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The best dietary treatment for poor eyesight

In today’s electronic age of the psyche, with the proliferation of laptops, smartphones and wearable devices everywhere, we are all facing a vision impairment. Now our children also have vision problems

However, we can protect ourselves from eye problems with some of the foods available in our homes. According to health issues, we need to include these foods in our daily diet.

Symptoms of eye diseases most often include redness of the eyes, dryness and itching of the eyes. They tend to increase, especially with age.

Use these eight foods from the details below if you want to keep your eyesight sharp.

Kiwi Fruit
  1. Kiwi fruit

Kiwi is one of the richest fruits in vitamin C. It helps to strengthen the human body’s immune system, reduces stress and improves eyesight.

  1. Orange

It is rich in vitamin C. The weather strengthens the eyesight and prevents it from weakening with age.

  1. Carrot

Carrots are rich in carotene and vitamin A. Carrots contain important ingredients to strengthen eyesight and sharpen eyesight.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric contains excellent nutrients which are rich in vitamins A, B and E. In addition, turmeric contains antioxidants that prevent the natural lens of the eye from blurring the cataract.

  1. Tomatoes

It is also rich in vitamin C. It is generally used to strengthen the health of the eyes.

Olive oil
  1. Olive oil

It is rich in various vitamins and antioxidants. As a result, olive oil has the potential to improve eye health and strengthen eyesight.

  1. Pears

It is one of the best fruits that protects the eyes and sharpens the eyesight.

Drys Fruits
  1. Drys fruits

All fruits, especially almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts, are rich in vitamin E, which improves eye health.

  1. Fish

Fish is an excellent tonic for visual impairment. Fish is rich in vitamin D, which is no less than a blessing for eye weakness. Make it a must include fish in your daily diet, if not daily, then at least weekly. I definitely eat fish once a month and three to four times a month.


Carrots are important nutrients found in vegetables


Fiber Carbohydrates Vitamin B Beta Carotene Vitamin C Iron and other minerals are found. Carrots contain powerful antioxidants like beta carotene. It is important to keep your eyes sharp and safe.
Carrot leaves are not used like radish leaves but they are very energetic. These leaves are also rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.
If winter leaves are available, make them a part of your diet.
Carrots are a treasure trove of vitamin A. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is available in two forms. The former is Retinol and the second is known as carotene. Its second name is Provitamin A Retinol.
It also enters the bloodstream and becomes part of the body through fat.


With adequate amounts of vitamin A in the body, the eyes remain healthy, the teeth and bones remain strong, the body develops, the elasticity of the skin, the energy improves the digestive system and the immune system increases.
Beta-carotene properties are similar to those of vitamin A. Beta-carotene can be found in carrots, sweet potatoes, mangoes, tomatoes, etc., which people cannot see properly in the dark.
They should eat more carrots.
According to modern research, eating carrots daily can reduce the risk of lung cancer by up to 60%. Carrot juice is also nutritious and if carrots are eaten raw when chewed, mouth germs are eliminated and gums are strengthened. Therefore, at the age of tooth extraction, it is more suitable for young children to wash and eat carrots.
In this way, stomach worms do not exist. All the benefits for the eyes and gums will have been forgotten by most of them.
Carrot juice.

Carrot Juice

Carrot juice also plays a very active role in breaking down kidney and bladder stones.
It kills badi, so it is useful for men and women suffering from ferruginous to eat it raw, and it is better to drink half a cup of carrot juice instead of tea for breakfast.
It is very useful for mucus diseases, blood disorders, irregular heartbeat and jaundice. It is also an antidote for liver and keeps digestion in order. The stomach provides all the essential enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Carrots protect against stomach ulcers. The salts in it are also an excellent source of health and strength.


Vitamin D foods

Vitamin D

It helps your body absorb calcium and maintain proper serum magnesium and phosphate concentrations. There are three important nutrients for your teeth, muscles and bones. These brain developmental heart functions also play an important role in your immune system and mental health.

Low vitamin D levels are spreading around the world. Symptoms of D deficiency include fatigue, muscle aches, weak bones and stable growth in children.

To maintain a proper level
Children under 12 months of age should receive 400 IU (10 mcg) of vitamin D daily, while children aged 1–13 should receive 600 IU (15 mcg) daily. Adults and pregnant or nursing women should have approximately 600 and 800 IU (15 and 20 mcg).

