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The amazing reality of the rivers of gold flowing in the forests of the Amazon.

You will remember the story of Alibaba’s Forty Thieves and Open Sim Sim, how gold deposits are discovered there and then Alibaba becomes a billionaire overnight. But that was a story.

Now you may be surprised to learn from an original study that images taken from space have revealed gold deposits in the Amazon rainforest. In these pictures, these gold deposits look like rivers of real gold.

The US space agency NASA has published some amazing images of the rainforests of the Amazon in Peru which have revealed gold mines. According to NASA, the “rivers of gold” appearing in the images are actually pits that are believed to have been dug by illegal miners.

These pits are usually hidden from view, but in sunlight they appear to glow in the pictures.

The images were taken by an astronaut from the International Space Station in December.

The images show that gold mines are being destroyed in the Madere de Devos area of ​​southern Peru. Peru is currently the largest exporter of gold, while its territory has the status of an ‘unregulated industry’ for the thousands of miners from whom they seek to earn.

The area is a center of biodiversity, and its excavations have led to widespread deforestation and the destruction of important wildlife habitats.

Mining is also affecting the local population, as many tons of mercury are used in the gold search. Scientists say much of it is dumped into rivers or left unattended.

According to NASA, where these miners are looking for gold, hundreds of basins appear to be full of water. There is soil around it from which the plants have been removed.

These mines go beyond the old river channels where many minerals are found.

Some parts of the area are home to monkeys, leopards and butterflies. Scientists believe that mining is a major cause of deforestation.

According to a January 2019 study, gold mining in Peru in 2018 caused an estimated 22,930 acres of Amazon deforestation in Peru.

Pleased with the rising price of gold, people in local communities who are often left out now see mining as a source of employment. In 2012, an estimated 30,000 small-scale miners were operating in the lush region.

In La Pampa, another part of Peru, the government halted gold exploration almost a decade later and evicted about 5,000 miners.


Pakistanis are strange people in the world.

Pakistanis are the strangest people in the world who make fun of their disrespect and share it on social media
Malaysia seizes a Pakistani ship and leaves it in debt. The loan was taken by the former governments and the current opposition. The long-ruling former governments borrowed more from the PIA instead of repaying the loans. The country’s highways, motorways and other important assets have been mortgaged, including planes. The PTI government is suffering due to the incompetence of the former rulers. In these circumstances, if you bring someone else in the government instead of the PTI, no government can save the country and the people from these problems so quickly. The new government and the people will be replaced by the previous governments for another fifteen to twenty years. Thieves will have to bear the brunt of the crises and problems they have created.

When the plane was caught in Malaysia, the Pakistani nation was rejoicing as if the plane had been hijacked by India. Instead of understanding the issues, they started sharing straightforward posts on social media, even though our nation is known all over the world as a jealous nation. Such feelings obscure their minds on matters
This plane does not belong to PTI nor to (PLM) nor to any other political party
This plane belongs only to Pakistan and Pakistan belongs to all of us. And we should be concerned about our loss and not make fun of it. We are a nation without consciousness. In the fire of revenge, we forget that Pakistan is our home. The disadvantage is that when the sense of self-respect and national pride within nations is lost, then the same attitude occurs.
Today the nation has found out
They are shouting that all the ships are not ours but rented. But perhaps the nation does not know that not all motorways, highways, government buildings and airports are ours because their beloved leaders Nawaz Sharif and Zardari have made the country indebted by mortgaging everything.
Years later, a third political party has come to power in the country
All these political parties that were in power for a long time before 2018 have blackened their faces. Some mafias have looted this country and made their wealth more than the country’s debts. There is no one to ask. There are similar mafias in our judiciary who help their bandaged brothers. No one cares about the honor of the country. Pakistani people jokingly mock their whole country. Makes fun of the ego of politics, they all forget to make fun of the honor of their own home.
May Allah guide such people

We are so blinded by each other’s stubbornness and humiliation that we forget whose name is getting worse.
The world does not know any political party, it only knows the name of Pakistan, our identity is from Pakistan, our existence is from Pakistan.

According to a British court decision, the total value of the Sharif family’s assets is 20 820 million

Yes, these are the same people who have no property in London or even in Pakistan
Hair fell on the head of an unscrupulous bald man
He said, “Let the people sit in the shade.”
The same family that looted the blood and sweat of Pakistanis and built 76 properties worth 800 800 million in London held Pakistani institutions hostage and the courts are still in their hands and all these countries have been released on burglary bail. In the form of M, instability is spreading in the country
And they are blaming Khan Sahib for destroying the country while Prime Minister Imran Khan is working tirelessly day and night to free the national institutions from the clutches of these thieves and make the institutions independent so that the institutions work freely and hold these thieves accountable. If the country’s looted billions of rupees came to the national treasury, if the country’s debt goes down, then Pakistan will not have to borrow in the future.

It is not a matter of crying out how many millions of dollars Nawaz Sharif Asif Zardari and Maulana Fazlur Rehman have built. Sadly, the whole country is preparing to attack government accountability institutions to hand over their children to their heirs.
That 20 820 million would have been seized in London alone in 2003
Arab countries and Switzerland and other countries are in addition
If this property was there till 2003, then multiply it by four now because from 2008 to 2018, both the parties that took over had broken all the records of corruption.
And this property belongs only to the UK. The rest of the world has property and money in addition to that, then the media and the judiciary bow before them.

To date, the government machinery has not been able to bring a single return to the country because 99% of the ministers in the government do not follow the policy of Imran Khan. Have been in previous governments.
This system of thieves does not suit Imran Khan. The only solution is the presidential system. This system is not working. This system is falling automatically and the path of the presidential system is being paved. All these thieves are exposed in the presidential system. Swords will bring accountability, God willing


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has finalized more names for Senate candidates.

According to details, a meeting of the PTI Parliamentary Board was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan in which the PTI finalized more names for the Senate candidates.

According to the list of final candidates, Faisal Wawda and Technocrat from Sindh will be the PTI candidates for the general seat and Saifullah Abro will be the PTI candidate while PTI has finalized the name of Saifullah Niazi for the general seat from Punjab.

PTI leader Ijaz Chaudhry from Punjab is also likely to be given a ticket. Sources said that the names of Umar Cheema Jamshed Umar were also considered in the meeting and it was decided to give a ticket to Ali Zafar on technocrat seat. ۔

Shibli Faraz Mohsin Uzair Zeeshan Khanzada Faisal Saleem will be contesting from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the general seat while Dost Muhammad Mehsud is contesting for the technocrat seat.

Nishtar Farzana Javed will be the candidate for the women’s seat from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while Gardeep Singh’s name has been finalized for the minority seat.

PTI finalized the name of Abdul Qadir for the general seat from Balochistan and Hafeez Sheikh for the general seat from Islamabad while Fauzia Arshad will be the candidate for the women’s seat from Islamabad.