213th day of life in occupied Kashmir

Srinagar: Indian occupiers in occupied Kashmir continue to suffer, curfew and lock down have entered the 213 rd day in the valley.
In the occupied valley of Kashmir, the unrestricted lock down by India and the closure of communication have resulted in 213 consecutive life-long paralysis. Roads are denser, shops, businesses, educational centers are closed in the valley and people are left homeless. The occupied Indian army has made the lives of Kashmir indigent and more than one million people are imprisoned in the world’s largest prison.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the Indian army martyred 10 Kashmiris last month. While the Indian cabinet has also approved the implementation of 37 laws including the Settlement Act in Kashmir, the Modi government has also started changing the names of the areas. So-called search operations and arrests are also taking place in the Valley. There is a shortage of food and medicines in the Valley. More than 8 lakh Kashmiris are facing severe problems. About 894 children have been martyred in occupied Kashmir till now, while more than 177 thousand have been orphaned.

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India has warmed the oppression of oppressed Kashmiris and locked the political leadership of the occupied valley along with thousands of Kashmiris in prisons. Mobile phones, internet service and TV broadcasts are still suspended in the country. On the other hand, the Modi government has failed to suppress the Kashmiris’ movement.

On August 5, the modi government abolished Article 370 A of the Indian Constitution, which gave special status to Kashmir, and imposed a curfew in the occupied valley and India has banned the movement of Kashmir Citizens have also got the right to buy and live in property in occupied Kashmir.

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