If you are a vegetarian then
Here are six good sources of vitamin D supplementation

  1. Sunshine Skin your can produce vitamin D when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. Most people get the least amount of vitamin D this way.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), exposing your face, arms, legs or sunlight twice a week without a sunscreen is usually enough to produce maximum vitamin D levels.

However, depending on your geographical location or climate, achieving this level of direct sun exposure may not be practical.

Additional factors such as weather, time of day and degree of pollution or smoke, as well as your age, skin color and use of sunscreen also affect your skin’s ability to produce adequate amounts of vitamin D.

For example, a smoky or very cloudy day can reduce the power of UV rays by up to 60%. In addition, older adults and people with darker skin tones may need more than 30 minutes of sun exposure to produce enough vitamin D.
Sun excessive exposure increases your risk of skin cancer. Therefore, the American Academy of Dermatology urges people not to rely on the sun as their main source of vitamin D.
Your skin produces vitamin D after direct exposure to the sun.

  1. Some mushrooms

All the best Mushrooms have a unique ability to make vitamin D when exposed to UV light. This could make it the only vitamin D edible plant.

For example, wild mushrooms and those exposed to artificial UV light can serve anywhere from 154 and 1,136 IU (3.8 and 28 mcg) to 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of vitamin D.
What’s more, their vitamin D content is very high for their shelf life and it is effective in increasing the level of extra vitamin D in your body.
Most commercial mushrooms grow in the dark and are not exposed to UV light, which means they are low in vitamin D.

When shopping, look for a note on the label that mentions vitamin D content. If you’re having trouble finding mushrooms associated with UV light, you may have a better guide to your local health food store or farmer’s market that often carries wild mushrooms.

Be aware that not all wild mushrooms are edible. Poisonous food can cause symptoms ranging from mild indigestion to organ failure and death. That way, you don’t have to worry about your own wild mushrooms unless you have good skills.

UV-exposed mushrooms contain a variety of vitamin D levels and are just as effective at boosting vitamin D levels as supplements, although most traditionally grown mushrooms are exposed to UV rays and very little of this vitamin. Do not face the port.

Yolk Eggs
  1. Egg yolk

Egg yolks provide vitamin D, although their specific amounts depend heavily on the chicken’s diet and access to the outside.
For example, chickens fed vitamin D-enriched feed can fill up to 6.00 IU (150 mcg) per unit, while conventional feed chickens contain only 18–39 IU (0.4–1 mcg). ۔
Similarly, hens are allowed to roam outside in the sun and usually lay eggs that are many times more vitamin D than chickens kept at home.
Free range or organic eggs are high in vitamin D. The label may also indicate that the eggs are rich in these nutrients.

  1. Cheese

Most important cheese is a natural source of vitamin D, albeit in very small amounts.

Most doses contain 8-28 IU (0.2-0.6 mcg) of vitamin D per 2 ounces (50 grams). Levels vary depending on the type of cheese.


ISLAMABAD: Work has started on a strategy to provide corona virus vaccine to the citizens of Pakistan.


According to details, sources in the Ministry of Health said that a special system is being developed for the corona virus vaccine campaign and a national immunization management system is being developed for the corona vaccine campaign.

Sources said that NADRA is providing technical assistance for the preparation of the system. The National Immunization Management System is a two-way communication system. The system will be operated in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs and IT. The main database of the modern system will be set up at NADRA.

According to sources in the Ministry of Health, NADRA will register groups of citizens of different ages in the database. NADRA will prepare a schedule of vaccinations for people of different ages under the system. NADRA will send data based SMS to the citizen through system. Citizen will send data confirmation message to NADRA via SMS.

Later, upon verification of the data, NADRA will provide the information of the relevant health center to the citizen. The citizen’s data on vaccination will become part of the NADRA record. Health Protection Helpline 1166 will be used during the vaccination campaign. The Health Protection Helpline will provide information on the vaccination campaign.

According to sources in the Ministry of Health, the ministry has also sought the cooperation of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for the corona vaccination campaign. In this regard, the Ministry of Health has written a letter to the Secretary, Ministry of Information Technology.

The Ministry of Health has written in its letter that the Ministry should provide support for the IT Corona Virus Vaccine Campaign and provide free SMS service for the PTA Corona Vaccine Campaign.


People who lived for a hundred years declared these nine things to be the water of life for longevity


The search for the water of life has been an important source of human inquiry since ancient times. Mankind has always tried to find a formula by which to defeat the reality of death, but so far has not succeeded.
European experts studied the subject for 15 years and included all those who lived for more than a hundred years, and after their eating habits came up with nine points to follow. Man can live his life in a long and healthy way.


