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Ali Zafar released another video for fans

LAHORE: Singer Ali Zafar released another video regarding PSL’s new song, which can be seen rehearsing Ali Zafar in the video.
According to details, Ali Azmat gave an interview on not playing the official song at the PSL opening ceremony and blamed the rival singers for the situation, while in response to the allegation, Ali Zafar released a fascinating video on social media.

Ali Zafar has since started work on the song to fulfill his fans’ demand for a song for the Pakistan Super League, and has released the teaser of the song “Brother is coming” on his Twitter account.

The song was stirred up on social media and fans are eagerly waiting for the song. Looking at the fans’ anxiety, Ali Zafar has released another video regarding the new PSL song: Video Rehearsal During which can be seen the drumming on the beat of Ali Zafar’s drum.


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