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Is video games good or bad for children’s mental development? New research surprised

Barcelona: A study conducted at a university in Spain found that video games are useful for children’s mental development, it improves memory.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, a study conducted at the Spanish Open University of Catalonia claims that the habit of playing video games will help improve children’s memory in the years to come.

According to the research, even after quitting playing video games, it results in various changes in the brain for years, the research was published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neurosciences.

The study involved 27 people between the ages of 18 and 40, some of whom were playing video games while others stayed away, all of whom were tested for mental abilities.

Researchers say that people who were fond of video games before childhood, even if they play for a very short time, perform better in working memory tests, compared to those who stayed away from games. His working memory was poorly recorded.

People who stay away from games have less ability to concentrate on information, in fact they were a bit slower than those who played games, while those who were interested in playing games as children in the study also processed 3D objects. Proved to be much better.

It should be noted that the brains of the people involved in this study were continuously examined for a month after which the results were drawn. Their mental abilities including working memory were assessed through 3 points.


NAB arrests Shahbaz Sharif

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) has rejected the interim bail of opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif after which NAB officials arrested him.

According to details, a two-member bench headed by Justice Sardar Ahmad Naeem in the Lahore High Court heard the bail plea of ​​opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif in the case of excess assets and money laundering.

Shahbaz Sharif appeared in the court. Shahbaz Sharif’s lawyer Amjad Pervez said in his arguments that it is on record. NAB made a mythical story, it is not known why this case was made, reference has been filed and investigation has been completed, now what are the reasons for arrest.

Shahbaz Sharif, while requesting the court to make a few requests, said that you need a few minutes, on which the court said that if your lawyer does not want to talk, he will tell you.

Lawyer Shahbaz Sharif said that it is the responsibility of the prosecution to prove that it made money by using public office. The court said that you have given all these arguments before then Amjad Pervez said that what I am talking about is the merit of the case. By the way, if they are acquitted 6 months after the arrest, then what is the reputation of the state?

Amjad Pervez asked what was the justification for his arrest if he appeared before the court. Shahbaz Sharif’s name was included in the ECL in the same case. The Lahore High Court declared it illegal to put Shahbaz Sharif’s name in the ECL. According to the law, building a property is not a crime.

During the hearing, lawyer Amjad Pervez said that Shahbaz Sharif has no position in the Sharif Group of Companies, Shahbaz Sharif has nothing to do with the records of the companies, the money laundering case must be linked to the crime, there is a difference between gaining and assisting. Abuse of power, aiding and abetting crime must be shown.

Lawyer Shahbaz Sharif said that Shahbaz Sharif is accused of assets worth Rs. 269 million. NAB considers tax returns but does not consider expenditure on it. Taxes on agricultural income are paid every year. Paid, gift of Rs. 70 lakh from wife Shahbaz Sharif Komla and submitting all his tax returns till 2018.

Amjad Pervez said that NAB officials did not visit and check any property. NAB only submits investigation report on tax returns. Impartial investigation is not possible by sitting in a cold room wearing a tie coat. Not a single drop from the company came to Shahbaz Sharif’s account.

Concluding his arguments, Shahbaz Sharif’s lawyer said that Shahbaz Sharif was responsible for his actions, not the children. His wife gave him a gift of Rs 7 million, which he obtained legally, after which he asked Shahbaz Sharif to allow him to speak. Gone

Opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif said in a statement in the court that he was very grateful to you for your time. He is a sinful person. We ask Allah to forgive his sins. He served the people of Punjab in 1997, 2013 and 2018. And it is going to happen. I have presented the booklet. I will not repeat it. We have saved one billion rupees of Pakistan in procurement. Even if it takes two and a half centuries, they will not be able to prove me corrupt.

Shahbaz Sharif said that even though the law did not allow bidding in the Orange Line, my conscience was forcing me to save Rs 600 million in the Orange Line. I have been accused of having anonymous assets in 2014-15. He did not exceed his authority. If he had done so, then he should have encouraged his children. He kept the price of sugarcane higher than that of Sindh. He did not even give subsidy. This harmed the sugar mills of my children and loved ones.

Opposition leader said that father and brothers started work in 1940, our institutions were nationalized in 1972, my father set up 6 factories in 18 months, became a victim of political revenge but did not want to talk about it. Further subsidy was given at Rs. 9 and a half per kg. When the son’s mill exported sugar, a loss of Rs. 23 crore was incurred.

