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Arabic proverbs

The Arab sages are very wise. Their proverbs and examples are full of wisdom. Below are some Arabic proverbs that are very interesting and instructive.

The Arabs say to drink water from where the horse drinks because the breed horse does not face unclean water.

If you want to sleep peacefully, make the bed where the cat sleeps because the cat always chooses a comfortable place.

Eat the fruit that the worm has touched without eating because the worm only seeks the ripe fruit. With warm in winter and cool in summer.

Dig for water where the birds take refuge to escape the heat because where the birds take refuge there is plenty of water.

If you want success, follow the bird’s routine in sleeping and waking up, because it is the birds that choose the best time to find sustenance, which is the most effective way to succeed.
Keep the balance of religion and the world. While living in the world, follow the principles of religion. Rights of worshipers. Don’t make fun of anyone. Don’t be discouraged. Be like travelers in the world. Take care of your neighbors. Take care of everyone around you. Help the needy and the needy with silence.

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