1 Include plants in the diet from 90 to 100 percent Research on the eating habits of people who have lived for years has shown that 90 to 100 percent of their diet consists of plants. They rely on vegetables, fruits and pulses and consume them in large quantities. In addition, dried fruits are included in their diet and they use olive oil for cooking.


2 Minimal consumption of meat People who live longer than a year are either vegetarians or they consume very small amounts of meat and eat very little meat at most five times a month. Used to eat

3 Fish Consumption Older people occasionally used fish in their diet, but in very small quantities. In addition, fish with a very low mercury content were selected.


4 Pulses must be used in the daily diet of such people must include a large portion of pulses because pulses contain a large amount of protein, so it is very useful for health and fat in them. The amount is very small so it is safe from side effects.


5 Consumption of sugar Such people do not completely give up the use of sugar but use sugar obtained from natural sources, for example, to meet the need for sugar in the body through fruits, but at the same time Also take care not to include more than four teaspoons of sugar in their diet throughout the day.

Dry fruit

6 Two handfuls of dried fruits Dried fruits is a plant-derived food that is full of energy, so for older people, two handfuls of dried fruits a day, for example, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, etc. must be included in their diet. Let’s add.


7 Mill Flour Older people avoid the use of white flour. Instead, they prefer bread made from mill flour because it contains a lot of fiber which keeps the digestive system healthy. It also speeds up the metabolism by meeting other body needs.


8 Drinking plain water is also a secret of longevity. These people avoid soda drinks and prefer to drink mostly plain water and also limit their consumption of tea and coffee.

9 Avoiding Artificially Protected Foods To avoid longevity, these people avoid foods that have been artificially preserved with chemicals because chemically mixed foods pose serious health risks.


Here are five great winter morning exercise tips to keep you healthy and strong.

There are numerous benefits to exercising in the cold season. There is a lot of scientific evidence that if you exercise regularly instead of staying in bed and relaxing in the winter, you will burn more calories. Increases rapidly.

You have just to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Start exercising early tomorrow morning.

1 Set a time and date for exercise

First of all, set a time and date for outdoor exercise and running, and if possible take a loved one or brother with you, as this will give you extra encouragement, especially if the weather is unpredictable.

Wear shoes with 2 joggers

For good and healthy exercise, it is important to choose the best shoes because sometimes it rains in the morning which makes it difficult to run.

3- Warm up

Warm up before you run out of winter. For which you can take a short walk, jump rope or do any light exercise.

4 Hot drinks after running

Drink a hot drink or hot soup after you run, which will help you stay hydrated and warm.

5 Wear appropriate clothing

If you live in a high altitude or snowy area in winter, pick up a shovel and clear the snow as it is also a great exercise or start jogging wearing joggers and try to run for a while but protect your body from the cold. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing that will keep you fit in every way.


New York: The use of Pfizer and Bio-Tech corona vaccine in the United States will begin today.

According to a foreign news agency, according to US officials, the country has started sending Pfizer / Bivine Tech code 19 vaccines to all states and in the meantime, the goal is to vaccinate more than 100 million people before March. Be applied ۔ The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of Bio-N Tech and Pfizer vaccines against codeine.
Yesterday, the first doses of the vaccine were put in dry ice containers and shipped in planes and trucks. U.S. Army Gen. Gustave Parna, who has been charged with the transfer, said the vaccine would be delivered to 145 different vaccination stations by Monday, while 491 more would be delivered by Tuesday and Wednesday. About 3 million people will benefit from the initial transfer.

The Biotech Pfizer vaccine will be the first to be administered to the elderly in medical staff and nursing homes or senior citizen centers in the United States. On this occasion, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Advisory Committee will decide which individuals or groups should be vaccinated first. Earlier, US President Trump had said that the process of vaccinating against corona virus would begin soon, he said that this vaccine is very safe.

It is important to note that the Pfizer Bio-Tech vaccine has also been approved for use in Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. The relevant US Department of Defense may now approve the Moderna vaccine on December 17 after reviewing its data.
It should be noted that the United States is currently the most affected country in the world by the corona virus. The virus has so far claimed the lives of 36,459 people, while the total number of people infected with the virus has exceeded 167.37 million.


The usefulness of winter special juicy fruit canoe

With the onset of winter, canines, rich in vitamins, can be found everywhere in gardens and markets.

