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Fans were shocked when the truth came out in the new episode of the sting drama.

The seventh episode of the drama serial Dink was aired on Digital Channel in which it was shown that after the suicide of Prof. Humayun, Haider (Bilal Abbas) became bitter with his fianc ام Amal Aziz Sana Javed and Haider started sympathizing with Prof. Humayun. ۔

Haider’s sudden change of attitude with his fiance Amal and then his decision to attend Professor Humayun’s funeral after committing suicide took the audience by surprise.

Haider was later shown recalling the incident between Amal Aziz and Professor Humayun, which made it clear that Haider had come to know that Amal Aziz had made false allegations against Professor Humayun.

Amal Aziz had created this whole drama to save her fianc حیدر Haider from leaving the university.

Earlier in the episode, it was shown that Amal Aziz was seen telling Professor Humayun that if I had explained to him, he would have insisted on his stubbornness. Survived and you were found guilty even though you were innocent.

In the promo of the eighth episode of the play, it can be seen that Amal Aziz is busy preparing for the wedding while Haider, on the other hand, is depressed over the suicide of Professor Humayun.
The social networking site Drama, which was on the top trend yesterday, is being commented by fans that Haider may not marry Amal because he knows the truth about Amal.


Karachi: After Gwadar Cricket Ground, pictures of another ground in Pakistan went viral on social media.

According to the details, the beautiful cricket stadium in Gwadar has been the talk of the town on social media in recent days, the beauty of which has captivated the cricket world including the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Now pictures of another ground in Pakistan have gone viral, which is said to be in the Nagar Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The beauty of the cricket ground amidst the scenery amazed the viewers.

It should be noted that the ICC had recently challenged that Gwadar Cricket Stadium is a more beautiful stadium.
While users shared photos of many other stadiums, photos of a beautiful ground in Gilgit-Baltistan are also going viral on social media.

Former fast bowler Umar Gul has also shared a photo of Pasan’s cricket ground and appealed to the authorities to set up a proper cricket stadium.