshad Ali Sodhar had announced to allocate Food Street to pedestrians from January 10 for the people of Quaid-e-Azam and to stop traffic there.

According to the notification, Shahra-e-Liaqat will be closed for traffic from Fresco Chowk to Court Road after 7 pm and traffic coming from Aram Bagh to Fresco will be diverted to MA Jinnah Road.
From Fresco Square to Fatima Jinnah Women’s College is reserved for pedestrians.

The citizens of Karachi expressed their happiness and termed it as the reason for the prosperity of the city.

Now every evening from late at night there is a picnic on Burns Road Food Street and citizens enjoy a variety of accessories with their families.


Karachi: An innocent 80-year-old housemaid was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment without committing any crime.

Sakina Ramzan, a poor woman from Quetta, was a housemaid. Her only fault was that she came to Karachi in 2014 with the electronic equipment given to her by her boss.

Customs officials at the airport seized 40kg of hashish from his luggage during a check, for which he was sentenced by an anti-drug court to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1 million.
But after seven years, he is being released on the basis of insufficient evidence for a crime he did not commit.

In this regard, Additional Advocate General Punjab Faisal Chaudhry said that in the delivery of justice there is not only a court but there are three parts which run this system together.
In which first the investigation then the prosecution and then the decision of the court comes.

Remember that the worst example of this is the case of Asma Nawab of Karachi who spent 20 years in jail for killing his family members but the tragedy is that even after 20 years it could not be determined whether he really Was she guilty or not?

The trial court had sentenced Asma to death but appealed that the evidence on which Asma was sentenced was ineffective.
The case was heard in the High Court and the court ruled that the evidence was insufficient to convict Asma, after which the court acquitted him.

It should be noted that there are innumerable prisons across the country in which there are innumerable prisoners who are awaiting the verdicts of their cases.

In the judicial system and in the police investigation, Suqam makes his imprisonment for such a minor crime so long that even if he comes out of jail, he thinks that he does not remember the punishment for the crime.


ISLAMABAD: The situation will get out of control if speeches like Achakzai start in the PDM protests.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid while addressing a news conference said that PDM has failed and now they are also being exposed.

The Home Minister said that after today’s show we welcome your long march. We know what your long march will be like. Long march you have to do tomorrow. Do it today. I will welcome you. Fazlur Rehman. I will also feed raisins and pistachios.

He said that we had given him permission for a full meeting and if he could prove even one container, he would pay a fine of one lakh. We gave free hand to PDM but still it failed.

The Home Minister said that even the metro bus in Rawalpindi was not closed today. This is a political force.

Sheikh Rashid said that Imran Khan would not make a mistake by giving NRO to Musharraf, the Prime Minister would make any big decision but would not give NRO.


ISLAMABAD: Fake bank account NAB has filed a reference against Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah.

According to details, NAB has filed a reference against Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah in the accountability court in Islamabad. ۔

The NAB reference filed in the accountability court in Islamabad has said that billions of rupees have been misappropriated in Nooriabad Power Company, Sindh Transmission and Dispatch Company.

In the NAB reference, besides Sindh Chief Minister, 17 accused including Omni Group chief Abdul Ghani Majeed have been named as accused.

Earlier, NAB Rawalpindi had summoned the Sindh Chief Minister to record his statement in Sindh Roshan program. Besides, Sindh Chief Minister has also been nominated in Dadu and Thatta Sugar Mills.


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission (EC) has suspended the membership of Fawad Chaudhry Ali Zaidi, Fehmida Mirza Amir Liaquat and other members.

According to details, the Election Commission of Pakistan suspended the membership of 3 members of the Senate and 48 members of the National Assembly.

The ECP said that the suspended members include 26 members of the KP Assembly, 6 members of the Balochistan Assembly, 52 members of the Punjab Assembly and 19 members of the Sindh Assembly, while 1,031 out of 1,195 members submitted their returns.

In this regard, the Election Commission has sent letters to the Chairman Senate, the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Speakers of the four Provincial Assemblies.

According to the Election Commission, Musaddiq Malik Kamran Michael and Shamim Afridi’s Senate membership was suspended while Fehmida Mirza Ali Zaidi Amir Liaquat Khalid Maqbool Maiza Hameed Shandana Gulzar Ali Nawaz Fawad Chaudhry Rehman Kanjo were among those whose National Assembly membership was suspended.

Sindh Assembly members include Ikramullah Khan, Nasir Hussain Shah, Timur, Talpur, Imdad Potafi, Mukesh Chawla, Sardar Khan Chandio and others.

The Election Commission has said that 154 suspended members will not be able to work and membership will remain suspended till the submission of returns.


Pakistan: Great News Pak Army’s great honor included in the list of ten powers and armies of the world.

Pakistan Army

New York: The international organization Global Firepower has released a list of the world’s most powerful forces in which the Pakistan Army is ranked 10th.

Global Firepower, a global research organization that analyzes the world’s modern armies and military might, has released a list of 138 countries in terms of military strength in 2021. Estimates of the strengths of these countries are listed. And the supply capacity is based on the country’s natural resources and local industry data.
According to this list, Pakistan is the tenth most powerful country in the world in terms of war. Pakistan has a defense budget of, 12,275,000,000 and a power index of 0.2083. The total number of Pakistani military personnel is 1,204,000 while the total number of aircraft is 1364 and the number of warplanes is 357.
Pakistan has 100 maritime assets. In the Islamic world, Pakistan ranks first, followed by Turkey and Egypt.
The world today appreciates the professionalism of the Pakistan Army, which is why the Pakistan Army has surpassed forces like Israel, Germany and Australia with huge defense budgets.
Global firepower has named the United States the world’s most powerful and largest military, followed by Russia, China and the world’s third-largest military, followed by India, Japan, South Korea and France.


A new history has been made in the world of mountaineering.

According to the details, a team of ten Nepali climbers has achieved the historic feat of climbing the second highest peak in the world at 8611 meters high in the bitter cold of minus 50 degrees Celsius.

For the first time in the history of the world’s second-highest K2, a 10-member Nepali team of Pakistani mountaineers climbed in the winter.

Pakistani mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara and his son Sajid Sadpara were also part of the adventure with the K2 head team.

Thirteen of the world’s 14 highest peaks have been climbed in winter, but K2 has been climbed for the first time in winter.

It may be recalled that climbers from Slovenia, Nepal, China and Iceland, including Pakistan, have come to Pakistan this year on a campaign to reach the summit of K2 in winter.