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Famous dishes of Lahore city.

Lahore is the most famous ancient and beautiful city of Pakistan. It is also called the heart of Pakistan. In the past, this city was a favorite of the Mughal emperors, but even in that era, Zinda Dalan Lahore did not lose its importance. In every aspect of delicious food, this city knows how to keep alive its traditions, cultural culture and innovation. That is why it is said with reference to this city that those who have not seen Lahore have not seen anything. Love to eat these people do not eat to survive but live to eat that is why their food has pleasure as well as their love and passion – in this regard today we bring you Lahore We will tell you about some of the dishes that can be found in other parts of the country, but it is very important to travel to Lahore to enjoy their real pleasure.

Ludo Pethi

1 Ludo pethi

This is a light street food of Lahore in which lentils made of gram lentils are served with various sweet and sour sauces besides pumpkin radishes and carrots with their sweet and sour flavors. As soon as his name comes to the fore, those who eat it get water in their mouths.

The best ludo backs in Lahore are available at the Blue Dome and Abid Market. Eaters seem to say that it is impossible to stop once you start eating.


2 Harisa

By the way, Harisa is called the dish of Arabs. also called him the step-sister of Haleem, but the excellence of the people of Lahore in cooking it is their specialty. This meat is made from a mixture of wheat, ghee and spices. There is a dish that requires hard work to prepare. In Lahore, people turn to the Amritsar shop on Lakshmi Chowk to eat the most delicious Harisa.

Bit frying

3 bit frying pan

The frying pan is made in every part of Pakistan but Lahore’s Butt frying pan is the most famous frying pan in Pakistan which is called the queen of all frying pans in the field of pleasure. This frying pan is made of local chicken or mutton with its spicy aroma and preparation. Then sprinkling green spices and lemons on it multiplies its taste. To enjoy this frying pan you have to go to Lakshmi Chowk where it is served with hot bread. It is very unique in taste.

Chicken decorated

4 chicken decorated

Although this dish is from Balochistan where it is made in the form of goat’s thigh, but the people of Lahore also started it in chicken where the chicken is cooked on low heat with only salt and after preparation it is cooked. A delicious lick of spices is sprinkled on top. The soft and juicy flesh of the chicken absorbs the spice to its core and then the lemon juice shows a distinct spring on top of it.
Jewelry shops in and around Gaddafi Stadium attract passers-by

Halwa Puri

5 Halwa Puri

Lahore Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. You have to go to Old Lahore to eat Lahore Halwa, which is near Lahore Fort, where it is fried in ghee. Porridge and delicious hot halwa and chickpeas and potato salad go hand in hand. Pickles can add to your appetite.

All things are just a glimpse of Lahore’s food and drink. For those who go to Lahore, Lahore is also present for many other gifts. Beautiful, clean, thin, long, sparkling streets of Lahore, Badshahi Masjid, Shahi Qila, Lakshmi Chowk, Lahore. It is said that he who has not seen Lahore has not seen anything.


ISLAMABAD: Mobile phones are starting to be made in Pakistan and FiveG will be launched by December 22, 2022.


According to details, the signing ceremony of the agreement on Chitral Upper and Lower Dir Broadband Internet was held at which the USF and the Ministry of IT signed the agreement.

Addressing the function, Special Assistant Zulfi Bukhari said, “I am thankful to UNICEF and the Ministry of IT. A five star hotel is going to be built in Chitral. The expansion of internet will also boost tourism.”

Zulfi Bukhari said that the situation will improve in Chitral Lower and Upper Dir as well. The tourism office is also trying to build the office in an open environment. It was desired to open 26 sites and provide tourist activities.

On the occasion, Federal Minister for Information Technology Aminul Haq said that the vision of the Prime Minister is Digital Pakistan and he is moving ahead with the project of 1.3 billion broadband internet in Lower and Upper Dir.

Amin-ul-Haq said that work on internet issues is also going on in North Balochistan. It is the policy of the ministry that where there is tourism, internet will be available.

The Federal Minister said that the technology zone is ready in Islamabad. Next week, the Prime Minister will do ground breaking.

He said that mobile phones are starting to be made in Pakistan and our vision is to have cheap mobile phones in the hands of every citizen.