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Moscow: Tensions between the United States and Russia have risen again.

According to the details, Russia and the United States have once again come face to face. The US warship USS Porter entered the Black Sea in support of NATO in connection with Ukraine.

International media say that another US warship has joined the other two US warships stationed in the region. On the other hand, the Russian air defense system stationed on the island of Crimea has become active under the pretext of military exercises.

The US Navy has increased its presence in the Black Sea. This is the biggest activity of the US Navy in the Black Sea since 2017. A few days ago, President Biden warned Moscow that if Russia invaded the region, it would oppose it. The United States will take strong action.

Russia and the new US government have reached an important agreement

It’s been a few days since US President Joe Biden took office, but tensions with Russia have risen and tensions with China have risen.

Last week, US President Joe Biden and Russian President Putin agreed to extend a major nuclear deal, the White House said, adding that it was the first time the two leaders had spoken on the phone since Joe Biden took office. The topic was the New Start Agreement between the two countries, a nuclear disarmament agreement that expires on February 5.

In a conversation with his Russian counterpart, Joe Biden spoke of Russian aggression in Ukraine, including the arrest and poisoning of a Russian opposition leader during a Russian cyberattack during the US election, and said the United States supports Ukraine against Russian aggression.
Joe Biden made it clear that Russia would defend itself fully if it sought to harm US interests.


Pakistan: Dara Bolan tunnels masterpiece of construction and possesses an amazing history

Although the Bolan Pass and its adjoining railway lines, used for centuries for travel and trade, have historical significance, the dilapidated condition of the area is a testament to the fact that these areas have been neglected since the formation of Pakistan. ۔

Balochistan has been a gateway for trade caravans from Iran and Afghanistan for centuries. According to historical references, in the fifteenth century, the Aryan nations entered Sindh from Afghanistan via Chaman and then through the Bolan Pass, and this route was used several times to attack Sindh.

Historian Athir Shahwani, who compiled the history of Balochistan, writes that when the people of Balochistan, who had heard the sounds of horse-drawn carriages and camel caravans for centuries, first heard the sound of a train engine in the late eighteenth century, they began to understand the movement of the engine. Were unable to

The question that arises in many minds is why there was a need to lay a railway line in this area and how progress was made in this regard. Let’s try to find the answers to these questions in the windows of history.

When did the railway line around Bolan pass start?
Darra Bolan is a historically significant route that can be easily reached through Quetta and Kandahar. The first proposal to build a railway line in the valley was made in 1857 by the then railway chairman, William Patrick Andrew. Andrew was the spokesman for the delegation that went to see Lord Palmerston. Until 1878, it was of great military importance to connect Pishin and Kandahar by rail, and both proposals were under consideration via Harnai and Bolan Pass.

The first railway line was laid in the area in 1879 and in 1880 it was decided to expand it. Since the Bolan Pass passes through the Khum mountain ranges at the top and bottom, the surrounding areas were considered suitable for light traffic only. But later, due to heavy rains and landslides in the area, the old railway line was almost destroyed and it was decided to lay a new railway line through Harnai as it was suitable for heavy traffic. The new railway line was completed in about 4 years, and in 1887 the first train passed through the Bolan route, which is still used for travel and trade.

High and rocky cliffs were dug to make way here, at about nine places the railway line crosses the Bolan Pass. During this time, long tunnels add to the enjoyment of the train journey. And it is noteworthy that each of these tunnels is of historical significance.

  1. Cheese tunnel
    It is one of the 25 longest tunnels in the long railway line around the Bolan Pass. It takes about three minutes for the train to pass through at normal speed. It is one mile from Paneer railway station. It is 1 mile (2.45 km) long. Beyond Paneer to Machh, there are many small tunnels, the construction of which is worth seeing. The four tunnels are so skillfully and beautifully designed like binoculars that one can stand outside the tunnel and see the other three tunnels in a line.
  2. Windy Corner Tunnel
    Windy Corner is an English word, meaning corner or narrow space. As the road to Bolan Pass becomes very narrow beyond Paneer, the British engineers who built the tunnel named it Wendy Corner Tunnel. It is located next to the Dazan railway station and is about 127 meters long. The tunnel that follows is called the Cad Cad tunnel, which is 165 meters long. Athir Abdul Qadir Shahwani, a historian from Balochistan, told DW that at one time the water of mountain springs used to flow around this railway line, which offered a view of a beautiful waterfall. But over the past two decades, due to lack of rainfall and drought in Balochistan, the Bolan Pass has dried up in many places, and even these springs have very little water, while some have dried up.
  1. Memory tunnel of my gene or love
    The tunnel was named after the British woman Marie Jane. According to historical sources, Marie Jane was the spouse of Ogilagan, a British engineer who worked on the Bolan railway project in the late 18th century. Come and stay in the area. And often on the field with her husband. Blasting was used to pave the way for tunnel construction in the rocky cliffs. One day during the explosion, a flying rock hit Marie Jane, killing her.

