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Mohammad Mohsin

The country is going through a very critical phase right now, with the economic and political crisis now and the crisis is coming to an end after the crisis. The country’s elite bully, who is currently deprived of power and the third major political party in the country, is suffering from severe confusion over the PTI’s government, and the government is using new tactics to thwart the government. Are facing crises and challenges. At the same time, the government is actively pursuing its affairs.

The elite and the bully are also sitting in the ranks of the government. Some are playing on both sides of the wicket by changing the party and some joining the bullying government. These are the bullying elites who, in their five-year-old regime, have been brutally robbed of the country, all the roads of the country will be eaten by the bridge highway motorway. Billions of trillions to the public; weak to all institutions; all the construction projects have spent billions of trillions of money. They have business palaces and land.

In the 72-year history of the country, no democratic and military government has ever borrowed as much as Zardari Nawaz took in his so-called democratic governments from 2008 to 2018. The seeds of these two former governments are cutting off both the current government and the people today. And spend many more years. The government’s economic team had to raise taxes to pay interest on loans and interest, and the poor people had been paying taxes on every item for years.
This government is now taking the rich class into the tax net, so the rich have put the burden of inflation on the poor to avoid the tax net, which makes the daily life of the poor people in serious trouble.
And to protect themselves from the tax net, strike businesses blackmail the government by threatening to shut down the industry. This rich class has blackmailed every government. For their own benefit, both the former governments had given these merchants open discounts in support of their power.
But the current government, which has no concessions to avoid the tax net to these traders, has come to the immediate tax net, which has not yet been registered with the FBR.
After Zardari’s bail release from Mian Sahib’s London, people are getting the impression that the process of accountability has not gone wrong, not every time, no accountability should be stopped periodically, but it did not end ten days after a few days. The public will see for themselves. They are held accountable.
On the other hand, the conscience-sitting judges, who have given bail to the murderers who returned the country for 40 years, have been released from jail and are fleeing the country. In the case, they are ruling the death sentence by declaring it a serious traitor. This decision guarantees the security of the country the safety of every soldier of the armed forces, and there is intense anger among the people. How can the hero of Four Star General Pervez Musharraf, who has served the country forty years and fought four wars to protect the nation’s security and security, is a traitor? What kind of justice and law is this country?

Imran Khan’s formula for opposition will never be fulfilled Even after the passage of the amending ordinance, the big political crocodile will not escape accountability.

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