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Pakistan: Great News Pak Army’s great honor included in the list of ten powers and armies of the world.

Pakistan Army

New York: The international organization Global Firepower has released a list of the world’s most powerful forces in which the Pakistan Army is ranked 10th.

Global Firepower, a global research organization that analyzes the world’s modern armies and military might, has released a list of 138 countries in terms of military strength in 2021. Estimates of the strengths of these countries are listed. And the supply capacity is based on the country’s natural resources and local industry data.
According to this list, Pakistan is the tenth most powerful country in the world in terms of war. Pakistan has a defense budget of, 12,275,000,000 and a power index of 0.2083. The total number of Pakistani military personnel is 1,204,000 while the total number of aircraft is 1364 and the number of warplanes is 357.
Pakistan has 100 maritime assets. In the Islamic world, Pakistan ranks first, followed by Turkey and Egypt.
The world today appreciates the professionalism of the Pakistan Army, which is why the Pakistan Army has surpassed forces like Israel, Germany and Australia with huge defense budgets.
Global firepower has named the United States the world’s most powerful and largest military, followed by Russia, China and the world’s third-largest military, followed by India, Japan, South Korea and France.