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3 years of Operation Radcliffe completed: ISPR

Rawalpindi: The operation launched by Pak army across the country to eradicate terrorism has completed three years today.
DGISPR tweeted on the social networking site saying that 3 years of Operation RiddalFisad has been completed; In the journey of the unprecedented achievements, the sacrifices of life and property resulted in successes. According to the DGISPR, the Pakistani people gave their lives and financial sacrifices in Operation Rudolphsad. The chest also salutes the bravery of the super nation against terrorism and extremism. Through Operation Rudolphism, peace was established not only in Pakistan but also in the region.

Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa while delivering the message said that he was proud of our martyrs of Rudolphsad. Our martyrs are proud of us. In the war against Pakistan, Pakistan paid a heavy price in the form of life and property. He said that Pak army was capable of dealing with the dangers of domestic security. Pakistan Army will ensure domestic defense at all costs.

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