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Be careful who eats tea and juice for breakfast

Tea juice breakfast is considered to be the favorite breakfast of most of the population of our country. On the one hand, it is easy and on the other hand, it is cheap. That is why people who go to work in the morning, dip two or three juices in a cup of tea and eat it, and this is what they think. On the one hand, this breakfast fills the stomach and on the other hand, it is less greasy and digestible than pratha, so it will be better for health. But there are some things that people don’t know about it. Today we will tell you about it.

Made from stale double bread
The main ingredients in the juice are flour, sugar, yeast and ghee, but most of the juice on the market uses this double bread which is stale. That’s why most of the shops happily pick up the stale double bread from the company because they have to make juice from it. Stale double bread contains mildew which is toxic and very harmful to human health and when used in the preparation of juice can cause damage to the human digestive system. It can also cause a variety of allergies.

Use of unhealthy oil
The oil used in the preparation of the juice is in the form of ghee or margarine which freezes at the temperature of the human body and its constant use in the blood vessels can lead to heart attack. Can-

The presence of too much sugar
A large amount of sugar is used in various bakery juices to enhance the taste. Eating it daily increases the sugar level in the body which can also increase the risk of diabetes.

Effects of white flour
Refined flour is used in the preparation of juice from which fiber is extracted. Consumption of non-fiber foods can lead to constipation on the one hand and high cholesterol levels on the other.


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