Here are six great ways to get your kids a good night’s sleep.

According to modern research on young children, 30 to 40 percent of the world’s young children have difficulty falling asleep, and in a situation where children are restless, parents have to work harder to put them to sleep. And they get frustrated.
Let us share with you some useful tips from child psychologists that can help parents solve their children’s sleep problems and deepen their sleep so that they can sleep comfortably throughout the night. Sleep without
Setting your baby’s bedtime has a very positive effect on your baby’s health, and to force the baby to sleep at these times, bathe the baby before the appointed time hot or cold water, depending on the weather. The body’s stress will go away and it will be easier for him to go to sleep.
According to experts, humming a low-pitched lullaby while putting a baby to sleep, while having a positive effect on the baby’s psyche, also helps to get the baby to a quick deep sleep.
The mother’s hugging the baby and hugging the baby as soon as possible is also very important in reducing the baby’s impatience and calming his brain. This helps the baby to calm down quickly and fall asleep early.
Bright light and sound always send a message to the brain to stay awake, so dim the light at the child’s bedtime and avoid noise in the environment so that it is easier for him to go to deep sleep.
Young children do not get used to sleeping alone if they get used to sleeping in the cradle and on the lap of their parents.
So after the baby’s bedtime is set, to get him into the habit of sleeping alone, put him to bed after breastfeeding at regular bedtime and check him periodically and pat him lightly if he is not going to sleep. Give them and talk to them in a sweet tone so that they will get in the habit of sleeping on their own time which will come in handy when they grow up.
This method affects both infants and young children. In this method, the child’s bedtime is increased by half an hour or a full hour and then gradually reduced and in this way the child sleeps alone. Habit can be created.
The tradition of telling a story to young children before going to bed is very old but is now coming to an end which needs to be revived because where this practice trains the minds of children, the emotional effects of the story before going to bed take away the mental stress of the child. Give and help him sleep.


Russia has declared the Sputnik V vaccine 95% effective.

Russian experts have claimed in the results of Phase II of the clinical trial of the locally developed corona vaccine Sputnik V that the vaccine is up to 95% effective against the corona epidemic.

The government-run Gamalia Research Center and the Russian Foreign Investment Fund (RDIF) said the findings were based on preliminary data obtained 42 days after the first dose.

The second control point according to the clinical trial protocol was based on the analysis of data from volunteers receiving the first and second doses of Sputnik V vaccine or placebo.

The company said in a statement that preliminary data from volunteers were obtained 42 days after the first dose, indicating the effectiveness of more than 95% of the vaccines.

The company said the Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine would cost less than ڈالر 10 and would be available on world markets for a total of 740 rubles.
The vaccine will be provided free of charge to Russian citizens.

After many other countries, Brazil is now ready to acquire the Russian corona vaccine. In this regard, the Brazilian Ministry of Health is going to sign an agreement with Russia regarding the purchase of Sputnik V.

According to Russian media, the Brazilian Ministry of Health is ready to sign an agreement with RDIF (Russian Direct Investment Fund) regarding the possible purchase of the Russian corona vaccine Sputnik V.
According to the Brazilian Ministry of Health, similar agreements will be made with the major US pharmaceutical company Pfizer Johnson Selg Indian Biotech and Moderna.

Last week, Brazilian healthcare officials met with representatives of vaccine companies to discuss the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. The logistical aspects of its supply were also discussed.


Oxford: The Oxford Cowed-19 vaccine has been claimed to have 70% success in the trial phase.

The UK-developed corona virus vaccine can protect 70.4% of people from getting code-19, and data show that 90% of people can be protected from low-dose use.

The results of the vaccine trial phase by Oxford University and pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca are being hailed as a great success.

Oxford University and pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca have announced that their combined vaccine could prevent many people from getting sick.

According to Oxford University, the vaccine will be available cheaply and easily around the world. Once approved by the regulatory authority, the vaccine will play a key role in coping with the corona epidemic.

A full course of vaccines will yield 90% of the results. It should be noted that the British government has already ordered 100 million vaccines. This vaccine dose will be enough for 50 million British people.

In this regard, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that the news of successful results of Oxford Corona vaccine is surprising.
The vaccine was developed in a record time of ten months.

Sarah Gilbert, a professor of vaccineology at Oxford University, says the announcement brings us one step closer to the time when we will be able to use the vaccine (COD-19) to end the scourge.

we will continue to work to provide detailed information to the relevant authorities. he added.
It is an honor to be a part of this multinational effort that will benefit the whole world.

The University of Oxford says a preliminary review of the third phase of the vaccine experiment found that the vaccine is up to 70% effective.


