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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has demanded from the Election Commission to make public the foreign funding investigation.

According to details, while talking to a private TV channel, the Prime Minister revealed that he had received funding offers from two countries.

The countries that made the offer to me can’t even name the countries that offered the funding he said.
The Prime Minister said that PTI was not funded by Cheeniwala Papadwala. There are details of 40,000 people who are funding PTI. Therefore, the foreign funding investigation of PML-N PTIP should be made public. The party should also be investigated. I challenge that these two parties have received huge funding.

He said that the government would ask Broadsheet for complete information as to who was contacting Kaveh Mousavi of Broadsheet and when. A man named Zafar Ali had met me and talked about checking assets lying abroad and He had asked for a percentage in return but did not disclose his affiliation with the broadsheet.
If Kavi Mousavi is making allegations, then give evidence.

The Prime Minister said that he did not know that Ali Zafar belonged to Broadsheet. Billions of rupees had to be paid to Broadsheet for giving NRO. Zardari said in the assembly that Surrey Palace is not mine. Pakistan was supposed to get money from its sale but Pervez Musharraf gave them NRO.

Regarding NRO, he said that they are saying that if the government is to run, then give NRO. They asked me in writing for NRO. There are famous thieves and robbers in the country, he never took it seriously.

The Prime Minister denied seeking the resignation of spokesperson Nadeem Afzal Chan and said that if any minister does not agree with the decision of the cabinet, then he should resign. This is what happens in democratic cabinets all over the world. Did not ask for resignation


Pakistan: WhatsApp should have taken user feedback before formulating new policy.

According to details, Federal Minister for Information Technology Amin-ul-Haq in his statement regarding WhatsApp update policy said that he is aware of the concerns of Pakistani users on WhatsApp update policy. Setting up

The Federal Minister said that the preparation of the Personal Data Protection Bill has accelerated the work on chatting application for government employees and liaison with social media companies. Granted, no company can impose its will on it, which can adversely affect consumer rights.

Amin-ul-Haq said that WhatsApp should have taken the opinion of the user first and the new policy should have been the same for the world, but the new policies will not be applicable in Europe, Brazil and the United States. There are rules.

He said that we have doubled the pace of our work on the Personal Data Protection Bill and in a few days the bill will be sent to the concerned department and presented in the Parliament for legislation.

Amin-ul-Haq further said that the federal cabinet has given the task to the Ministry of IT to create a WhatsApp-style application for government officials and employees which would not only store all the data but also the conversations on it.

The Federal Minister hoped that by June 2021, we will be able to launch an application called Smart Office. This will be on a trial basis. The second application will also be launched for ordinary Pakistani users.