A country where the sun never sunset

Norway, A woman sits on the mountain's cliff edge of Trolltunga

Here the night lasts for 150 days and the day lasts for 175 days
In Thermoso no one is in a hurry to get home before evening because it is not evening here. The sun shines in this city 24 hours a day. It is not possible to distinguish between east and west in the city. The sun does not reach the roofs either. Knocks and moves forward.
If you look at the globe of the earth, you will see the North Pole on top of it. The North Pole is actually the roof of the earth. This roof revolves around the sun from right to left.
As the sun rotates, it focuses from a certain angle, and thus there is no night in northern Norway. The sun shines in the sky 24 hours a day. This glow of the sun continues until September 25. On September 25, the sun suddenly disappears from the North Pole. And a long night falls on the whole region.
Rose Via, a village in northern Norway, is completely dark 24 hours a day from October 19 to February 23. Even if you go out during the day, you are not handcuffed. The night of the North Pole lasts until March 18. Until March 18, that is, 175 days, the region remains in darkness.
During this time it is snowing and cold and there are white bears at the North Pole.

On September 25, the sun returns and the people of the North Pole celebrate the return of the sun and then the sun does not set until September 25. In these 175 days, the midnight sun is heard in the North Pole from June 20 to July 20. Turning from right to left, reaching the finish line at midnight and then starting the journey without drowning, it is an amazing experience.
In front of you the sun goes from east to west and then it shines from there and you see the sun at twelve o’clock at night at the position of twelve o’clock in the day. The picture you are looking at is located in Norway. Nord Cope’s hill where people are watching the sun at midnight.
In Norway, the Nord Cop is also called the End of the World. The Norwegian government has built a giant iron globe on the last corner of the world.
If you want to stand here with a globe and take a picture, you have to wait for the sun to win against the sun and fog. This globe is the sign of the end of the world.
Before that, the game of death begins
This place is located on the 71st degree of the earth. If you draw a line on the globe on the 71st degree, this line will pass through Norway, Finland, Sweden and the whole of Russia as if these coldest countries in the world are below the 71st degree. After the 71st degree comes the 78th degree and after that 90 degrees.


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