Amazing benefits of Rock Sugar

Rock sugar

If there is any alternative to sugar, it is Koza Misri. It is exactly the same as sugar in appearance and food. Sugar is made from many chemicals, so excessive use of gin is harmful to health, while Koza Misri is one of the hardest sweet natural herbs.
Rock sugar food has many benefits along with being delicious. In Pakistan, Rock sugar is commonly available at cheap prices. People eat Rock sugar as a dessert but very few people are aware of its usefulness.

Koza Misri health is a treasure of strength. It is useful in many diseases. Misri is used as a fruit in most of the fruits. Most people like the combination of fennel and kuza misri and it is a refreshing digestive system. Proves to be the best for.

Relief from cough and sore throat

Cold weather is accompanied by a number of medical problems, including coughs and sore throats. However, Coza Misri provides immediate relief in many afflictions. Make a paste by mixing Misri in black pepper powder. Use this paste in one spoon at night. Sore throat will disappear. Similarly, one teaspoon of Misri powder and black pepper powder should be swallowed with lukewarm water at night while sleeping. The best treatment

Deficiency of blood

Decreased hemoglobin level in the blood causes anemia, yellowing of the skin, weakness and physical fatigue. not only helps increase hemoglobin levels but also improves blood circulation in the body. Koza misri eating habits relieve anemia in the body and also provide energy to the body.

The smell of breath

Breathing odor is the result of an increase in the amount of bacteria in the gums and gastrointestinal upset, so in such cases, the use of Misri fennel acts as a sleep suppressant. Eating with a little Misri fennel after eating daily removes bad breath Improves digestion and eliminates heartburn and acidity.

Mental strength

Regular use of Rock Sugar improves memory and also relieves mental fatigue. Drinking a spoonful of ground Rock sugar mixed in lukewarm milk every night while sleeping improves memory and improves memory for those who study and those who work hard. This is a great recipe

Sharp eyesight

Rock sugar is no less than a blessing for poor eyesight. It sharpens the eyesight and protects it from pearls. Drinking rock sugar water mixed with water or milk after eating improves eyesight and makes the eyes healthy.

Increase physical energy

It improves the taste in the mouth and increases the physical energy by removing the heaviness after eating.

Blood from the nose

The most important Rock sugar hemorrhage helps to stop the bleeding from the nose immediately after the outbreak. For this, just put pieces of rock sugar in water and wait for it to dissolve to some extent. Then pouring a few drops of water into the nose immediately stops the bleeding.


You already know the many benefits of Rock sugar Now you need to take some precautions. The amount of sweetness in misri is very high, so you should avoid its excessive use, especially diabetics. Be sure to consult your doctor before making it.

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