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A lovely gift for dear sisters

muhammad mohsin

Here are ten tips from an eminent Arab scholar on the occasion of marriage for his daughter.

1- My dear daughter is happy to go to my husband’s house to live a satisfying life, and to be satisfied with the bread that she gets, which, to the delight of a dry husband, is better than a rooster that you insist on. Has given in to anger.

2- My dear daughter, take care to listen carefully to everything your husband says and give importance to it and make every effort to act on it so that you will make it a place in their heart because the real man is not the man’s job. Is lovely

3- My dear daughter, take care of her adornment so that when she sees you, she is happy with your choice and should be able to handle the fragrance as much as you can with simplicity. Do not sell,

4- My dear daughter is best known in the eyes of her husband to give her eyes a look of gray and mascara, because attractive eyes make the whole body look into the eyes of the beholder and the special arrangement of bath wuzu is the best fragrance and delight. Is the best source of

5- Preparation of my dear daughter’s meal in advance, because the appetite for long periods of time becomes like a flaming flame and creating an atmosphere of calm during their restful sleep, because sleep is incomplete. Anger and irritation occur in nature,

6- My dear daughter should not take care of their house and property, ie without their permission, and do not waste their property, because the property is well taken care of and the family is well protected. Is ,

7- My dear daughter should not be disobedient to her, because disobedience of a barbarian like her will do every kind of burning oil, if you cannot hide her secrets from others, her trust will be taken away from you and then you will be far away from her. Will not be safe from

8- My dear daughter, when she is upset about something, do not express her happiness in front of her, but be equal with her in grief. To complain is to rejoice in their happiness or else it will be the counting of their heart,

9- My dear daughter, if you want to be able to look after them, take good care of their dignity and respect and follow their diseases, you will always find your best companion in every phase of your life,

10- My dear daughter, follow this advice and embrace it until you want to do it many times for the sake of their happiness and will and to keep their word, whether you like it or not. Many stages will not bury the desires that arise in your heart until then the blossoms of happiness will not open in your life, O my dear and dear daughter with these admonitions I entrust you to Allah in all stages of life. Good luck to you and protect you from every evil,

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