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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan, while expressing frustration over the Chairman FBR, said that he would not allow double standards in his government.

According to details, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan to implement the recommendations of the Sugar Commission report in which Imran Khan decided to adopt a nine-compromise policy to implement the recommendations.

Expressing frustration over the Chairman FBR during the meeting, the Prime Minister said that this is not the country of anyone’s father, it is the land of the people. He went away when the information of the elite did not reach the people.

Imran Khan asked that the tax record of the shopkeeper can be known. Why not the owners of Toshugar Mill?

Expressing frustration over non-installation of cameras outside sugar factories, the Prime Minister said, “I know very well who is doing the delaying tactics. If the work is not completed on time, action will be taken against those responsible.” The sugar mill will be with the owners.

It was informed in the meeting that the scams proved in the forensic audit of sugar factories were also dealt with and tax demand notices of Rs 345 billion were issued to the factories tampering with the tax records.

It was informed in the briefing that the FBR investigation had revealed tax evasion of Rs 345 billion. Since the Sugar Commission report, the government had recovered more than 80 per cent in terms of sales tax. Arrived

According to sources, in 2015, the League government revealed an unnecessary amendment to the FBR law. The FBR was deliberately obliged not to share sales tax records with anyone. The FBR also exchanged information with governments. Prevented from

Sources said that when the matter came to the notice of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the FBR chairman could not complete the work even after 15 days had elapsed.


ISLAMABAD: The Economic Co-ordination Committee (ECC) of the Finance Minister’s Cabinet has approved to provide Rs 141 million for information corona advertising campaign.

According to details, a meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet was held under the chairmanship of Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh in which a five-point agenda was considered.
Meeting in approved a grant of Rs. 4 crore for repair of helicopters and Rs. 5 million for repair of Rangers Punjab helicopters.

Sources said that the ECC has approved a grant of Rs 10 million for the repair of FC KP helicopters and a grant of Rs 25 million for the repair of FC Balochistan helicopters.

The meeting also approved the provision of financial resources for the Corona Advertising Campaign of the Ministry of Information. Rs. 141 million will be provided to the Ministry of Information for the Advertising Campaign.

The ECC approved the extension of the lease of the Pakistan Quarters of the Ministry of Housing and renewed the gas supply agreement at Sui Southern Military Fertilizer Bin Qasim.

According to sources, 8 MMCFD gas will be supplied to SSGCL, which has been approved to supply gas to SSGCL from Saqib One A gas reserve.