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A srip was developed for early diagnosis of corona virus

Japanese experts have developed a strip that can diagnose the Corona virus in just 15 minutes. A Japanese private company developed this strip in cooperation with a Chinese company and is likely to be used in China already.

Diagnosis of the Crohn’s virus from this strip requires a patient’s blood sample and a chemical solution, which after mixing it shows a red line.

From this line the Crohn’s virus can be diagnosed in just 15 minutes. At this time, the most advanced method for diagnosing Corona virus takes 6 to 8 hours.

Before that
A mask for the least time diagnosis of Corona
Has also been prepared. The 3D printed stripes are installed inside this mask and these strips will help diagnose the virus.

These bandages protect the wearer’s breathing out sores, and can then be diagnosed with the Corona virus by simply quitting this mask.

This euro mask of 2 euros has previously been used to diagnose tuberculosis (TB) as well, according to experts.


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