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Can a new strain of coronavirus infect children more easily?

According to international research, scientists have expressed concern that the new strain of the coronavirus could infect children more easily than older strains.
Based on the data so far, experts say that the new strain of corona virus can spread more rapidly in children.

Neil Ferguson, a professor at Imperial College London in the UK, told the media that looking at the data of this new type of case in South East London, it is clear that it is making children sicker than other types.

According to him, during the lockdown in the UK, we saw the age distribution in children with regard to the virus. It should be kept in mind that the activities of adults during the lockdown are limited, but educational institutions are still open. This new type of continuity has been observed in children under 15 years of age for 6 weeks.

Professor Wendy Barsley, a member of the British Government’s New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threat Advisory Group, said: “We have seen from the beginning that the corona virus is not very effective in infecting children. Is coming

One idea, he said, is that the newer type is proving more successful in infecting those cells in children in which the old type had difficulty.

Scientists are researching this new strain to see how effective the proposed vaccines will be in preventing it.

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