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Skardu: Sajid Sadpara, son of Pakistani mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara, narrated his story on his arrival in Skardu.

Climber Sajid Sadpara while talking to the media on reaching the screw said that he is sure that the team has done K2 head. It seems that there has been an accident on the way back. The chances of survival of the father are low.

Sajid Sadpara said that the last time we started the adventure was on February 5 at 11 pm. I had reached Bottle Neck without oxygen. Tried but the regulator leaked.

“I was under a lot of stress,” said the climber. “My father and John Asnori advised me to come back. Then I came back from Bottleneck.”

He said that father Muhammad Ali Sadpara and the team had gone to the summit from there. I am sure that father and his team have done K2 head. The chances are slim. There is no hope of surviving for three days in such cold weather. Now a search operation is possible only to find the bodies.

It is to be noted that a search operation was launched today to search for the mountaineer Ali Sadpara and his team who went missing while attempting to head to K2 but no trace of them has been found so far.


ISLAMABAD: The Finance Ministry has released a report on loans to Pakistan.

According to the report issued, from June 2019 to September 2020, the internal debt increased by Rs 2660 billion and the internal debt increased to Rs 23,392 billion.

External debt increased by 6 6 billion in 15 months, the finance ministry report said.

According to the report, foreign debt has risen to 79 79.90 billion. The current government has repaid Rs. 569 billion to the SBP of previous governments. Pakistan is the largest debtor to the World Bank.
The government has issued long-term bonds at low rates to the finance ministry
Regarding loans, the report also said that World Bank loans have reached 16.18 billion. Asian Development Bank loans have reached 12.74 billion. Paris Club loans have reached 10.92 billion. Is