ISLAMABAD: The United States has offered to help Pakistan in the development of the expected corona vaccine.

vaccine, chemist, outbreak
vaccine, chemist, outbreak

According to the details, good news came out regarding the expected corona vaccine for Pakistan. The United States offered to develop the vaccine together with Pakistan. Diplomatic contacts are underway with the United States for Pakistan’s expected cron vaccine.
The Pakistani mission in Washington informed the government of the US offer.

According to sources, the United States has said that it would welcome Pakistan in the process of making corona vaccine and is ready to cooperate in making corona vaccine expected from Pakistan.

The US offered that US companies could co-operate with Pakistan in vaccine development. Through co-operation, Pakistani companies would be able to develop corona vaccine locally. Will be available.

The Ministry of Health has demanded 15 150 million for advance booking of chronovascular vaccines

In this regard, the sources said that the Pakistani mission suggested the government to consult with the concerned parties. Pakistan has decided to respond positively to the US offer of corona vaccine.

Sources further said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the Ministry of Health to consult with Pakistani companies. Imran Khan also sought suggestions on the offer from the Ministry of Health and concerned officials.


Biggest risk for those eager to eat more eggs.

New research in the world of medicine has warned that people who want to eat more eggs can suffer from a deadly disease such as diabetes.

Eggs are considered to be the most popular food for breakfast all over the world, but eating too many eggs can make you suffer from a serious disease like diabetes, the risk of attacking this deadly disease was recorded up to 60%.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the study was conducted in Australia, where the University of South Australia, in collaboration with China Medical University and the University of Qatar, observed the harms of eating more eggs.

Be sure to use eggs to prevent diabetes

The study, which looked at the effects of egg-eating in Chinese adults from 1991 to 2009, found that people who were accustomed to eating one or more eggs a day had a 60 percent increased risk of diabetes. Which is a deadly disease.

Researchers say that the rate of diabetes has increased in China, where the rate of diabetic patients has now reached 11%, which is more than the global average of 8.5%.

According to experts, this research analyzed the habit of eating eggs on a long-term basis and the risk of developing diabetes, which revealed that the risk of diabetes in Chinese adults increases by 25%.

Those who ate one or more eggs a day had a 60 percent increased risk of developing diabetes, and this proportion was higher in women than in men.


Fight 5 diseases with one cinnamon. Use this method to treat colds or sore throats

Cinnamon is used in all homes. In addition to food, it is also used in various beauty tips and health related matters as it has many benefits. Using cinnamon in the cold is very beneficial for our health as it contains polyphenol oxidants. Learn about its tremendous benefits:

Cold & Flue
Cold or flu, a stuffy nose or a runny nose. Drink cinnamon tea in the morning before breakfast and at night before going to bed. It is an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory and contains a cure for your cold.

Coughing and sore throats are common in cold weather, so use cinnamon powder with a tablespoon of honey as it contains poly-enzymes that soothe the throat. Which is useful in eliminating all types of cough.

Often the skin of children and adults becomes dry in the cold which causes it to crack. It contains anti-dry radicals. If you also have this problem, drink cinnamon tea daily and also once a week mix cinnamon powder in coconut oil and apply it on the skin and This way there will be no problem of drought.

In this age of corona virus, it is important to have a strong immune system. And cinnamon contains immune insulators. So be sure to use cinnamon daily in your diet, and also drink its coffee, it will improve your immune system.

In case of headache, apply cinnamon paste on the forehead. It is a very relaxing ingredient. It contains vitamin D, magnesium, enzymes Q10 and melatonin which give you relief from headaches soon.

To make a leap
Mix a tablespoon of cinnamon powder and a tablespoon of mint oil and apply on the forehead, it will also brighten the complexion and eliminate headaches.


Open milk is unhealthy for citizens due to poor hygiene in dairy shops

Poor hygiene in dairy shops can lead to the spread of diseases Health experts say that the use of open milk due to flies and dirt can cause diseases because the owners do not take any steps for hygiene.

Health experts say that open milk and open sweets such as jalebi are an open invitation to spread germs to bees, while citizens say that buying open milk raises fears of diseases. Open milk does not contain nutrients while it is a mixture. Is done.
Citizens say shopkeepers should take significant steps to keep open milk safe.
It should be noted that 90% of the people in Pakistan use open milk which is a matter of concern. Except for a few countries, open milk is not sold all over the world. In most of the countries of the world, special care is taken in the sale of milk.

According to a recent economic survey, the country’s annual milk production is more than 50 billion liters, while 75% of the population does not have access to quality milk.
Contaminated water is mixed in open milk, various chemicals are added to thicken it, and no care is taken to check the quality of the milk.

If halal animal’s milk is not boiled in a few hours, the number of bacteria in it becomes so high that it deteriorates, so it has to be boiled immediately, after which if you keep it at normal temperature, it will be four. It spoils in six hours and if you cool it it spoils in eight to ten hours.