Mr. O’Gallaghan and the other engineers who worked with him were shocked by the sudden death and named the tunnel after Mary Jane. It is said that there is a tomb of Jane on the mountain above the tunnel, but the traces of time have now erased its traces.

  1. Khojak or Kojak tunnel
    Khojak was once the fourth largest tunnel in the world, but according to the new rankings, it is the eighth largest. Construction began in 1891, and over a period of about three years, hundreds of engineers and thousands of workers worked day and night to complete the masterpiece tunnel, which also used machines. Oil was brought from 40 miles away by camels to run these machines.

Its length is 3.92 km. It looks very straightforward but there are fluctuations like Kohan in the middle and as soon as the train reaches this place, the alarm engine under automatic system notifies the driver that the train has reached this place.


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has given good news to the nation that his house project has started.

New Housing Project

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan today spoke directly to the people and answered the questions. Regarding the housing project, he said that we had a law on housing which took a while and now it is a bank loan to build a house. You can meet the heads of the banks yourself and take steps to build a house.

The Prime Minister said that the government will provide subsidy for building houses. Earlier, the government will provide 300,000 subsidy for one lakh houses. Nowadays, advertisements are being given by banks and now the banks themselves are saying to build houses. Take a loan for this project. Workers and common man will also be able to build their own house.

The Prime Minister said that no government in the whole world can provide housing to all the poor. We had created a system under which houses were to be built. We had made a scheme to build houses for the poor through banks.

In Europe, 80% of people build houses with bank loans, in Malaysia 30% and in India 10% build houses with bank loans, while in Pakistan 0.25% people build houses with bank loans.


ISLAMABAD: China has officially handed over 500,000 doses of corona vaccine to Pakistan۔

According to details, a handover ceremony of Corona vaccine provided by China to Pakistan was held at Noor Air Base in Islamabad in which Chinese Ambassador, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Special Assistant Dr. Faisal and other officials participated.

At the ceremony, the Chinese Ambassador formally handed over 500,000 doses of corona vaccine to Pakistan. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood received the dosage of corona vaccine.

Addressing a function at Noor Khan Airbase, Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong said that China is committed to work all over the world for the prevention of Corona. China will continue its cooperation with Pakistan in the Corona situation.

In the joint war against Corona, Pak-China relations deepened and the C-Pac project further strengthened Pak-China bilateral relations.

Nong Rong further said that China is ready to co-operate with Pakistan in social development and economic recovery. China is ready to co-operate with Pakistan in tackling the Korona epidemic.

Addressing the function, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that he thanked Special Assistant Dr. Faisal Sultan and the Chinese Ambassador and others and was glad that China had once again demonstrated its everlasting friendship with Pakistan.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that 7 decades of Pak-China diplomatic relations are coming to an end in 2021. On the completion of 7 decades of Pak-China diplomatic relations, this year will be celebrated with pride.

The Foreign Minister said that the Federal Government, the Prime Minister, on behalf of the people, thanked China. The people have helped Kachin to demonstrate to Pakistan today. China has always stood by Pakistan.

He said that talks were underway with the Chinese Foreign Minister to get the vaccine. When he spoke to him again on January 21, he gave good news. The Chinese Foreign Minister said on January 21 that China would give 500,000 vaccines as a gift.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi thanked the Pakistan Air Force and the pilots for taking the plane to Beijing and bringing it back immediately.

The Foreign Minister said that China and Pakistan are working together on a vaccine called carcinoma. The results of the carcinoma vaccine have been encouraging. I thank the Chinese government ambassador and the Chinese people once again. China’s friendship with Pakistan is not limited to the government. Is.

“People are feeling safe after the vaccine arrives. Chinese doctors and experts have given us full guidance,” he said.


ISLAMABAD: Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong has paid rich tributes to the NCOC for its strategy against Corona.

According to details, Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong paid rich tributes to the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) and said that the NCOC’s strategy against Corona was commendable. Efforts are commendable. Long live Pak-China friendship.

The Chinese Ambassador said that he was grateful to Pakistan for approving the clinical trials of Cyano. He also thanked Pakistan for allowing emergency use of Cyanoform. Pakistan is a close friend of China.

Earlier, Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong while talking to media at Noor Khan Airbase said that Pakistan is the first country to donate corona vaccine from China. The supply of vaccine is an example of everlasting friendship between Pakistan and China.

Nong Rong said that Pakistan-China diplomatic relations are 70 years old. China is proud of its friendship with Pakistan. Pakistan-China friendship is higher than mountains and deeper than seas. China will provide assistance to Pakistan in all walks of life. The sector is moving fast.

Pak-China relations deepened in joint war against Kuwait and C-Pac project further strengthened Pak-China bilateral relations. Committed to cooperation.