This fruit, which is given to human beings by nature every year, is rich in other natural ingredients including vitamin C, the peel of which also has some of the benefits that you may be aware of.

Canoe contains carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, folate, thymine, phosphorus and potassium, which help fight various diseases.

Treatment of numbness of hands and feet

A recent survey of experts found that canoe juice is extremely beneficial for older people who often have numb hands and feet.

Older people are given a glass of cannabis juice daily for three months to solve the problem of numbness in the hands and feet because cannabis juice increases blood volume. Hearing loss of hands and feet is caused by anemia.

Useful for heart diseases

The abundant amount of vitamin C in cannabis protects the arteries of the heart from hardening, which can protect anyone from heart disease.

Useful for blood pressure

Vitamin C thins the blood which restores the flow and also eliminates the disease of low or high blood pressure.

Cancer protection

The antioxidants in canoe protect cells and DNA from damage. It should be noted that bowel cancer is also caused due to their deficiency.

Emission of toxic substances

One glass of orange juice a day removes toxins and waste products from the body.

Useful for blood flow

Canoe use not only thins the blood but also improves its flow.

Blood cell proliferation

Canoe or its juice increases the production of red cells in the human body, which causes new blood to be produced in the body.

Strengthening the immune system

According to experts, vitamin C strengthens and improves the human immune system. Since these vitamins are found in abundance in cannabis, it is necessary to eat a glass of juice or a cannabis daily.

Useful for skin and hair

Adequate amounts of vitamin C not only strengthen the body’s immune system but also help stabilize the amount of certain proteins that are essential for hair and skin.

Canoe is rich in vitamin C and also contains vitamin A which helps maintain hair moisture.

Useful for improving immune function

The various natural ingredients in cannabis such as potassium, vitamin B, antioxidants are very useful for improving mental health and function because potassium increases the blood flow to the brain which increases nerve activity as well as vitamin B. Protects against mental illness due to old age, while the same vitamins protect against mental illness.

Beneficial for pregnant women

Canoe naturally contains vitamin B and folic acid, which are essential for women during pregnancy. It should be noted that folic acid deficiency leads to weight loss in children.

In addition, experts believe that the use of cannabis helps in the health of blood vessels, strengthens the stomach and helps in fighting seasonal diseases.

Note: People with diabetes should use cannabis juice only after consulting their doctor.


Islamabad: Cost of antiviral drugs for the treatment of coronavirus has been reduced.

According to details, the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has reduced the price of antiviral drugs that help in the treatment of corona virus. A notification has also been issued to reduce the cost of remedial injection.

According to the notification, the price of Remade Sawyer 100 mg injection has been reduced by Rs. 3564.

DRAP has set a new price of Rs 5,680 for a remedial 100 mg injection. The cabinet had on November 27 approved a reduction in the price of remedies.

The notification said that the importer of remediated soiree would be required to quote the price on the packet and the importer would submit the MRP of the drug to the casting and pricing division.

It may be recalled that the Drug Regulatory Authority had on June 11 this year issued a formal advisory authorizing emergency use of Remedizure for Corona patients.


Can diabetics use jaggery, an answer everyone wants to know

Diabetics are more inclined to eat sweets but sugar is strictly forbidden as it is a major cause of increased insulin. In this case, eating jaggery reduces the desire to eat sweets in diabetics and at the same time it has many useful benefits.

Whether Gar is beneficial or not
Gar contains potassium, iron and calcium and other minerals which make it useful in relieving our great difficulty. It is made by boiling sugarcane juice and it is less refined than sugar, so in case of diabetes, the desire to eat sweets can be fulfilled with jaggery, but patients with high blood pressure or high blood sugar can use it. Don’t eat

Does it contain sugar?
It has a lot of sweetness, with 65 to 85% sucrose inside the gar. In fact, overeating can lead to liver problems.

Causes High Blood Sugar Levels:
Eating jaggery has a greater effect on glucose levels in the body. Therefore, eating a pinch of jaggery after a meal is also considered useful for people suffering from this disease.

The benefits of jaggery
Eating jaggery and black sesame seeds in winter gives full strength to the body and is also beneficial in cough, asthma and bronchitis.

Jaggery and its tea are also very beneficial for children who urinate in bed.

Jaggery is also a good tonic to prevent hiccups. Dry and grind a teaspoonful of old jaggery. Smelling ground ginger in it solves hiccups and colds.