Similarly, to meet the shortage of supply and demand of milk, water is added to it, the quality of which cannot be said.

In addition, some cowherds inoculate their buffaloes with certain vaccines that give them faster and more milk, and these injections are dangerous to the health of both the animal and the user.

It is important to heat the milk immediately to check the quality of the milk bought from the market or a cow and to keep it safe for a long time. The purity of milk after heating is very easy to determine its purity.
If the remaining cream feels oily, know that the milk is pure. If it feels dry, it has been added to the milk.


Cornbread and mustard greens are extremely useful in many diseases

With the onset of winter across the country, mustard greens and corn kilns have started appearing everywhere and all over the country, families belonging to villages in one way or another are now living in cities. Their tongues are also forced to crave the taste of mustard greens and cornbread.
This seemingly traditional food is on the one hand unparalleled in terms of pleasure, but now according to modern research, this food also has a lot of medical properties due to eating together and if this food is considered as an excellent tonic, then they Would not be wrong

Benefits of cornbread

Maize, which is harvested from the onset of winter, comes in a variety of colors, sometimes consisting of yellow kiln grains, sometimes white, but its benefits are common everywhere, but its flavor I may be the difference. It is a gluten-free food so it is an excellent food for people who have difficulty digesting wheat.

It contains chemicals called lutein and zeaxanthin which are good for eyesight and prevent pearls from forming. It contains a large amount of fiber which improves digestion on the one hand and on the other hand. Helps prevent heart attacks by lowering cholesterol. Mustard greens grow in the cold season and have many health benefits as well as flavors.
It is a diet rich in nitrates and magnesium which is very useful for patients with high blood pressure. It lowers blood pressure and cleanses the blood vessels. It contains large amounts of vitamins A and C which It acts as an antioxidant and removes toxins from the body to brighten the skin. It improves liver function which increases the amount of insulin in the blood and its use in diabetes. Very useful for patients with
Green leafy vegetables improve brain development and thereby improve memory
Eating mustard greens and corn bread together can bring all the benefits at the same time, which is why this food is considered to be the best tonic for health.


Does eating sweets really make the mood pleasant?

Most people think that some sweet food makes the mood pleasant while its distance causes irritability but is it really true?
So the answer has been given by science and there is no connection between the desire for sweets or the effects of sugar rush and mood.

The study, from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, collected data from 31 previous medical research reports on nearly 1,300 adults.
The researchers said that the idea that sugar has a pleasant effect on mood has become very popular around the world and that is why people use sweet drinks to be more mentally alert or to fight fatigue. ۔

During the study, researchers looked at the various effects of sugar on mood, such as anger, alertness, depression and fatigue. They also looked at how the amount and type of sugar affects mood while helping with mental and physical activity.

They also discovered that in fact the addiction has negative rather than positive effects because it makes people more tired and less mentally alert.

The findings were published in the medical journal Neurosciences and Biobiology.


Have you heard of Children’s Disease Country Biscuit Syndrome.

Malik Biscuit Syndrome is also known as “Milk and Cookie Disease” these days. Although many children today suffer from it, parents do not know about it and they do not know about it. It is most common in babies who drink milk with sweet biscuits all the time, or who consume more sugary and fatty foods. They use these things a lot, especially at night. They have a cough, runny nose, sore throat, tiredness and constipation.
By the way, doctors know it as “Malik and Biscuit Syndrome”, but it is not only related to milk and biscuits. This happens for a number of reasons. Children who eat or drink at night have the following problems:

Drinking excessive amounts of soda at night, drinking regular cans of processed juices available in the store regularly, drinking excessive amounts of milk before going to bed at night, habit of using yogurt, consumption of sweets, ice cream and night Time to eat chocolates.

Babies who are accustomed to eating all these things at night have sore throats, runny noses, constipation and mothers do not know what causes these problems. Are happening Because Malik & Biscuit Syndrome has not yet been formally added to the list of diseases. That is why mothers do not know much about it and that is why it is not treated.

When children eat or drink large amounts of sugar and dairy products, the amount of acid in their stomach increases. When they eat these things and fall asleep immediately after, this acid is present between their stomach and throat. Adults feel irritated at such times, while children do not feel irritated but feel tightness in the chest, runny nose, sore throat and cough. Most of the parents consider these symptoms as allergies and seek treatment from doctors. If the problem of acid accumulation persists for a long time, then children start having more medical problems such as asthma, ulcers, bronchospasm, dental diseases, prolonged cough, etc.
This disease is very easy to treat. Parents should not allow their children to consume excessive amounts of sweets and dairy products before going to bed. In this way, they will not have problems like acid reflux from stomach to throat and they will not have any medical problems. Remember that most doctors do not recognize the disease, however, if parents themselves know the child’s disease from now on and take care of these problems, they will be able to save children from many medical problems.