He told the court that sugar is made from ethanol molasses. I imposed excise duty of Rs 2 in 2011. Sugar mills had challenged the excise duty in the Lahore High Court. Advocate General Punjab was clearly told to defend the excise duty. My son used to tell me not to impose excise duty but I did not agree. At that time there was no excise duty anywhere in Pakistan.


Extensive war between Azerbaijan and Armenia

Azerbaijan: There is a threat of widespread war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, 32 people have been killed in fierce clashes, Azerbaijan has given a final warning to Armenia ceasefire.

According to the details, Armenian and Azerbaijani forces are facing each other, fierce clashes are continuing in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, five members of the same family were killed in the shelling of Armenian urban areas What is the claim?

Azerbaijan has claimed to have destroyed Armenian military installations, anti-aircraft, missile systems and military vehicles, as well as liberating six villages in retaliation. Tanks and missiles were used in clashes between the two countries’ forces.

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry says 32 Armenian soldiers were killed in clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and that Armenian forces shelled the Azerbaijani region.

Azerbaijan has issued a final ceasefire warning to Armenia and called on Armenia to immediately stop attacks on civilians in the Tartar region.

Pakistan condemned the shelling of Azerbaijan by Armenian forces and said that Pakistan supported Azerbaijan’s position in the light of the resolutions passed in the Security Council for the resolution of Karabakh.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Armenia a threat to peace in the region and called Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliyev to call for all possible help, while the United Nations, the European Union, Russia and Iran called for a ceasefire.


ISLAMABAD.93% of Pakistanis have once again expressed confidence in Imran Khan as the Prime Minister.

According to the report, Khaleej Magazine conducted a survey on trust and popularity of the Prime Minister in which more than 16,000 people took part.

According to the report of the magazine, the decisions of the Prime Minister have increased in spite of challenges such as difficult decisions and inflation. 93.2% of the respondents expressed satisfaction and confidence in the performance of the Prime Minister.

Survey participants rated Imran as a better prime minister than all previous prime ministers.

It may be recalled that the results of the survey have come at a time when the opposition parties have formed an alliance against the government and the Prime Minister which will hold rallies across the country from next month.

At a time like this, the public’s confidence in Prime Minister Imran Khan and his confidence in his performance suggests that the decision not to issue NROs to corrupt figures is a good move.


ISLAMABAD: The International Organization has awarded Pakistan the title of Champion for Nature

According to details, the successful policies of Prime Minister Imran Khan began to be recognized internationally. The international organization declared Pakistan as the champion furniture.

The World Economic Forum has awarded Pakistan the title of Champion for Nature. Pakistan has been awarded the title of Champion Furniture for its eco-friendly policies.

The World Economic Forum has issued a letter to Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Malik Amin Aslam inviting him to receive the title of Champion for Nature. Malik Amin Aslam will receive the World Award from the World Economic Forum. Given to make decisions.

The World Economic Forum says that the government of Pakistan has given thousands of tree planting jobs in the epidemic. Pakistan’s eco-friendly measures are a lesson for the whole world.

Special Assistant Malik Amin Aslam said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is the real champion of Pakistan for nature due to the policies of Clean Green Pakistan and the Prime Minister’s policies. Reduced risks.


Look at the brutality of the West.

George Stiny is the youngest child to be sentenced to death in the United States. He was just 14 years old when he was tied to an electric chair and electrocuted. George was accused of killing two white farm girls, one of whom was named Betty. The other girl was named Mary, who was 7 years old.
George was charged with murder because the bodies of the girls were found near his home.
During the interrogation of the case, the boy brought the Bible in his hand and placed his hand on it, swearing that he was innocent and that he had not committed the murder. At that time, all the lawyers in the court were white. He did not take the case because it was a black form. Similarly, the judge of the court also had a white form and according to him there was no room for mercy on a black form.
The trial lasted only two hours, and George was sentenced to death just ten minutes later.
The child’s parents were threatened and intimidated. They had brought gifts for their child and they were also prevented from meeting the child and giving him gifts.
George’s parents were deported after the case was decided.
Before his death, George was locked in a cell for 81 hours. He was held in a prison 80 kilometers from his home where the most heinous criminals were held.
George was struck in the head by 5380 volts, from which he died in a few moments.
George’s parents and George’s other siblings shed many tears over his innocent death, but they fought a legal battle.
Seventy years later, George was acquitted in a South Carolina court.
The iron rod with which the girls were killed weighed more than 19 kilograms. It was impossible for George alone to lift such a heavy iron and kill the girls with such force that they would die.
Someone accused him just because he was black.
The incident impressed Stephen King so much that he plotted his famous book, The Green Mile, based on it, and made several plays in American theaters based on the events set out in the book in 1999.


