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59,000 people killed by Corona virus worldwide

 The deadliest virus quotidian 19 has made the whole world, including Europe and the United States, the number of virus deaths worldwide 59,172.

According to details, the number of new and deadliest virus quotient 19 globally has exceeded 59,000 deaths while the virus has recovered 2,282,223 patients so far.

The virus has infected more than 7402 people in the United States while more than 2 million 77,000 have been infected; the number of casualties in the United States continues, the death toll in Italy has increased to 14,681, while the number of victims is 19 million. Exceeded a thousand. Spain is also badly affected by the virus, where more than 500 deaths are occurring on a daily basis, so far Spain has had 11,198 deaths, while the number of affected people is more than 191,000.

In France too, the death toll from the virus has increased, so far 6507 people have been infected with the virus while the total number of affected people has increased to more than 64,000. Iran is also one of the countries affected by the virus where 3,326 people have been killed and 53,183 affected. In the UK too, casualties have increased to 3605 and the number of victims has crossed 38,000.

The death toll was 1275 in Germany, 1487 in the Netherlands, 1143 in Belgium, 591 in Switzerland, and 425 in Turkey.

China’s death toll is 3,326. 365 in Brazil, 358 in Sweden killed by the Corona virus, 246 in Portugal, 177 in South Korea, 208 in Canada, 181 in Indonesia, 168 in Austria, 139 in Denmark, 145 in Ecuador, 133 in Romania and 13 in the Philippines. 136 In India, 72 people have been killed by the Corona virus.

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