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Be careful! Dangerous storms will bring disaster today

Leeds: The on-going weather storm in the UK has been declared a life threat to the Yorkshire area.

According to ARY News, a hurricane could have been fatal, the Meteorological Department turned Yellow Warning into Amber, prompting citizens to be cautious.

Hurricane Katrina is forecast to arrive at 11pm tonight. After seven years, the worst weather risk is in place, while strong winds and heavy rains are also possible.

The hurricane can affect trains, ships and public transport, the Meteorological Department said.

The threat of ‘life-threatening’ storms, the Meteorological Department warned

It is to be noted that in the recent statement, the meteorological department had said that “in the next few days, with strong hurricanes, winds of up to 80 meters per hour will be sustained while heavy rains are likely in the meantime, which could prove fatal. It is also feared that the system will be destroyed.

The Met Office had said yesterday that a hurricane could hit coastal areas between 9am and 9pm on Sunday, with the possibility of severe storms that could affect vehicles and buildings. Relevant agencies said that roads and bridges would be closed due to the situation.

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