Today is the birthday of Queen Noor Jahan

Lahore: The famous singer of the subcontinent, Queen Tarun Noor Jahan, is celebrating her 94th birthday today.

Invaluable capital of singing, possessing a charming and humorous voice, the well-known singer of the subcontinent, Queen Tarun Noorjahan, was a shining chapter in music. Born on September 21, 1926 in Kasur, Noorjahan’s real name was Allah Wasai. He started his artistic career in 1935 as a child star with the film ‘Pind Di Kadiyan’. Made in Bombay in 1941, the film family opened the door for him to happiness and success. During the making of the same film, she met director Shaukat Hussain Rizvi and they got married.

From 1935 to 1963, he performed in films as well as the art of singing and made a special place in the hearts of the fans forever. Noorjahan’s artistic career spans six decades. He played the lead role in 26 films and sang for about a thousand films. Many hymns and songs in Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi and Persian which became famous one after another in which the first love for me, the song of the world of cows, my moonlit nights, in our breath till today, Jeddah Holi De , With eyes closed, you are my beloved and others are included.
Queen Tarun sang not only in Urdu and Punjabi but also in ghazal singing. She excelled in the delivery of words and in the fluctuations of tone. During the Pak-India war of 1965, his national anthems warmed the hearts and even today these songs keep his memory fresh in the hearts of the people. Queen Tarun Noor Jahan’s voice captivated the audience. She is one of the artists who has made Pakistan internationally known. ۔ Queen Noorjahan passed away on December 23, 2000 after a long illness. Her memory will always live on in the hearts of her fans.


Google has introduced a major overhaul of the system

New York: Google has changed its drive and introduced a system to automatically delete files in Trash after 30 days.

According to the technology website, the leading search engine Google has introduced a major change in its system, under which the files in the trash drive will be automatically deleted after one month. The new change will be available to all users from October 13. Google has given users 25 days to restore any important files in their Google Drive trash. Because after October 13, all files will be deleted.
This change is for G Suite products and services policies such as Gmail. Administrators can restore an active user’s deleted items from a user’s trash folder for up to 25 days. Administrator’s default retention policies in Google Vault will not be affected by this change.
Until they become obsolete because they are now useless. These changes affect items that are trashed from any device and from any platform. The files deleted by the drive file stream will be cleared from the system trash after 30 days. This has no effect on backup and sync behavior. Files in the Trash of Shared Drives are automatically deleted after 30 days.
Note that previously users had to delete the files in the Google Drive trash.


Malik Meraj Khalid, a promising figure in history

His village was 13 km away from the city. Being poor, it was difficult for him to continue his education, but he did not give up in the face of difficult circumstances but decided to face them.
He decided that he would take milk from the village and sell it in the city and continue his education. So he would get up in the morning before the call to prayer. He would collect milk from different houses, load the drums on a cart and reach the city. He used to sell milk to the mansion and some shopkeepers and go to the mosque to change his clothes and go to school. He used to sell milk in the same way till the time of college and continued his education.
As a child, he did not have school shoes. Boots were very important for school. For example, he collected some money and bought shoes for himself. Now the problem was that if he wore shoes in the village, they would break in quickly. So he would come from the village wearing his father’s indigenous shoes and in the city where he had a milk jug he would wrap his boots in a cloth and go to school wearing his school shoes.
The father walked all day and the son walked barefoot all night. In 1935 he got a prominent position in matriculation and then enrolled in Islamia College Railway Road Lahore. Would do
In this job, he never felt ashamed. In the first year, he did not have a coat and he had to wear a coat in class, so he would be expelled from class.
When the teachers came to know about this, they helped this talented student. The young man was very fond of reading. In 1939, he did his BA honors. He was the only graduate in his area. Even the work cannot be done easily. Tireless work and perseverance is an essential element for success and better success.
Under economic pressure, after BA, he got a job as a clerk in Batapur Company as his aim and goal was to study law. So, after some time, he quit his job as a clerk and started studying law. Passed LB exam.
He started regular practice in 1950. He had the ghost of serving the people and moving forward. He established many educational institutions in his area with the help of the people. In this spirit, he contested the West Pakistan Assembly elections in 1965 and won the PPP. Inspired by the slogan of bread, cloth and house, he joined it. In 1970, he was elected MNA on a PPP ticket and defeated Nawab Muzaffar Qazlbash’s brother, who used to sell milk at his house.
In 1971, he became the Minister of Food and Backward Areas in the first cabinet of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. In 1972, he became the Chief Minister of Punjab, the largest province of Pakistan, during his tenure as Chief Minister. He set an example by resigning. In 1973, he led a Pakistani delegation to the United Nations. In 1973, he was appointed Minister of Law and Parliamentary Affairs.
In 1976, he was appointed Federal Minister for Local Government and Rural Affairs. He twice became the Speaker of the National Assembly and was the Rector of the International Islamic University for four years. He started and eventually became the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was the only Prime Minister of Pakistan who lived all his life in a rented house in Lakshmi Mansion in Lahore with no doorkeeper at the door. His wife, Meraj Khalid, who used to drive rickshaws and wagons during his tenure as Prime Minister, was a promising figure in history. He passed away on June 23, 2003.


Significance of month Safar-ul-Muzaffar

The month of Safar-ul-Muzaffar is the second month of the Islamic calendar. Didn’t start.
When the bright moon of Islam shone in the dark deserts of Arabia, the barren desert was also irrigated by the rain of blessings. However, the false ideas among the people were passed down from generation to generation due to misunderstanding and lack of knowledge. Some people are reluctant to hold a celebration in the month of Safar.

What does the Qur’an guide?

Allah, the Blessed and Exalted, states in His last message to mankind in Surah At-Tawbah of the Qur’an that the number of months in the sight of Allah is 12 and this is from the time when the heavens and the earth were created.

In the same way, in the last word of Allah, the coming of day and night in different places and the change of months into years is called the rotation of the sun and the moon, regardless of whether it is better or worse.
Per night ualnهar created heavens and the earth uaktlaf layat laval alأlbab those who yzكrun O God created heavens and the earth formation uqauda ualى jnubهm uytfكrun per .I ma creation هza false fire subhaanaka innee fqna Penalty

(Al-Imran, 3: 190, 191)

Surely in the creation of the heavens and the earth and in the rotation of night and day there are signs for a people of sound mind (of Allah’s power). I remember Allah in my heart, and I ponder over the creation of the heavens and the earth, (then I call upon Him, knowing that He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise.) They get up: “Our Lord! Thou hast not made it (all) foolish and careless, so pure is (from all shortcomings and compulsions), save us from the torment of Hell. ”

Similarly, in Surah Ar-Rahman and Surah Ya-seen, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, after the verses of the moon and the sun moving and moving in their respective orbits, invited the human race to worship one God, which is a sign that Allah created the year under a special system in which there is not even a trace of misfortune.

What do the hadiths of the month of Safar teach us?

The government of the two worlds, in very clear and unequivocal terms, refuted and denied the superstitions and false ideas of this month and beyond, and said: (By the command of Allah Almighty) Without (the belief of) the illness of one person to another (automatically), the belief in the month of Safar (the belief in being unlucky) and the omen (belief) of a particular bird are all nonsense.

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: On the authority of Abu Hurairah, may Allaah be pleased with him, he said: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “There is no enmity, no zero, no hammam.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Kitab al-Tib, Bab al-Hama, Hadith No. 5770, Salafi Library)

The above hadith proves that there is no room for such erroneous and false ideas in Islam. Such ideas and beliefs have been trampled underfoot by the rulers of the world.

What was the method of Safar Sahaba and Ahlul Bayt?

The result of these clear injunctions of the Qur’an and Hadith was that the Companions and the Ahl al-Bayt, rejecting the false ideas of the time of Jahiliyyah, held a celebration in the month of Safar and did not consider this month to be less than any other Islamic month. The golden example of the liver of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) The marriage of Fatima took place in the same month with Hazrat Ali under the supervision of the Holy Prophet
If the month of Safar was a month of misfortune, then the last Prophet would never perform the marriage of his daughter in this month and now it has become a model for Muslims all over the world.
Allama Liaquat Ali Azhari said that there is no evil time in Islam and the Prophet himself has said that there is no evil in zero. These are the traditions and false ideas of superstitious people which were destroyed by Islam. The religion of peace, security, mercy, blessing and forgiveness came into the world to end misfortune.
However, Allama Sahib made the Muslim believe that in Islam, one day precedes another day or one month precedes another month, as Jumu’ah al-Mubarak is the leader of all days, while the month of Ramadan is the best of all months and Shab-e-Qadr is the best of all nights. It is the best night and this superiority and virtue is the reason for worship in these days due to which Allah’s mercy is especially attracted, so Muslims should arrange special worships on these occasions.